Sunday, August 31, 2014

Teo Heng KTV Studio at Rendezvous - Grand Hotel

It was a fun and memorable birthday celebration for me. After settling at Rendezvous Hotel, iceprinxess and I decided to go for some activity after dinner at Plaza Singapura. Therefore, the ideal place was either the movie theatre or KTV studios. I had done some research on the internet and knows that Teo Heng KTV is located at Rendevous Hotel. At the hotel room, I called the KTV studio to asked about the pricing rate and to see if we could book a room. Otherwise, alternatively we could go for a movie at Plaza Singapura. Surprisingly, there was a lot of sound distraction at the other line. I could not hear what the staff is saying.

We decided to check it out at the place before we head for dinner. Indeed, Teo Heng KTV Studio is located at level 2, Rendezvous Hotel Gallery. The signboard was easily spotted at the hotel lobby. Although the exterior looked plain, it looks like a family budget KTV studio. We find the place comfortable and have a short discussion. In the end, we decided to go for KTV since it is more economical than watching a movie during weekends. We make our decision fast, considering how fast the bookings went and there were an ongoing crowds coming in to book their time slot.

Since it is peak hours on a weekend basis, we paid $36 for a room cater for a maximum of four. It would be even cheaper during weekdays with a group of friends. Simply check their website for the various outlets in different parts of Singapore and make your booking by phone. The Teo Heng staff suggested 11-1am and we accepted their offer. Interestingly, they manually used a marker to note down our timing at the whiteboard which was placed behind them. We paid on the spot to guarantee a room and they took down my phone number on that particular time slot room number. 

It was considered a good bargain if you can gather four friends and spilt the cost among yourselves. After calculating, it will cost $9 per person for 2 hours of singing session. It will be cheaper if you drop by during weekdays at the KTV outlets which you can check at their website. However, you would need to prepare your own snacks and drinks. Not to worry, you can still buy some drinks and tidbits for $1-2 each depending on the items you intend to purchase at the entrance. They do not store a wide range of tidbits at the low shelf and they only have some soft drinks in a small refrigerator.

With our booking confirmed, iceprinxess and I went for our dinner merrily. After dinner, we even have time to do some shopping at the basement supermarket. Since we can invite two more people for the mini party, I decided to call my sister and her boyfriend to join in the fun. We brought some drinks and snacks for the KTV session before heading back to the hotel room for some rest. Soon, my sister and her boyfriend reached the hotel and we still have some spare time to rest our feets and prepare ourselves before we head down to the KTV. 

It was merely a 5 minutes walk from the hotel and we reached there 10 minutes before 11pm. My sister and her boyfriend decided to buy some plastic cups across the street at the 7-eleven store to pour our drinks. Please note that there is a sign at the entrance that discourage customers from bringing strong alcoholic drinks to the KTV room. On the other hand, iceprinxess forgot to bring her jacket and she decided to head back to the hotel room to grab her jacket. 

In the end, I was the only one standing at the counter to wait. There were only two people attending at the counter while the crowds at this time keep streaming in, with some of them just like us had earlier booked a room. There were still some walk-in customers to book a room, however priority were reserved for those who booked the room earlier. Eventually, this group of people have to wait while the staffs check for vacancies in the rooms at the desk. 

There were obviously a lack of staffs as I observed the two staffs at the desk checking the rooms while a staff was in charge of clearing the rooms. I begin to feel impatient and anxious when the clock strike 11pm and they still did not allocate a room for me. It would be alright if we have more time to sing but we were only singing for two hours and the KTV close at 1am. In fact, there were many people coming in during this time and the staffs were busy serving these customers. 

In terms of service wise, there were some room for improvement. In my opinion, there seems to be some confusion in allocating the rooms and it does not seems like they have a proper 'order' or 'procedure' in allocating the rooms to the customers as soon as possible. I understand there were only a few rooms and the staff need to clear the rooms and usher the customers out as fast as they could. The staff at the counter asked me to wait while they clear the room. 

