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A reflection of Shinee Jonghyun suicide note

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I was devastated and was in disbelief when I heard of Jonghyun passing. Having read all the articles related to him, I had tears in my eyes. Nobody expected this tragedy to happen and the heartache his friends and family felt could not be measured. Losing someone so precious was such a tragedy and to lose someone due to suicide caused more pain to the livings. The blaming game started online accusing others and blaming on things and circumstances is easy for the outsiders. However, to the close family or friends, it only add salt to the open wound. Let those who had never commit a sin throw the first stone! The moral of the story is to reflect on yourself and not be judgmental on other people. 

As some one who went through depression, I can almost identify and relate to the things that Shinee Jonghyun wrote in the suicide note. I can truly understand how terrifying depression can be and how it can silently take a person life. I was thankfully saved by the grace of God. The almighty God found me before I make the decision to end everything. Most of the time when I experience negative thoughts I would ask God to just take me away. The pain in my heart and the unending sleepless night, make me loathe myself and wanted to get away from myself. Twice in my life I wanted to put my thoughts into action. However, I was saved before the tragedy happen by either a phone call or a person happen to be around to stop me from committing suicide. 

The topic of depression can stem from childhood to the growing up process. There may be certain experiences and letdown that follow the star as he grows up. Trying to be ‘normal’ and fit into the society. The eagerness to please others at the expense of yourself. The need to be accepted for who you are and being praise by people. I experience that myself and it was so easy for people to just brush it off and say it’s your own fault. Let me tell the world depression is not so easy to handle and it takes God to untangle all the knots. The feeling is like walking alone in a maze and cannot get out of that darkness. People usually brush it off and say things that are irresponsible. Just listen to a depressed person if you don’t know what to say and pray for that person. 

Now as I am writing this article, I am also in the process of healing and feeling wholesome again. I was being neglected when I was young. My dad was an alcoholic and often came home in a drunken state and there were days I did not see him. He was an absent father in my life and I used to hate him. I hated my family a lot due to frequent fights and quarreling about financial issue. There was no peace in the family and I only see my Mother struggle to make end meets and to raise us up by herself. I was the youngest in the family but there were many issues and problems which I want to escape in life. In school I was bullied frequently and I don’t know how to handle the situation. I felt humiliated and angry with myself for being timid and unable to stand up for myself. I had low self-esteem and wanted so much to be accepted. However, I was disappointed again and again. Too much discouragement till I decided to isolate myself and my feelings from the world. That point of time i wanted so much to just disappear from the world and escape from everything. I live my life drifting away in my own world where there is no hurt and anguish as a way of self defence. 

There was once I almost jump down from my house because I can’t carry the burden anymore and I felt so tired of life. The weariness and disheartening situation cause my mental state to identify death as the only way to escape. I was in my primary school uniform when I was getting ready to jump down. My mother who was a baby sitter at that time took care of a little boy. I was going to proceed with my plan when the little boy suddenly appear behind me and ask me what am I doing. I did not want to scare the boy and said that I was looking out of the window. That was the first time I attempted suicide but was miraculously stop at the critical moment. 

The second time I truly wanted to commit the deed again was a few months ago that triggered my mental state again. I was facing some challenges at work. There was a friend that I look up to and respect due to her seniority. She was an ex-colleague that apparently seem concern about me. However, she started to poison my mind with words of condemnation. When someone is hurting inside, you should not throw stone at the person. After I share with her my pain, she told me that she will advice her son not to follow my path and not to be like me. I was so hurt and her evil tongue was like a sword that stab deeper into my wound. I was so angry at her but I hated myself even more for agreeing with her that I have a major problem. She only led me to look into my past and myself. Having experience the pain of self condemnation, when I read the article about Jonghyun seeking professional help, I was so angry. He could be save if only some one just counsel him with patience and lead him to God instead of himself. 

It was a social norm that as you grow older, people and the society have more expectation of you. At some point of time, i put on unnecessary stress on myself and compare myself with others. It’s the little things that accumulate, little by little till it explode one day like a bombshell. To describe depression, it just hit you like a heatwave. It overwhelms, suffocate and haunting you down. Having sleepless nights, anxiety, crying yourself to sleep. All these daily stress and mind game, just keep on replaying all the past failure and condemnation in the head. It is like a domino effect that start to hit all the bad experiences in life. Words that hurts, people who failed you, broken relationships, guilt and regrets. 

