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What is going to happen to YG Entertainment And Big Bang?

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YG Entertainment faces their greatest crisis ever as stock tumble amid ongoing controversies. CEO Yang Hyun Suk is being sued by the Stockholders of YG Entertainment and Civil groups for lack of ethics and morality. We know that YG Entertainment had a bad reputation of being a “drug store” company with the scandals of  its artisties involvement with drugs over the years. It seems that the management agency had neglected their duties. They also filed a complaint against Make Us Entertainment Agency CEO Lee Dong Hyun (Jung Joon Young agency) for the neglect of supervision. In my opinion, it is not entrirely the agency fault as the CEO of these companies couldn’t be involved in the personal life of the artistes. Aside from work duties, I do not see the need for them to be controlling their private life. Due to the outrage of the public and the lost of money in the business, I understand that they needed someone to blame. 

The next question is what will happen to YG Entertainment? I supposed CEO Yang Hyun Suk may eventually step down from his duty as he is also involve another scandal of tax evasion.  The remaining artistes may still continue to work in this company. YG Entertainment spot as the top three artiste managing agencies may be threatened at the moment, but with a good management team they may eventually bounce back to the game and be one of the biggest players.

What about Big Bang? I supposed the remaining members will have to continue to perform as a group of four after they discharge from their military service. Prior to this scandal, Big Bang members TOP and G-dragon were respectively accused in taking marijuana and Dae Sung was involved in a freaking car accident which was technically not his fault. These controversies were forgiven due to the nature of the crime that wasn’t something that was unredeemable. However in the case of Seungri, he was suspected to be involved in the criminal syndicates. Those controversies can easily end his career.

Footage of his previous video with his Big Bang members went viral online as it was mentioned that his hyungs (elder brothers) have an uneasy feelings after Seungri went into business a few years ago. Fellow member TOP even warned Seungri about some of his friends having bad influences on him and supposedly took advantage of his title. Leader G-Dragon also mentioned that Seungri have not been spending time with them after he went into business. Indeed, the greed for money is the root of all evil. That is the price to pay for his wrongdoings. Even if Big Bang remaining members decided to disband in the future, I am positive that their solo activities will be successful. 

In my own opinion, Seungri has a big ego and he always enjoys being the centre of attention. He likes to show off the glamorous side of his luxurious lifestyle to everyone. I supposed there were some jealousy involved and the need to be recognised within his group. Sadly, he did not made good decisions in his life and his career had officially ended. 

2N1D Cast Cha Tae Hyun And Kim Jun Ho Ilegal Golf Gambling

A new chat log was discovered and extracted from Jang Jung Young infamous golden phone! If you are wondering what happened, please read the previous report regarding the breaking news of  Kpop Celebrities Indecent Chatroom. Now, it was reported that actor Cha Tae Hyun and commedian Kim Jun Ho were betting on a golf game and boosted about the money in the group chat. It is an offence for illegal gambling in Korea and it carries the terms of imprisonment or fines if proven guilty. Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jun Ho and Jang Jung Young were part of the cast members of the popular variety show 2 days & 1 night. 

It was also reported that the PD and fellow staff members knew about their misconduct and chose to remain silent. Through the conversation exchange extracted from the golden phone, it was clear that the entertainers were involved in illegal gambling. Therefore, 2 Days & 1 Night  (2D1N) maybe cancelled due to the recent controversies. However, it was really sad that 2D1N will be suspended since it was indeed a entertaining variety show.

It was also revealed recently that the celebrities that had been following Jung Joon Young on social media such as Instagram had immediately unfollowed Jang Jung Young after the sex video scandal went viral in major headlines. About 30 celebrities had since unfollowed him to avoid being connected to this scandal. These celebrities that unfollowed him consisted of mostly female such as Girls Day Yura, Girls Generation Sunny and Yuri. Some of them even deleted photos taken with him and the comments. Investigation is still ongoing and bigger names maybe reveal in the future. Perhaps, the politicians, police officers and those official in high rank behind the corruption scene could be reveal as the investigation continues. 