However, I did not feel assured since the staffs seem to neglect my presence soon after when they handle the other customers. I have to ask them twice before they reply me. It was good that the staffs were at least polite and apologetic for the delay, however i felt that arrangement should be done at a faster speed.

The next moment. I was told to walk into the corner KTV room by the counter staff. They apparently just cleared the things in that room and sprayed some air freshener before I step in. I do not have high expectation for the sound system but I can hear the people at the room beside us singing very loudly. Anyway, I think that the room is clean and I like the long leathered couch which look quite comfortable. They have a simple interior design concept and there were a few musical instruments such as maracas and trampolines placed at the long couch. 

Unlike K-box or some other KTV outlets, they did not provide services such as ordering of snacks and drinks. You just take whatever items you want to purchase near the entrance and pay the cash at the counter. Nobody explain how to use the KTV equipment in the dim light KTV room. It was all up to us to explore and the staffs were busy with their own duties. Fortunately, the equipment was easy to use and I quickly mastered how to operate the system. 

If you frequently visit KTV, you would find this system easy to handle. A few tips for people who seldom go KTV, simply slide through the pages of the screen to look for your favorite singers and select the songs which you want to sing. Remember to adjust the microphone and music volume by tuning the sound system. Sometimes the echo can be too loud, simply adjust the sound system and move the two microphones further away. You can take your time, seat on the chair in front of the equipment and explore the functions. 

There were a wide range of songs selections which were pretty updated. They sort the singers and languages by categories and you would need some time to find the singers or songs which you like. Fret not if you cannot find the song that you want to sing, you can simply select the 'pin yin' by typing the initial of the singer name and a list will appear onscreen. At the end of the day, they can still organize the songs and the singers better. Perhaps, they could classify the singers from different countries in each category. Giving more options enable the customers to find the songs easily after all. 

For your information, the songs were categorize in new songs, female singers, male singers, group and languages. It is not that hard to select a song if you don't mind the hassle and is willing to explore the different functions. It helps that there are pictures of the singer beside the name. If you want to record your voice and go for PK with the other people, you can choose to press the option on the screen. 

We had a great time selecting a range of Chinese songs to English songs and finally our finale were Korean songs! Yes, we selected these popular singers - Alin, Jam Hsiao, A-Mei, Stephanie Sun, Elva, Tanya, Faye Wong, Adelle, Jay Chou, Big Bang, 2NE1, Kim Jong Kook and K.Will songs. Most of the Korean songs, we interlock for original singer voice since we really are not that familar with Korean songs. Feeling a little experimental, I tried Ailee - I will show you without the original singer voice. I was impressed that most of the songs we selected have the original MTV. 

However, I was very disappointed with Kim Jong kook song - One man. To my dismay, they did not have the original MTV of Kim Jong Kook and the song is a mixed up with another song which I don't know. At least, I can find another song song - How come you don't know. During the two hours singing session, we tried to save as much time as possible by pressing the next song button. 

While we were having fun, time passes by very fast. They automatically switched off the system exactly at 1am to refrain us from selecting another song. We listen to the new song of 2NE1 while helping to clear up the place and throw some of the rubbish away. The KTV room was private and cozy, surprisingly the air conditioner was not too cold. As a mean to promote their equipment, they placed a poster on the wall promoting their equipment and stated the prices. In conclusion, I would recommend Teo Heng KTV studio for people who wanted a budget, family KTV style studio that is not too fancy. Just lower your expectation to the amount of money you paid for and you will enjoy a satisfying experiences. 