There was a point in my life where I was also desperate for help and wanted to die due to all the judgemental people. I felt that work demanded so much from me and I was so inadequate and incapable to handle it. My life seem hopeless and death seem to be the only easy way out. I was dealt with another blow in life and walk near the road aimlessly when I plan to step out to the road and get myself into a car accident. I hesitated and thought to myself, i will give myself a last chance to try and call someone and I decided that if no one answered the phone i will just go ahead and die thinking it was meant to be like this. I was meant to be gone and away from this suffering in my mind. It was a torture at that  point of time and I wanted to say my final farewell but I broke into tears when my friend answers the phone. The concern and shock in her voice till this day I still remember. I was guilty for scaring her with my sudden outburst. I told her I can’t live on anymore and I wanted to just say my goodbye. She kept asking me where am I and I just cried helplessly. There were so much pain in me that I just wanted to escape. It was a domino effect when I linked my past to this day and I felt so pain that I cannot breath anymore. 

Similarly, weeks before that fatal day, Jong Hyun had been crying for help in his own ways. He wanted to put on a brave front for the world and he cannot express his anguish and sadness because he need to project the perfect idol image to the world. He knew that he needed help and he was losing control. He had his breakdowns and he tried to pull himself together. Friends and family knew his condition but they believed that since he is seeking help with a psychiatrist, he will get better. He was neglected and was lonely all this while. The devil wanted human to live in a lonely island where he can be attacked and devoured totally. 

I believe the final straw was the ‘doctor’ putting the blame on him. The doctor whom he trusted and shared the feelings that he was tormented. In the end, the doctor stated that all the trouble was because of his personality. If he could help himself, do you think he need to see a doctor? He was supposed to give professional advice but what did he do? He press the final button to Jonghyun death. The last thing that a depressed person need to hear is someone blaming him for everything. He was already feeling lacking and the doctor keep asking him to dig deeper into his wound! I was extremely anguish when I read this part in the suicide note. He was experiencing self condemnation and what the doctor did drove him to his grave. If he can save himself, he do not need professional help! 

In my opinion, Jonghyun did not want to die and he was hanging on to the last hope, last second that something or someone can come and stop him from hurting himself. He did wanted attention and hope that people around will notice his struggle. But everyone is busy with their own life and since nobody knows what is going though his mind, his emotion too over. He did hesitated to go through his plan and he was having a fight within himself mentally and physically, till he feel the anguish again. This time he was determined to put his thoughts into action. He was stubborn till the end and insisted to end things in his own ways. Finally, he closed his eyes with hopelessness and gave up on this world.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shinee Jonghyun death

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I was deeply sadden by the sudden death of Kpop idol Kim Jonghyun. Hailed as the princes of Korean pop, Shinee was known for their amazing dance performance and incredible vocals. It was unbelievable that the bright and cheerful boy of Shinee had been suffering from depression. Jonghyun sister had reveled that she received a text message from Jonghyun before he poisoned himself to death.

His final message to his sister revealed that he had been suffering and leading a hard life. That was his final goodbye to his loved ones. According to sources, Jonghyun cause of death was due to inhaling carbon monoxide. He was unconscious when he was taken to the hospital and died of cardio arrest. When I read his last post at Instagram, it dropped hints of depression. His mental health condition caused his decision to end his young life which was a tragedy. 

Previously, Shinee leader Onew was involved in a sexual assault scandal. Although the matter was settled peacefully, the reputation of Shinee suffered. It was said that their images was broken and the kpop group popularity was declining. I wondered what really happens to Jonghyun and I truly hope that this type of incident will never happen again in the future. This year was a tragic year for Shinee and their fans. As the year is coming to an end, I was truly shocked by this tragic news of his passing. I really hope that people who have thoughts of committing suicide to immediately seek help from professional. Please remember that life is so precious and we must love ourselves. No matter what, please choose to be happy and live on. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sechskies 20th Anniversary Concert at Gocheok Sky Dome

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This was the first time i attended a concert in Korea and i was very excited to watch Sechskies 20th anniversary concert. Sechskies was the first generation Kpop idols that was very active between year 1997-2000 and they were supposedly the rival group to another popular boyband - Hot. To the disappointed to their fans, they disbanded shortly within three years after rising to stardom. Sechskies had the opportunity to regroup again through a popular variety program - Infinity Challenge. Since then, the veteran group had succeeded in gathering fans for their yellow note projects in year 2016. The legendary Sechskies members includes Eun Ji Won, Kang Sung Hoon, Jung Su Won, Kim Jae Duc and Lee Jae Jin. 