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Big Bang Seungri Retire From Entertainment Industry After Scandals of Sex Video, Drug, Bribery And Prostitution

Recently, the K-Pop industry send a shock wave around the world with the scandal of Seungri,  a member of Korean Boyband Big Bang. He was suspected to be involved in arranging sexual services to bribe his potential investors. The singer ventured into business a few years ago and became a public executive for his night club Burning Sun which is located at Gangnam area. Previously, the stated nightclub was investigated for its involvement in drugs and some shady business behind the scene, which Seungri had allegedly stated that he had no knowledge of this scandal and he claimed that he was not involved in drugs.

However, the police dug further into this case and other crimes started to float to the surface. It was discovered that singer Jung Joon Young was suspected of creating a Kakao talk chat group using his second phone which rapper Zico had mentioned on a television programme about this “golden phone” which Jung Joon Young used in year 2016. The chatroom in the said phone was created by singer Jung Joon Young. The members in the group chat includes F.T Island leader Choi Joon Hyun, Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung, CNBLUE member Lee Jong Hyun and Big Bang member Seungri. In addition, there were other non celebrities acquaintances and a police authority figure were reportedly listed in the group chat. Jung Joon Young had been sending at least 10 videos and photographs of himself having sexual intercourse with his partners in secret between the year 2015 to 2016. In the group chat, they openly discussed about the videos and photos in an explicit and degrading manner. This resulted in a public outroar regarding the misconduct of these celebrities. The public were outraged with the fact that the celebrities viewed women as sexual objects. Two of these women that were featured in the Spycam claimed that they were unaware that these videos were taken secretly.

Ft.Island leader Choi Joon Hyun admitted to the authorities that he was indeed involved in the dirty chat room as a member. He was accused of commenting on one of the photo that Jung Joon Young send in the chat room, stating that the woman has a “good body shape” and circulating the photograph. He was also involved in a drunk driving case which was covered up by the police and kept from the public. This bribery was revealed in the group chat. Shortly after, he announced his retirement from the Music industry. Ft. Island lead vocalist Lee Hong Ki took this matter to Social media Instagram to express his disappointment with a picture of a dog lying deflated on the floor and commented “given up”.

Korean Boyband Highlight also suffered a blow to their public image and reputation when it was revealed that Yong Jun Hyung was also a member of that dirty group chat which was created by singer Jung Joon Young. He admitted to viewing the videos which Jung Joon Hyun posted on the group chat. 

CNBlue member Lee Jong Hyun was the other celebrity that participated in the group chat. He allegedly shared about his sexual experiences with Jung Joon Hyun and openly discussed about women that they had slept with in the group chat. His agency had issued a statement about his hiatus from the entertainment scene which apparently does not settle well with the general public and the fans even send a petition to FNC Entertainment which represents CNBlue for Lee Jong Hyun to be kick out of the group which mainly comprised of fans that are women. 

Prior to this shocking controveries in the Korean Pop scene, former Sechskies member Kang Sung Hoon was  involved in a fraud case which he allegedly took the money which fans donated for his fan meeting in Japan. However, it was cancelled without any legal explanation. The crime came into light later and his contract with YG Entertainment was terminated. He was later revealed to be mentally ill as he broke into his ex manager house and demand explanation about the fraud. This case was complicated due to the misuse of fund and the fact that Kang Sung Hoon had a past record of fraud. He was later accused of being married to the lady that manage his personal fanclub - Hoony World. He posted a message on the Instagram stating his departure from the boyband Sechskies amidst the controversy. 

DramaQueen’s thoughts

The Korean Entertainment world were shaken with the recent controversies of these celebrities. As a public figure, it was expected of these celebrities to conduct themselves well in the eyes of the general public. However, these poster boys are humans and nobody is perfect in this world. I am not defending them but I do understand that they were constantly surrounded with temptations and pressures. When the temptation of fast money and fame went into their heads, they made wrong decisions which led to serious consequences. 