This is how the room looks like

The equipment and sound system

The Generation Show: Takashi Kashiwabara

Takashi Kashiwabara recently appeared in a popular Variety Programme - The Generation Show  in Shen Zhen, China. He was invited as a guest to promote his micro flim - Happy Plan. The format of the popular variety show is to feature a regular set of guests to challenge another group of guests invited to the show. There were some questions related to lifestyle, history, culture, occupation, common knowledge and entertainment. Each team will have to choose the correct answer from the list of multiple choice question. The guest stars of the day were Sean Chen, Michelle Ye and Calvin Chen. Introduction of the theme was the record of the generations pretty boys.  The 80s, 90s and 20th century pretty boys were invited to the  show.

They were talking about the theme on flower boys during the mid-point of the show. The production team specially made a short clip of the heartthrobs series which features International stars and Asian celebrities. Yes, many people were swooning over the short clip. Interestingly, the host added that they have this Ikemen (handsome young man) theme is because of the ladies in the production team. The topic about 1995 Japanese flim - Love Letter was brought up during the Q&A session. Question: What is hidden at the back of the book? Everyone answered correctly, it was a pictorial sketch of the lead actress. 

The guest team were asked to guess who is the invited guest of the day. If they guess wrongly , the guest and his partner will join the other team. I personally think that it was a giveaway question since there were many Takashi Kashiwabara fans around. Anyway, Michelle Ye was nominated to guess the identity of this guest. She was blindfolded and behind the screen we can see Takashi Kashiwabara emerged from the back. She was given the clue by her teammates that this guest is a Japanese artise, to which Michelle said that she is not good at. She asked if this guest is still a flower boy? Her team mate hesitated but both agreed that he is still good looking. In the end, she guessed correctly - Takashi Kashiwabara! They bowed to each other politely and Michelle Ye accidentally blunted out, "Sayonara!" I guessed she was just too nervous and she intended to say hello instead of Goodbye. If I were her, I will be very excited too.

Takashi Kashiwabara greeted the audiences and stated that he felt honored to be here. The host asked him is this the first time he came here? He replied that he had visited Hong Kong before but he is the first time here. The host asked him about the movie Love letter which he was the main lead. When he asked is there other representative work done by him, the screen at the back featured Irie Naoki (Mischievous Kiss). 

The host asked him about the role that he acted in Love Letter. Takashi Kashiwanara said that he was only 17 Years old then and the flim was released 20 years ago. The host continued to asked, "Is there any changes in your lifestyle after that hit movie?" Takashi Kashiwabara replied through his translator that after he starred in that movie, the public began to noticed him from that movie and identified him as the young man that read the book at the window curtain. The hosts asked, "did the fans took picture with you?" Takashi Kashiwabara smiled embarrassedly and nodded. 

The host asked if anybody have questions , one of the guest asked Takashi Kashiwabara does he have a girlfriend now? Takashi Kashiwabara smiled shyly and shakes his head. The guest continued to ask does he intend to get married soon? Takashi Kashiwabara shy away from the question. The guest continued to ask the spectators if there is any fans who can speak Japanese to come forward. Two of Kassy (Takashi Kashiwabara nickname) fans came forward to participate. One of them mentioned that she was very nervous, Takashi Kashiwabara comforted her and told her to take it easy. She asked Takashi Kashiwabara what type of girl does he likes? He replied, "Cheerful and bright." Takashi Kashiwabara mentioned that he is a introvert person and he is unable to mustered up the courage to come out like what the fans does and he admires that. The host asked puzzledly, " you are an actor isn't it?" Takashi Kashiwabara replied,"I will only open up when I am acting in a role." 

The host asked,"do you think that you are handsome when you were a child?" Takashi Kashiwabara smiled cheekily and admitted that he was quite good looking when he was a child. The screen showed a photograph of him when he was 3 years old. The host asked him to do the same pose as the photo which he gladly complied. Takashi Kashiwabara mentioned that he does that pose often with his soccer team mates too. He placed his hand around the host and took a picture with him. 

They continued to show the audiences photographs of his younger days and his fans scream out loud when his Irie Naoki (mischievous kiss) photo was shown onscreen. Drama Queen thoughts: Ikemen Kassy, you are always the best Irie Naoki! 