If you are going to to Gocheok Sky Dome, please alight at Guro Station and the stadium is within 10 minutes walking distance. I attended their Sechskies Fan Meet which was written in my previous post before heading to their concert which begins at 6pm. Prior to the concert, i brought a 99,000 won ticket from Koreanbuddy which was about $120 Singapore dollars. Although i was seated at the third level, thankfully the view was still quite visible. When i looked down, the ground floor were flooded with Sechskies yellow light sticks and the stage was really huge. Even before the concert start, the fans who were known as yellowskies were screaming ' Jekki Jang' which means Sechskies is the best! I may not have the brought the VIP tickets since only their fanclub have the privilege of getting the nearest ticket to the stage, but i totally enjoyed the atmosphere of the concert.  I look forward to see Sechskies live performances and to participate in the birthday celebration. 

Sechskies live concert at Gocheok Sky Dome

I was pretty impressed with the stage design and the sound system of Gocheok Sky Dome was fabulous too. Although i can only see Sechskies small figures on stage, i can still watch their performance on the big screen. The fans were spontaneous and Sechskies were energized during the concert. I was literally swept away by the atmosphere and the fan chant too. Overall, I like and the arrangement of the songs with different backgrounds and props. During the concert, they screened a few short videos of themselves in various roles and images which was a great fan service. One of the short film showed Sechskies in different occupations which were nicely filmed for their supportive fans. In my opinion, the dancers were enthusiastic onstage and the whole concert was in a celebration mood, as 23 September 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of this first generation boy band. 

Among Sechskies, the only active member that maintain popularity after they disbanded is Sechskies leader Eun Ji Won. He is famous for his emcee skills in variety shows such as New Journey to the West and 2 Days and 1 Night. Eun Ji Won is a successful entertainer and he was given the nickname 'Eun Choding' which literally means 'little kid' by Kang Ho Dong. Eun Ji Won is also a CEO of Gym Entertainment and he had a successful hip hop career with his group mate Clover. I was impressed with Eun leader and i think he is the most charismatic on stage. The way he sings and raps is full of swag. I hope people will look past his "Choding" image and take him seriously as a singer. He performed really well with his band mates and i was really entertained during the two and a half hour concert.

At the beginning, sechskies member Jang Su Won did went off pitch a little when he sings. Being a veteran boy band, Sechskies were able to cover their tiny mistakes and continue to give a marvelous performance. I love Sechskies classic oldies and their dance energy. At the same time i love their new image, music direction and trendy dance move too. I think in order to survive in Kpop industry, the idols need to work hard in all aspect. In particular, i like the song back hug from their new album Another light which was jointly written by Eun Jiwon and Winners. It was a sad song which was presented in a semi light-hearted manner. The other song which i enjoyed is drinking problem. It was a fun filled song with good rhythm and i like the way Sechskies kept on jumping onstage till they laid on the floor grasping for breath which was really hilarious.

Label mate Winners were the guests of Sechskies 20th Anniversary concert and they performed my favorite song - Really, Really. 

I am pleased to comment that Sechskies looked very young despite them in their thirties and i can't believe that they were approaching forties too. Eun Ji Won in particular look so good after losing some weight and learning to take better care of himself. Talk about being a vampire in Korea, i suspect Sechskies were eating preservative all these years. I have to give credits to YG Entertainment as they are really good in managing their artistes. There were some similarity between Sechskies and Big Bang styling. However, i would say that stylists really nailed it with Sechskies. Each of them have unique personalities and their clothes, hairstyle and accessories were very trendy and fashionable. Although i like Sechskies new songs such as ' Something special' and ' Smile', their classic oldies such as 'Couple' and 'Comeback' were amazing too. In conclusion, i was very impressed with Sechskies performance. They tried their best to sing and dance, although it was obvious that they were very tired. They celebrated their anniversary with a huge cake and took pictures onstage with a winsome smile. The oppas are really cute and mischievous. Happy 20th Anniversary Sechskies!

It was an amazing day filled with fun and laughter with Sechskies. By the time i stepped out of the concert venue, the sky was already dark. However, i had a fruitful day spend with Sechskies and the yellowskies. Armed with great memories, it was time to head back home after a tiring day. Goodbye Sechskies, hope to see you again in years to come... :)

Movie Gala Premiere: Return of the cuckoo

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As a child, Man Cho (Julian Cheung) was rendered mute as a result of the cruel actions of his mother and was adopted by the kind-hearted Ah Kiu (Nancy Sit). Man Cho grew up with Ah Kiu's daughter Kwan-Ho (Charmaine Sheh), and the two eventually develop romantic feelings for one another. Man Cho is extremely self-sacrificing, has an inferiority complex due to his disability, and therefore feels unworthy for Kwan-Ho. Ah Kiu is also against their relationship and things are further complicated when Szto Lai-Sun (Steven Ma) enters the picture after falling for Kwan-Ho too.