It is time to stop idolizing these Kpop celebrities because they are merely human. Being a celebrity definitely open up doors of opportunities for them and they may think that they could escape from any form of punishment.  This incident showed a shady side of human in general and it made headlines as these celebrities were well known figures in their respective group.  I hope justice will prevail as the investigation carried on and the non celebrities acquitance in the said chatgroup will be arrested by the authorities. Seungri and Jung Joon Young had since came out to apologise to the general public for the scandal. Jung Joon Young had also promised to hand over the “golden phone” for investigation. Hopefully, this matter will come to light soon and these crimes should serve as a lesson to everyone that nobody is above the law. 

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Drama Queen Pick: Kingdom Season 1


10 days have passed since the King collapsed from an illness. Queen Jo (Kim Hye-Jun) and her father Chief State Councilor Jo Hak-Joo (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) have forbidden anyone else to see the King. Even his own son Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-Hoon) is forbidden to see his father. In the meantime, Chief State Councilor Jo Hak-Joo rules Joseon with an iron fist, but rumors spread that the King is dead.

Crown Prince Lee Chang senses something sinister and sneaks into the King's palace. He sees a shadowy monster through a door and smells its foul stench, but he is discovered and escorted out of the palace. His guard Moo-Young (Kim Sang-Ho) steals the medical journal for the King. The journal is nearly empty, but lists the name of Physician Lee Seung-Hui (Kwon Bum-Taek). To find out what happened to the King, Crown Prince Lee Chang and Moo-Young travel to the Jiyulheon clinic in faraway Dongnae to see the physician. When they arrive, they discover that the clinic is in ruins and dead bodies are found under a building. Crown Prince Lee Chang and Moo-Young later learn that the only person to have survived the clinic is medical staff member Seo-Bi (Bae Doo-Na). When they finally find Seo-Bi, she tells the them that the dead they saw at the clinic are not dead and they will rise up soon to kill. (AsianWiki )

My thoughts: 

I happened to watch this drama on Netflix and I was immediately immersed in the drama. This season only features 6 episodes but the script was very well written. There were many scenes that felt very realistic with all the special effects and make up skills of these professionals. I enjoyed the fast pace of the plot and the twist in the drama. 

Kingdom consisted of a brilliant cast such as Ju Ji Hoon and Ryoo Seung Ryong. I like Ju Ji Hoon since Princess Hour, I am excited that he is playing a crown prince in this drama too. Although this was the third time he acted as a prince, I felt that he is still so charismatic and handsome. He became more charming every time I saw him onscreen. His acting skills had improved tremendously throughout the years.

Netflix had spent a lot of money investing in this film and this drama proved to be a major success in terms of viewership and critics. Do look out for the special effects and the exciting plot. If you have not watch this drama, I would highly recommend to you. 

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鱼香四溢 The Fish's Overflowing Fragrance

Sypnosis from SSB:
Being an extremely ambitious fish with great aspirations, Ah Lian’s only wish in her entire lifetime was to become the main dish of the most beautiful man in the Celestial Realm – Rong Lin, the God of War.

Ah Lian invested enormous amounts of effort into eating, successfully grooming herself into becoming an extremely white and plump fish. However, just when she thought she would finally get cooked —

Ah Lian: Supreme God, do you like to eat braised fish or steamed fish?
Rong Lin: …… I’m a vegetarian.
Ah Lian: QAQ

After N amount of time has passed

#Amazing #TheMostHandsome,RichAndTallCelestialBeingRongLinWasFinallySnapped…ByAFatHeadedFish!

In short, this is a sweet and loving story about a silly and naive fish who spends every single day trying to convince her vegetarian idol to eat her. Of course …… Ah Lian would finally be "eaten" by the War God Rong Lin _(:з」∠)_


Thanks for dropping by! 😊

Translation Schedule: 1x a week (for now)

** Although the first 18 chapters were translated by Snowy Codex, I needed to get into the flow of the story and maintain consistency. So I'm starting from scratch.