Takashi Kashiwabara continued to promote his latest micro film - Happy Plan. He introduced this flim that was flim both in Tokyo and Guang Zhou. It was about a love that transcend different countries, language and culture. 

A trailer of Happy Plan was shown onscreen. After that, the host invited another speacial guest on stage. This person is from Hong Kong and is Kassy soccer buddy. The host was puzzled that these two are friends because of the language barrier. His friend explained that he used body gesture to communicate with him initially until he pick up some Japanese. He also added that he learned how to play Japanese mahjong from Kassy too. 

Takashi Kashiwabara will stay on to participated in some of the Q&A sessions. They were ushered to the guests team. Fans crowded around and asked for a handshake with Takashi Kashiwabara, while the guest team welcome him. The first question is about Doremon and subsequently it is about Chinese entertainment. The both team have to press the bell and whichever team is fast enough will have the priority to answer the question first. The guest team pressed the bell first and the group teased the delighted Michelle Ye for holding Takashi Kashiwabara hand. Interestingly, the host asked Kassy to answer one of the question and Sean Lim whisper the answer to him in Chinese, which he adorably shouted out. They gave each other a Hi-Five for getting the right answer. After that one of the question is about Faye Wong movie where she dressed as a air stewardess. Just a side note, Kassy favorite actress is coincidentally Faye Wong too.   

The next question was about Sumo wrestler. Takashi Kashiwabara was asked to demostrate the pose since it is a Japanese culture. Kassy adorably did the preparation pose of the Sumo wrestler. Needless to say, he scored a point for his team. 

Takashi Kashiwabara was introduced to a new device which help to create a image from browsing through the application on the tablet. As Takashi Kashiwabara created his ideal lady image on the spot, Michelle Ye adorably tried to change her image on the spot to match Kassy ideal type. It turns out that Kassy 'ideal type' is cartoonish and funny. The host asked his friend about his opinion on Kassy ideal type. He frankly said that Kassy like gentle lady. Michelle Ye hilariously turned into a gentle girl when she heard that. Kassy friend also revealed that he had never seen this (image that Kassy created) type of girl around him.

Next, we were introduced to a group of cute kids. They were trained as soccer player at a tender age. Takashi Kashiwabara favorite sport is Soccer too. He was asked to be referee for this soccer match, while his friend is the goal keeper. If the kids score a goal, the other team will score a point. Not surprising, the kids won the match by scoring a goal. 

Finally, it was time for Kassy and his friend to bid farewell as the host announced his departure from the recording studio. His friend jokingly revealed that Michelle Ye had privately asked Kassy to treat her for dinner if she visit Tokyo. He raved about Michelle Ye taking the initiative to get closer to Takashi Kashiwabara. His fans watched with a tinge of sadness as he politely took the presents handed to him from his fans and waved goodbye to everyone. P.S from drama Queen: hope to see you soon, Kassy. :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kim Hyung-Joong may be hit hard by assault controversy

Source Taken From: Korea Herald

Actor and singer Kim Hyun-joong, one of the most popular South Korean stars in Asia, may take a battering over the alleged assault recently claimed by his girlfriend. 

Kim, 28, had charges filed against him on Aug. 22 by his girlfriend who claimed he beat her on multiple occasions.

The woman claimed that she had been assaulted several times between late May and mid-July while arguing with Kim over women issues at his home in Jamsil, eastern Seoul. 

According to the woman, Kim’s attacks left her with bruises in May and her ribs broken in July, requiring six weeks of medical treatment. She handed in a doctor‘s report to back up her claims. 

A day after the charges were filed against him, Kim’s agency KeyEast confirmed through a press release that their arguments did get emotional and evolved into a physical altercation, but it only happened once, not repeatedly as the woman had claimed.

The agency also said that they are no longer a couple. The pair has known each other since 2012, but they only dated for a few months until recently.

