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Running Man episode 153

Park Ji Sung came back to Running Man again after a year had passed! This time Sulli (FX) and Koo Ja-Cheol were the guests too. I remembered Park Ji Sung as a humorous guest in Running Man and was excited that he is coming back to Running Man again. This time, he came to promote Asian dream cup with another young captain Koo Ja-Cheol. I love how the Running Man welcome Park Ji Sung as part of the Running Man family. As usual, they treated Sulli kindly as a female guest. I love how Park Ji Sung blushed when he confirmed his new found love - SBS announcer Kim Min Ji. When asked to choose which episode he personally liked, he replied,"There is none as funny as mine." After that, the PD runs a  video footage of the dream cup from last year. Our two participants Gary and Jong Kook were embarassed with the video as they performed badly.

Now Park Ji Sung have to choose his team mates and Running Man were categorize into different level of competance. Rank A (Jae Suk and Jong Kook) Rank B (Gary, Kwang Soo) Rank C (Haha and Ji Suk Jin) Rank D ( Ji Hyo and Sulli). Let's introduce the Green team: Captain Park Ji Sung, Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Gary and Sulli. The remaining members will follow the blue team leader. Let's welcome koo Ji Cheol! All the Running Man members were excited and ironically leave Park Ji Sung behind. Now he was well protected by Jong Kook and his members. Yoo Jae Suk attempted to get close to Koo Ja Cheol but was blocked by Jong Kook. Park Ji Suk even complained that Yoo Jae Suk had blocked the camera and the audience could not see him! Koo Ja Cheol broke the news that he is getting married soon.

The first game of the day was Soccer/Volleyball match. The ladies were allowed to use their hands to hit the ball. Kwang Soo surprising played well but Ji Hyo missed a ball thrown towards her. The funniest  part was Jong Kook missed a ball and Kwang Soo asked Ja Cheol to send him out, instead Kwang Soo was send out of the game. Subsequently, Ja Cheol missed his shot when he tried to send the ball into the opponent court and was reduced to cheerleader for the other team. haha. Jae Suk, Gary and Haha were surprising good in soccer as they managed to save the ball several times. Needless to say, Captain Park was impressive. The ladies became the cheerleaders while the men fight the battle.

Ouch! That was painful! Kwang Soo and Jae Suk were both hit by the ball. In an attempt to save a ball, Jong Kook charged towards the net and attempted to head drive the ball to the other side. Except that he failed totally and his posture looks like a 'formal bow.' Lol! He was teased by the others as they imitate his posture. Finally, the score was a tie and they need to compete in the third rounds. By now, Kim Jong kook was named as the black hole of the blue team and was given a new nickname," Kim leave it!" Not to worry, as Ji Suk Jin joined him shortly and was named as the black hole after the ball bounce on his head and went out of the field several times. Bravo to the team work of both teams but the winner is the blue team! Congratulation! Now let's move on to the next round.

The Running Man was given a short break in between meals as they mentioned about Ja Cheol marriage and Park Ji Sung love . The conversation between them were so hilarious. Jong Kook asked Sulli is there anything she wants, she can ask Jae Suk hyung to buy for her and she replied, "house." ( Remember the episode with IU?) Then the topic was shifted to Park Ji Sung to buy a house for Ja Cheol. The latter said,"yes, but he will need to buy me a house when i get married." Smart move captain park! It turns out that Ja cheol have not propose to his wife-to-be, and the members urged him to send a video letter to his girlfriend. Kwang Soo joked that a shirtless Jong Kook hyung will sing a congratulate song on Ja Cheol wedding day. Once again, Eun Hye name was mentioned in Running Man and they started teasing Jong Kook about it. Love the flustered Kim Jong Kook and his cute reactions. Park Ji Suk proved to be a talented MC when Haha ask him to talk about his girlfriend. Park Ji Sung shows his wits by clapping for the camera to be turned on when Haha clap to signal to switch off the camera.