The Fish's Overflowing Fragrance Chapter 5: Fascination

Tian Luo looked for Ah Lian for a very long time, but she was still not able to find her even when the sun had gone down. Only when it was completely night did a worried Tian Luo find Ah Lian. A teary eyed Tian Luo exclaimed, "Where on earth did you go? I thought you had been captured!", while grousing to herself that it was Ah Lian advised her not to venture too far out.

Ah Lian, still in a daze with her encounter, sheepishly grinned and rubbed her nose as she explained to Tian Luo what had happened.

An astonished  Tian Luo gasped,"Yo..You mean you actually managed to meet High God Rong Lin?!"

Ah Lian nodded her head,"Yes, I did. High God Rong Ling is still as friendly and kind."

Tian Luo knew that the high god Rong Ling was someone Ah Lian admired tremendously, and he was the reason why she entered the academy. Tian Luo had also heard how kind and gallant this high god was; truly a man among men throughout the realms.

Knowing the reason why Ah Lian took so long to appear, Tian Luo was no longer worried.

Curiously Tian Luo asked,"So how does High God Rong Lin look like? Is he even more handsome that High God  Xiao Bai?"


Tian Luo was originally quite naive and truly believed that the male disciples of the academy were very good looking... until she caught a glimpse of the high god Xiao Bai. She became smitten with him. However, Ah Lian who had seen the high god Xiao Bai before as well was not too impressed, and she seemed immune to his good looks; she did even not blush like the other female disciples. How could she have such a lack of reaction unless she had seem someone whose looks was far more superior?


Of course Ah Lian thought that high god Rong Lin was the most handsome, but high god Xiao Bai was his good friend, and being so kind-hearted he would definitely not be happy to hear a compliment at the expense of their good friend? So Ah Lian answered,"Both have their strengths. There is no point in comparing the two."

Each to his own, so that meant that they were on par. Tian Luo find it a little hard to accept that there was someone each whose looks were comparable with high god Xiao Bai.

As Tian Luo hooked Ah Lian's arm, she encouraged, "Tell me the details!"

Ah Lian's face lit up with joy and happily described her idol, "Well, his eyes are as shining as the stars, and his eyebrows are as luminous as the moon. His very tall and has a good build, everything below his neck is legs and...."

"Than he is definitely handsome!" exclaimed Tian Luo.

Ah Lian smugly nodded in agreement; of course her idol was the best! Caressing the robe which was from her precious idol, she praised him,"What was the most commendable was that High God Rong Lin was so patient and kind. Although I accidentally disturbed his rest, he did not blame nor scold me, but instead, cared for me and told me to take care on my way back."

An excited Tian Luo was in awe. High god Rong Lin was truly worthy of his reputation, it was no wonder that this left such an impression on Ah Lian that she remembered him for two hundred years.

When they got back, Ah Lian dedicated washed the precious robe thoroughly three times over. By the time she was done, it was already in the middle of the night. Once done with the washing, Ah Lian skipped over to Tian Luo and asked,"Does the robe still reek of fish?"

Tian Luo understood Ah Lian's worry, so she cooperated and took as sniff. "There is no fishy smell. In fact, it smells rather fragrant instead."

The robe was meant to be returned to high god Rong Lin the next time she  saw him, so of course she wanted the robe to be sparkling clean and fragrant. After hearing Tian Luo's comment, she was assured and let out a sigh of relief. However, in the next second she frowned and thought to herself,"This fragrance, will High God Rong Lin like it?"

After giving it some thought, she declared,"Let me was it again, to lessen the smell of the fragrance a bit so that it would not be too strong."

Yi Gui and Yi Zhang come back just at this moment, seeing Ah Lian hanging the washed robe to on the rack to dry. Seeing that the robe was too large to be a females, Yi Zhang disdainfully commented,"What a shameless fat headed fish, not only did she hook up with a male, she even has the audacity to dry the robe in our courtyard."

Yi Gui, on the other hand, was silent and did not comment; she had always been the more observant of the two.


Ever since Yi Zhang laid her eyes on Ah Lian she disliked her: not only because Ah Lian had a lower social status, but also because of her face.  Having a pretty cousin, to whom she has been compared too since young, it was already quite pressurizing. And now, to have to stay with someone whom she regarded as inferior, but had an alluring beauty that made her jealous. How could she not be unhappy?