The investigation by the authorities will clarify whether the violence claimed by the woman was used or not in their fight, but the fact that he has been accused of beating a woman will tarnish his up-to-this-point pure, kind and good boyfriend image. 

Kim has enjoyed growing popularity with his drama “Inspiring Generation,” which helped him add a few more destinations such as Peru and Mexico to his concert schedule. Kim is now touring China, Japan and Southeast Asia as part of his worldwide concert tour “Fantasy.” 

But whether he will make his way to the other countries on the tour remain unclear, given he is to be summoned for questioning soon. 

“We don’t know if we will push for the upcoming events. Foreign fans are generous about stars’ sex scandals or love life, but assault charges are different,” said an official in charge of promoting Kim’s events.

“It is still a merely one-sided story, but if the allegations turn out to be true, his image will suffer even more.”

Kim is to be called by the police for questioning around the time of his return to Korea on Aug. 25 from Thailand where he recently held a concert. 

By Ock Hyun-ju (

My thoughts 

In my opinion, the most memorable role Kim Hyun Joong had to date was his protrayal of Baek Seung Joo in Mischievous kiss and the YouTube special version. I know that he is also the leader of Korean boyband SS501 and he starred in 2009 popular drama - Boys Over Flower. He was known to be a pretty flower boy (heartthrob), until he recently change to a more macho image. 

Kim Hyun Joong used to be very charming and I like him in korean drama such as Boys Over flower and Mischievous Kiss. However, recently I noticed that his facial features became rather strange. I wonder if he does any plastic surgery? He tried to project a more manly image which was considered to be quite successful to some extend. Fans all over the world still adore this Korean idol. 

We know how fame and fortune can cause a person to go wild and turn into criminals. For example, the recent news report about famous celebrities Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko drug abuse arrest. A person will reveal his or her 'true colours' in a matter of time. It is no longer surprising that celebrities are not what we thought or imagine them to be. Truth to be told, celebrities are humans too. We all make mistakes in life and what matters most is to learn from these lessons. 

I am sure this accusation is going to affect Kim Hyun-Joo good boyfriend image. He appears to be gentle and loving to the female counterparts. It still remains a mystery regarding the accusation by his ex girlfriend. Hopefully, this scandal is only a one sided story and things were being blown out of proportion by the accuser. Otherwise, Kim Hyun-Joong will have to face the consequences of his actions. 

Nonetheless, this scandal may tarnish his reputation in the entertainment industry and it will be make worse if he was found guilty of these charges. That really reminds all of us, to be careful with every decision that we make. After this scandal went viral online, there are fans who supported him and netizens that wrote nasty comments. What do you think of this scandal? Do you think there is some truth behind this accusation?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Takashi Kashiwabara: Happy Plan Episode 3

Starring: Takashi Kashiwabara, Lin Chu Han

Zhi Yan and Si Si arranged to meet at Guangzhou Times Square. Si Si packed her luggage and wore the pair of high heels shoes before she head down to the airport. It symbolized a new beginning for Si Si as she look forward to meeting Zhi Yan in Tokyo. On the other hand, Zhi Yan was filled with excitement as he waited at the bridge. Unfortunately due to miscommunication, they showed up at the wrong venue. To make matter worse, Zhi Yan and Si Si could not contact each other because of bad reception on their mobile phone. 

Zhi Yan arrived at Guangzhou Times Square and mistook somebody else as Si Si. Meanwhile, Si Si asked a passer-by for directions and arrived at Zhi Yan family ramen restaurant. Puzzled that this customer did not order any food, Zhi Yan father approached Si Si who in turn asked him for help. He informed Si Si that Zhi Yan had took a plane to Guangzhou to meet her. Coincidentally, the name of this ramen restuarant is the same as the China Times Square at Guangzhou. 

