Saturday, April 03, 2010

Aya is leaving Guess Guess Guess

Many viewers were caught off guard when the popular host announced her departure after 12 years with the show. Although Guess Guess Guess has seen many changes with its assistant host, Aya has remained as Jacky Wu’s main co-host over the years.

Earlier this year, Yao Yao was brought in to replace Butterfly in an attempt to improve the show’s ratings. Guess Guess Guess has actually been doing worst since then, which led to speculations that Yao Yao might be replaced as well. Its ratings improved slightly over the past few weeks when Amber Ann and Alicia Liu filled in while Yao Yao was away. Along with Tofu girl, the three are rumored as possible candidates to replace Yao Yao for good.

Following her sudden announcement on the 29th, Aya said she is leaving because she hasn’t been able to help with the show’s ratings. She felt that she wasn't able to contribute to the show and also wanted to expand her career in acting. She recommended to viewers that Butterfly could return as Yao Yao’s new co-host.


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