The Ninth Heavenly Pavilion Academy did not have any rules which explicitly prohibited male and female disciples from socializing and  getting into relationships. Hence, there were many pairs who got together for the purpose of cultivation, and one-night stands were quite common. Even Yi Gui had gotten together with a few male disciples a few days after she had entered the academy.


Noticing the intricate design and superior material of the robe that Ah Lian had hung out to dry, she concluded that it belonged to an owner with quite a background.

After the robe had dried, Ah Lian gingerly took it and kept it into her dimensional jade gourd which was hanging off her belt. This jade gourd was gifted to her by Ah Pang as a farewell gift. It might seem like an ordinary accessory, but it was actually a dimensional storage tool and could contain many items.

As the jade gourd contained her precious idol's robe, Ah Lian treasured it and was afraid to damage it; treating it a gently as a newborn baby.

Ever since that day, Ah Lian consistently went to the Blue Wave Pool in hopes to meet her idol again. She totally regretted that she forgot to ask high god Rong Lin what was his favorite food, if he liked the texture and flavor of carp, and what was his preferred method for cooking carp.


The Ninth Heavenly Pavilion Academy was worthy of its reputation: from the moment the disciples entered the homework never stopped and continued to pile one. Ah Lian, however, was distracted and unable to concentrate as she wanted to meet her idol again.

Newly accepted disciples who were accepted were of a certain standard caliber, and usually  had high social statuses. Ah Lian and Tian Luo belonged to the group of exceptions, having passed the stringent entrance examination, but were placed amongst the bottom (of the rankings).

Which brings us to today's illusion lesson, which totally made Tian Luo on the verge of breakdown as she had already been scolded multiple times but she still could not master the illusion. The lesson was being conducted by the academy's infamous Sir Chong Xu.


He was rumored to be extremely arrogant  and his pride was very strong since he was young, so much so that he would not scoop beneath his level to earn a few miserable dollars. However,  he changed after his marriage and humbled himself to support his family by teaching at the academy.


After multiple failed attempts, Sir Chong Xu could no longer tolerate it and hollered at Tian Luo," Based on your aptitude, even if you managed to enter the academy, you would not be able to survive until graduation. You should just pack up and leave the academy and save us on the food that has been wasted on you."

Ah Lian had wanted to come to to the defense of Tian Luo, but before she could get a single word out, she was "arrowed" by Sir Chong Xu. He looked at her and said,"You need not be in a hurry to speak up for her, you are no better than her! Look at you. What kind of spell are you casting?"

Ah Lian had only three hundred years worth of cultivation experience, so it was quite a challenge for her as her experience was low. As for Tian Luo, she not only had more cultivation experience than Ah Lian by 100 years, her parents had also given her spiritual pills to boost her cultivation at a faster rate.

Due to this disparity in experience, even when Tian Luo had barely managed to successfully cast the illustration and somewhat transform the gourd as instructed, Ah Lian was still struggling.

After further scoldings by Sir Chong Xu, Tian Luo finally managed to successfully complete the transformation, while Ah Lian was still struggling. The made Ah Lian extremely embarrassed as she was the only student who failed the basic illusion technique.

After class, Tian Luo comforted Ah Lian saying,"Don't be too sad. Let;s go back and practice again. As long as we put in the effort, it should be fine."

Although Ah Lian understood that she should not be too hasty and putting in her efforts to practice even more, the fact that her aptitude was this bad made her feel  a little depressed.

When they went back to their dormitory, the continued practicing.

Tian Luo had barely pass the test, so she was not in a position to advise Ah Lian how to improve. She could only watch on in despair as Ah Lian failed time and time again; unable to help. She felt bad that she was not able to help Ah Lian out.

Even after entering the academy, it was not guaranteed that everyone would be able to graduate.  In order graduate, they would first have to stay in the academy and to do that they would have to pass the test that was due three months. If they failed, they would have to leave the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion Academy. So for a disciple with Ah Lian's caliber, the future seemed bleak.