Si Si frantically asked Zhi Yan father to give Zhi Yan a call. However, he rejected her request, since Zhi Yan could not speak. Zhi Yan father revealed to Si Si his son's childhood trauma when he witnessed his mother been knocked down by a car. Before Zhi Yan's mother passed away, she told him to move forward in life. 

His father tried to protect Zhi Yan and pulled him away but it was too late. Zhi Yan suffered from the childhood trauma and had since lost the ability to speak. It was only recently, his father noticed that Zhi Yan had became happier and even quietly smiled at the phone. After Si Si left, Zhi Yan father left a message to Zhi Yan and apologized about the revelation of his childhood trauma to Si Si. At the same time, Si Si finally understood why Zhi Yan apologized to her earlier because he could not speak on the phone. 

The both of them finally contracted each other through mobile phone messages. However, it was a pity that they have to board the airplane next day and return to their respective country. This miscommunication had caused some regrets and disappointment on their part. 

Si Si arrived home and charged her mobile phone. she saw the messages that Zhi Yan send to her mobile phone while he was in Guangzhou. Meanwhile, Zhi Yan returned to his family Tokyo ramen restuarant feeling dejected, he decided to roam on the street.

Si Si message Zhi Yan, acknowledging that they do not know each other very well and admitted that she had lied to Zhi Yan about the email. It was her ex boyfriend that send the email to him, but she did not reveal the truth to Zhi Yan as she wanted to keep in contact with him. Si Si stated that she wanted to understand him better and would like to meet him personally. She send a picture of herself taken with the Chinese words of apologies written behind her. Zhi Yan shyly smiled, taking comfort in her words. He stepped into his family restuarant and ate a bowl of ramen which his father specially prepared for him. 

Their destinity was not an accident, it was a pre-arranged fate that brought these two people from different countries and culture together. The end of this drama showed us that Zhi Yan and Si Si were present at the airport but they missed each other. Yes, it was so near yet so far away. 

My thoughts

This micro movie had ended too fast and i felt a little dissatisfaction. I think Lin Chu Han short hair is better than the long hair wig which she wore earlier in the movie. Her protrayal of the protagonist Si Si was like a big fan looking forward to meeting Zhi Yan (Takashi Kashiwabara). I can feel her excitement about the date with Takashi Kashiwabara. The drama had also cleverly used the cute Line Icons (Brown and Corny) to represent Zhi Yan and Si Si. 

Zhi Yan had initially thought that Si Si had stood him up and was dejected when his father revealed that he had met Si Si and told her about his childhood trauma. However, he was delighted when Si Si suggested that she wanted to know him better despite knowing his condition. Kashiwabara Takashi had brilliantly expressed these feelings very well using his body language and facial expressions. 

Initially, i thought that the main leads will meet each other and have a romantic time together. However, sometimes things in life may not happen the way we desire. Due to miscommunication, they had missed each other during the journey. However, they know more about each other after this trip. Si Si knew about Zhi Yan handicap and Zhi Yan knew about the revelation of the mysterious email. This is not an unfruitful trip, because it has caused the main characters to know more about each other and to cherish this fate that brought them together. 

This micro movie does not end here, it is a continuation of the future possibility and hope. The ending of this drama features the two main characters turned up at the airport at the same time, although they did not know of each other presence. It was destiny that binds the two of them together. The ending song carried the beautiful meaning of this film. Bravely take the first step in life and embrace the unknown future. 

Running Man Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head to promote awareness of the disease - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research. It went viral throughout social media during mid 2014.

The challenge dares nominated participants to be filmed having a bucket of ice water poured on their heads and challenging others to do the same. A common stipulation is that nominated people have 24 hours to comply or forfeit by way of a charitable financial donation.

Famous celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, David Beckham to CEO of companies and politician George W. Bush were seen supporting this campaign. In Asia, this campaign went viral with high profile celebrities taking part in this challenge. Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Mayday, Gem and Fala Chen had accepted this challenge. Korean famous celebrities such as Choi Si Won, Lee Seung-Gi and Miss A Suzy had accepted this challenge and nominated others to support this cause. 