After dinner, they played a mini game and the timer was set on the phone as each member will ask a question to the opponent and when time up, the person still holding the phone will be eliminated. Kwang Soo asked Sulli to rank the Running Man according to appearance, Sulli stated that Kwang Soo will be at the bottom. haha. Sulli was asked which captain does she prefer? She answer, " Ji Sung oppa." when she was asked why, she respond because he is a captain. It was a double blow for Ja Cheol as he exclaimed, " I am also a captain." The funny part was when Haha asked Kwang Soo did he have a celebrity girlfriend before, Kwang Soo was hesistant. The rest of the members teased him and Jae Suk even said, "Just say you don't have any." Kwang Soo looked at the camera and asked, "Hi, how are you?" Finally, it was down to the two captains and Ja Cheol asked Ji Sung," are you coming back to play in National team again?" Before he could answer, the phone beep but fortunately, Captain Park answer the question in the car and he said humbly that he had passed the age for soccer and it is time for the youngsters to shine.

The teams reached their next destination and it was a game of soccer match again. This time, they have to take turn to kick the square boards off which have their name tags (Big and Small) pasted on it. Park Ji Sung took the lead but missed, followed by the others. Kim Jong Kook who claimed to be good in soccer missed a few shots and they shouted, "Home Run!" One by one, they were send into the building to find their queens ( Ji Hyo and Sulli). Eventually, all of the Running Man went in except for Ji Suk Jin who took over 2 hours to score a goal!! However, he was eliminated shortly after his entrance as Park Ji Suk team laid in ambushed when his name was announced. Both Ja Cheol and Jong Kook has big name tags and were left to protect Ji Hyo as Kwang Soo was eliminated early. The competition between the two soccer captains (Ji Sung and Ja Cheol) and Running Man leaders ( Jae Suk and Jong Kook) were so intense. (Jong Kook exclaimed that they look like children fighting. Haha..) Eventually both Jae Suk and Jong kook were ousted and now it was left with Ja Cheol.

The green team decided to split into groups and Gary was assigned the task to look for Ji Hyo. Finally, he found Ji Hyo in a room but he hesistated when Ji Hyo looked at him with puppy eyes. Gary was soft-hearted again and he sat down beside Ji Hyo and reminisce the past. It was not until Ja Cheol budge into the room and tear off Gary nametag in an instant. Feeling heartbroken and betrayed by Ji Hyo, Gary was eliminated. The blue team and green team met at the rooftop. They had some struggles and intense moment before Ji Hyo was eliminated by Sulli. Park Ji Sung team won and he was given two tickets for the Asian dream cup in Shang Hai.

My thoughts

Running Man episode 95-97 with Park Ji Suk gave me a deep impression of him. Never have l laughed so hard in any variety show. Captain Park is indeed a talented MC (can consider that after retirement) and  his humorous wits never fails to crack me up. Therefore, i was excited that he came back after a year and this time is also to promote Asian Soccer game. However, he has a good news to announce and he acknowledged in Running Man that he is dating.

Captain Koo Ja Cheol is apparently a new capatin in Korean Soccer team. I am not a soccer fan, thus i have no idea who is he until he appears in Running Man. Oh, he look kind of cute too but too bad, he is attached and getting married soon. Despite that, this man shows a good sportsmanship with fellow captain Park as they compete head to head with each other. I like how they response to all the teasing and their smiles is always on their face.


Jong Kook is so funny in this episode simply because he failed miserably with anything related to balls. He may be a strong Running Man but he can't play on the field. His "bowing posture" when he head drive to the net leaves me laughing out loud. Of all people, i did not expect spartakook to make so many mistakes. All of a suddenly, the soccer match became a "manner soccer match!" Subsequently, his 'home run' when he kick the balls was so hilarous. Kookie mentioned during an interview that he has to exaggerate in variety show and when he make mistakes, it will be funnier. That was well said because he had me laughing everytime he fails.

Yoo Jae Suk, Gary , Haha and Kwang Soo were surprisingly good in soccer and were seen saving the balls serveral times. The part whereJae Suk and Kwang Soo gets hit by the ball leave me giggling and i can't help but thinks that 'dumb and dumber' shared the same fate. lol..

Ji Suk Jin is the funny hyung who keep making mistakes during games. He could be stand there and the ball just bounce on his head. This pitiful hyung was left alone at the field to score a goal and despite many tries, he did not give up and was able to score a goal eventully. Bravo!! However, he gets eliminated once he stepped into the war zone. Play his music please! Big-nose hyung, i salute to you for your determination.

Ji Hyo and Sulli was being side lined because this game was obviously for the guys. however, both of them did well and tried to participate every now and then. Lastly, love the Monday Couple!! :)


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