Late into the night, Ah Lian looked at the sleeping Tian Luo, and went to the Blue Wave Pool.  This time her intentions was not in the hopes to meet her idol, but to practice her illusion skills by the poolside.

She had another class with Sir Chong Xu the next day, and even if she was thick skinned enough, it was not enough to withstand the sharpness of Sir Chong Xu's sarcastic remarks.

As Lian faced the willow tree beside the pool and tried to recite the incantation and tried the illusion multiple times. Each time she fail, the willow tree would slightly sway, but nothing much changed; not even the leaves transformed.


This was the most basic form of illusion techniques and if Ah Lian could not master it, that it would determine her departure from the academy.


Ah Lian attempted the illusion again and again, until the sun came up but to no avail.

"You... What are you trying to do?"

Ah Lian slowly turned towards the direction of the familiar voice. What greeted her vision was a tall, handsome silhouette. Her downcast face instantly brightened up as she scooted over and exclaimed,"High God Rong Lin!"


Rong Lin had been looking at the little fish demon trying her best to practice the illusion technique. Though he was not that acquainted with the little fish demon, he knew that if he helped her he would get further entangled. He was planning to pretend he never saw her and was about to leave when he heard her recite the incantation and saw her clumsy attempts, he could tolerate no longer. With her caliber, how exactly was she able to pass the entrance exam?


Ah Lian foolishly smiled at him, while high God Rong Lin was still his aloof cold self. He did not reply her, but in a clear cold voice instructed,"Close your eyes and focus your energy..."
The smile on Ah Lian's face froze and a few seconds later she realized that her idol was actually talking to her; giving her advice. She immediately did as she was instructed as Rong Lin continued. 

"Don't lose your concentration. You need to focus on what you want the willow tree turn into in your mind. Think about its form, and than recite the incantation...."

High god Rong Lin's voice was pleasant to ears.


Being a basic illusion technique, it was actually not very difficult at all. Even if it were a tree, as long as it did not move, you could change it at will to what you wished. As long as it had a form, you would be able to transform it easily.


Although Rong Lin  occasionally came returned to the academy, he only did lecturing, and as a high god it would be beneath him to be so hands-on. So it was impossible that he would teach such basic techniques to new disciples, let alone personally teach them. 

He looked at the little fish demon whose face was filled with determination and felt that he should personally give a few pointers. Thinking that it should not be an issue, he turned his back and without much ado he coldly blurted out the instructions. He used a cold tone as he did not want her to think that they had a close relationship.

Not seeing her move after some time, Rong Lin asked,"Are you done?"

"Yes, yes all done."

If it was already done, than what was with this tone? With such a simple illusion technique, as long as one did not lose concentration, it would definitely be successful. He had personally offered his advice, and she did not even progress one bit!

Even for one as good tempered as Rong Lin, he could not contain his impatience and annoyance. He turned around to look at her and was just about to reproach her when he saw his replica. Why had she chosen to transform the willow tree into his image?

He found the little fish demon looking sheepishly and scratching her head in embarrassment, looking at him with her large limpid eyes, remorsefully commenting,"Sorry, I... My mind was filled with thoughts of High God Rong Lin."

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The Fish's Overflowing Fragrance Chapter 4: Fateful Encounter

The man was handsome and exuded an air of sophistication, but he was also as cold as ice, silently standing there. Just his visage alone was enough to mesmerize people, like a masterpiece. 

Ah Lian foolishly looked at the man before her in a daze, unable to hide her smile as she exclaimed, “High God Rong Lin looks much better than 200 years ago!” 

People like to be complimented. However, in such an embarrassing situation, who would actually enjoy being complemented? Initially he was irritated by her “offensive” actions, but after hearing her words of praise, he was at a loss and lost the will to berate her. 

Ah Lian, without any clothes and sense of embarrassment, was at his feet swishing her silvery fish tail excitedly. She was a carp with three hundred years of cultivation experience so her human form was equivalent to that of a (well) developing young girl; her development was better than most other carp demons. 