Running Man stars such as Lee Kwang Soo had accepted this challenge after being challenge by Jo In Sung. In turn, he nominated Kim Jong Kook to take up this challenge, which he gamely accepted. National MC and comedian Yoo Jae Suk, Leessang Gary, Haha and Ji Suk Jin were seen on the video participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The only person left to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge is Song Ji Hyo. Ji Suk Jin had nominated her for this challenge, however so far there has not being any video of her online accepting this challenge. 

Many celebrities were spontaneous in creating awareness for this disease. Not only did they accepted the challenge, some choose to support this campaign by donating to the fund. In the hope to create more awareness and to raise fund for more research on this disease, it was indeed meaningful to support the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

However, we need to keep in mind that we should respect the decision of each individual. President Osama did not accept this challenge, in my opinion it is understandable. There was no need for online criticism. In fact, we should keep an open mind regarding this issue.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jaycee Chan admits to smoking weeds for 8 years!

Source Taken:

Jaycee Chan, the son of action superstar Jackie Chan, has admitted to smoking marijuana for the last eight years following his arrest on drug charges in Beijing, reports our Chinese-language sister paper Want Daily.

In a new video released by Beijing police, the 31-year-old Jaycee was seen leading officers through his luxury apartment as he revealed his stash of marijuana and smoking paraphernalia hidden in a locked safe along with bottles of vitamins and health supplements. Reports say he told police that the first time he tried smoking marijuana was in 2006 in Amsterdam, where personal use of cannabis is legal.

Jaycee was arrested with 23-year-old Taiwanese rising star Kai Ko, also known as Ko Chen-tung, following a tip-off from the public, police confirmed Monday, adding that both men tested positive for marijuana and admitted using the drug.

About 100 grams of marijuana was taken from Jaycee's Beijing pad along with security surveillance footage that revealed many other stars entering and exiting the building, leading to speculation that more high-profile arrests may follow. Since the start of the year, nine celebrities have already been apprehended for drug offences in China.

Jaycee's father Jackie Chan is an anti-drug ambassador in China, while Ko, who rose to stardom for his award-winning performance in the 2011 Taiwanese blockbuster You Are the Apple of My Eye, had previously starred in a short film telling young people to stay away from drugs.

Ko has revealed that he smoked marijuana for the first time at Jacyee's apartment in 2012, the year he appeared in the short film, adding that he was initially surprised by his friend's habit.

Jaycee's apartment in the 99-unit luxury complex was reportedly bought by his father in 2008 for US$6.7 million and is now worth around US$28.3 million. The complex comes equipped with a private gym, swimming pool, cigar room, red wine bar and karaoke rooms.

My thoughts

I read an old article about Jaycee parents who were apparently worried that Kai Ko would lead their son astray. They would never imagine that their son was the main culprit in this series of drama. In their mind, Jaycee is well disciplined. Sadly, that impression was such an irony from the truth, since we know that Jaycee Chan is the one that introduced Kai Ko to drugs. 

On the other hand, Kai Ko was foolish when he make the decision to follow his friend in drug abuse. He was old enough to think for himself and his playful nature had costed him his entire career to be gone. Many people criticized their non-drugs campaign. It was indeed funny that their endorsement of this campaign ended up a joke. 

Parenting issue had been raised, their respective agencies have released an apologies on their behalf too. Both celebrities fathers were seen traveling to BeiJing to meet up with their sons at the detainment  centre. Sadly, their sons actions had implicated their friends and family too. Netizens had commented about this high profile celebrities drug bust online. Some stated that the celebrities had chose the wrong place to smoke weeds and it is not a big deal in other countries. 

I thought that Jaycee should know that it is unlawful in China but he is addicted to drugs and have to carry it everywhere. It is just a matter of time they will get caught, but they never thought too much about the consequences given the priorities of druggies were to satisfy their addiction. They did the crime and have to pay for it. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jaycee Chan and Ko Cheng Tung drug arrest

Source taken: Straits Times

Hong Kong - Superstar Jackie Chan arrived in Beijing on Monday and is expected to see his son today as the world waits to see how the anti-drug ambassador would react to the arrest of Jaycee on drug charges.

This morning, Taiwan star Kai Ko's father was at the Beijing detention centre to visit his son, who was arrested last Thursday along with Jaycee and a 36-year-old Beijing personal assistant surnamed Sun. Ko senior told reporters he had not taught his son well and apologised on behalf of the family. 

Police said they seized more than 100g of marijuana in Jaycee's home in Dongcheng district, Beijing. Both he and Ko tested positive for marijuana and confessed to taking it. A 33-year-old unemployed Beijing man was arrested the day after on suspicion of selling drugs to Jaycee.

The 31-year-old was suspected of accommodating drug users, an offence which carries a penalty of up to three years in jail. Ko, 23, was accused of drug possession, a less serious charge, and was being detained for 14 days. 

In footage released by the police, the actor was seen on Monday on a China Central Television broadcast weeping as he apologised for his misdeed. "I have set the worst example," he said, "I have made a big mistake."

An anti-drug video he shot with his You Are The Apple Of My Eye co-star Michelle Chen and director Giddens Ko in 2011 showed him declaring, "I don't use drugs". Jaycee was also seen with police officers in the clip as they searched for drugs in his home, said to be a penthouse bought by his father. 

Shown boxes containing some drugs, he confessed three times that they were marijuana. Asked where they came from, he said, "I have had these for two years". His management yesterday apologised on his behalf in a statement, saying it would supervise him as he turns over a new leaf.

The two stars have been buddies for years. Jaycee's mother, the former actress Lin Feng-chiao, had reportedly warned him about Ko after the two were pictured pubbing in Hong Kong. 

When Jackie Chan celebrated his 60th birthday last April and declined gifts, Ko had said he had promised the gongfu actor not to lead Jaycee astray.

According to Ming Pao Daily, Jackie Chan, who was named an anti-drug goodwill ambassador for China in 2009, had once spoken against drug abusers, saying that if he met an offender, he would personally take him to a rehab centre, even if the person was his son. Last year, as reported, he said if Jaycee were to commit a bad deed, he would call the police and have him jailed.

Ming Pao said that with his image sullied, Ko could stand to lose or face demands for compensation over more than 10 commercial engagements that he has. 

He also has movies up for screening, including the fourth instalment of his Tiny Times film series. Jaycee had been due to finish work on a Chen Kaige movie The Monk yesterday.

The drug arrests are the latest involving celebrities. Others recently busted included actor Gao Hu, Voice Of China star Li Daimo, director Zhang Yuan, writer Chen Wanning, actor Zhang Mo and Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung.

My Thoughts

This news had taken the entertainment world by storm. I am so surprised that Jaycee Chan and Ko Cheng Tung were involved with drugs! We all know that Ko Cheng Tung love clubbing at pubs, but Jaycee Chan seem to have a clean image. I can't imagine the two of them were arrested for consumption of marijuana, Jaycee Chan even kept some drugs at home. 

It was a heartbreaking news that two celebrities were involved in this drug arrest. Their confession to drug procession and consumption had cost them their future. Yes, their misdeed should be punish but it was so sad that they were promising stars that could have a bright future. 

Ko Chen Tung who won the best actor in the movie - The apple of my eyes had a breakdown when he confessed on his crime. I think it was a pity that Ko Chen Tung had took this route and damaged his image. Hopefully, he will learn this hard lesson and be a better person after he serve his jail sentence. 

Jaycee Chan could face death sentence if he is convicted of drug trafficking and that was really sad. Due to personal problems, Jaycee had make such a big mistake. That should set as an example to the youth on the consequences of drug abuse. 

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