While Rong Lin was frowning slightly and tried to avert his gaze away from her,  a little fish was so happy and lost in her thoughts that she did not realize she was still holding onto Rong Lin’s pants. When she come to her senses and realized her misdemeanor, not wanting to offend her idol, she quickly released her hands and intended to get up to talk to him properly. 

Putting her thoughts into action, she immediately stood up. 

 Rong Lin was surprised and shocked by her actions. “High God Rong Lin….,” before Ah Lian could compose herself and complete her sentence, a snow colored robe suddenly appeared out of nowhere, draped around her and covered her semi naked body. 

As expected, the high god whom she idolized was kind and considerate. Ah Lian stared at the robe that covered her, her fingers running though the embroidered robe and exclaimed in delight, “This is High God Rong Lin’s robe!” 

To Rong Lin, it was nothing more than a piece of cloth, so he felt that it was nothing extraordinary. 

With her being covered, he could properly take a good look at her now. What returned his gaze were two large gleaming eyes filled with admiration, excitement and happiness, looking back at him. It was an expression that he was unfamiliar with. 

In the past, there were many immortal females who looked at him with coy gazes, but to be so unreserved and daring, she was the first one. 

Out of natural reflex, Rong Lin displayed a strategic move he commonly used to deter such people. He narrowed his eyes coldly and intended to give her the cold shoulder, but just as he was about to turn around he noticed that something was holding onto his right sleeve. When he turned to look, he found a girl smiling from ear to ear looking at him intently; he was at a loss for a reaction. 


He was actually quite popular with the female population and approached countless of times in the past. However, his gentle temperament and consideration towards the reputation of the female did not help in such situations, so he developed a method to avoid and deter such unwanted attention – acting cold and aloof. Although it was not his style, this method had actually gotten him out of many sticky situations in the past and so he continued using this method. 


He was soon brought out of his thoughts and finally scowled, displaying displeasure on his face when his realized that the impudent little fish demon had actually started to grope him! 

Ah Lian had never ever expected in her wildest dreams to actually encounter the high god Rong Lin. Without any sense of shame or propriety, she started tugging at is sleeve and murmured, ‘If I had known that I would meet High God Rong Lin here, I would have swam here the moment I entered Ninth Heavenly Pavilion Academy!” 

Just so she could see her idol earlier. 

Left with no other choice, Rong Lin spoke up, “And what were you planning on doing when you meet me?” 

Ah Lian paused and tried to suppress her smile as she whispered, “Does High God not remember me?” 

An awkward silence filled the air, Rong Lin did not reply as he truly had no recollection of the fish demon in front of him. Despite feeling a little disappointed, Ah Lian understood that someone as noble as her idol would be a busy person, so where would he have the time to remember her? 

“Two hundred years ago at Dongze Lake, High God Rong Lin rescued me from a fisherman. If not for you I would not be alive today…. Do you remember? As you gently put me back into the water you told me not to be naughty and to stay in the water, not to get caught by anyone again. I remembered your words of advice and had stayed at the bottom of the lake, not daring to come up to the surface so often,” she explained. 


High God Rong Lin was certainly a busy man. It was his nature to be kind and gentle, not bearing to harm even the flowers and grass. So saving a fish or two, demons or humans, was second nature to him. Over the course of thirty thousand years, he had done many good deeds and saved a considerable amount of creatures. There was no way he could remember each and every one of them.


Ah Lian tried very hard to describe the encounter at that time, just so she could jot his memories and make him remember her. Seeing that he had not a slightest bit of recollection, she furrowed her brows and sadly commented, “You really don’t remember?” 

Her originally fair complexion had flushed red, and her big round eyes emoted disappointment as her eyelashes fluttered against what seemed like tears forming at the rim of her eyes; quite a pitiful sight. 

Seeing such and expression, high god Rong Lin finally opened his mouth, “It seems that there is some recollection.” 

Upon hearing the answer, Ah Lian raised her head and looked at him excitedly, “Really?” 

“En”, Rong Ling grunted as if to confirm, looking at the little fish demon smiling happily before him.

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