Movie review

I was disappointed with the movie because the story plot leads to an open ending which left a bitter aftertaste when the movie run towards the ending. The actors and actresses were fabulous in their acting skills but the storytelling was draggy and at times it was senseless. If the script writer decided to write the story without a clear direction, i would rather they did not produce the movie after so many years. The whole movie was in a mess and we can probably guess what happens in the end. 

Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh lead the movie pretty well through their great acting skills. It really feels like they were brother and sister that had a crush on each other. Other than that, we are not really interested in the life of the other characters which were just distracting for the movie. Even the cameo of Joe Chen and other character was redundant and its not necessary for the development of the story. We wanted to see the growth of each individual main character but it was disappointing that they seem to be struck in the past. Hopefully, the actors will be able to choose a better project next time instead of being "forced" to work on a project that was successful in the past.  

Movie premiere

Free ticket to the movie at Sentosa 

Drama Queen's pick: Goblin

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In ancient times, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is an unbeatable general in wars, but the young King (Kim Min-Jae) is jealous of Kim Shin and kills him. Kim Shin becomes Dokkaebi (Goblin), possessing an immortal life. At first he thinks that he is blessed, but he realizes that he is cursed.

Closer to the present day, Kim Shin has waited 900 years for a human bride to end his immortal life. One night, he saves a dying pregnant woman (Park Hee-Von) who is destined to die. Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-Wook) is unable to find the dead pregnant woman. The woman gives birth to a baby girl named Ji Eun-Tak (later played by Kim Go-Eun). 9 years later, Ji Eun-Tak lives with her mother and is able to see ghosts. One night, her mother suddenly dies. On that night, she meets the Grim Reaper.

In the present day, Ji Eun-Tak is a high school student. She still sees ghosts and hears their whisper of “Dokkaebi’s bride.” She now lives with her aunt’s family, but she is mistreated by them. On her birthday, Ji Eun-Tak sits by the sea with a lighted birthday cake. At that time, Kim Shin suddenly appears in front of her. Kim Shin does not know why, but he can hear her voice and appears in front of her against his will. Coincidentally, Kim Shin lives with the Grim Reaper at the same house.

Now, Kim Shin appears in front of her against his will, whenever she turns off the lights. One day, Ji Eun-Tak tells him that he is Dokkaebi and she is his bride. - (taken from Asiawiki)

Drama Queen thoughts

I was watching the highly anticipated Korean drama Hwarang until the broadcast of Goblin. The talented cast of Goblin swept me away with their amazing acting skills. The lead actor Gong Yoo continued his success after the box office movie - Train to Busan. I have a liking for both Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Woo respectively ever since i watched Coffee prince and My girl. 

Goblin Trailer 1

Goblin teaser

First script reading

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sechskies 20th Anniversary Awards at Gocheok Skydome

I had the chance to attend Sechskies 20th Anniversary concert at Gocheok Skydome on 23 September 2017. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me since this concert coincide with my Korean trip, i am excited for this solo trip. Therefore, i decided to purchase the concert ticket online at ticketbay on the day of opening sale. However i failed to get a ticket due to the overwhelming responses online and the system crashed. I was a little upset with Koreanbuddy due to the inefficiency in purchasing the ticket and the fact that they did not inform me that they did not manage to get a good ticket for the concert, which they mentioned in the email message that they would get back to me once they purchase the concert ticket. 

To cut the long story short, in the end i still managed to get a ticket on the third level which is further away from the stage but i am happy to just enjoy the atmosphere of the concert. Since i am not a Korean fan club members so it is understandable that the yellowkies would have brought all the VIP seats beforehand which i know only know about this privilege much later. Anyway, a few weeks after i brought the ticket to the concert, Sechskies suddenly posted a poster in the facebook about the additional fan meeting in the afternoon at 1pm before the concert at 6pm. Therefore, i had to purchase the ticket online again. The cost of the fan meet is around 33,000 won which is around $46 and the concert ticket cost 99,000 won which is around $127 which is pretty reasonably priced. Since i will be attending the concert, i am happy to attend their fan meeting too despite the late notice. 

This is the signboard upon entrance. I was in awe of the enormous space and the beautiful structure of the Sky dome. I love the way they arrange the posters and the festive atmosphere which set a good mood with Sechskies classic songs playing at the background. There were a few decorations, banners and official booths on my way in and also the staffs that wore yellow raincoat.

It was a long entrance from the Subway station, and i have to collect the ticket at the ticket auction booth which was a waste of time. I should have been there earlier but i missed a stop while using the subway. Fortunately, i managed to reach the destination despite all the drama that happened on the way to the fanmeet.

I was fascinated by the structure of  Gocheok Sky Dome. The place is huge and the long walkway is pretty tiring to walk down, but i still managed to find the path through the directory and the staff members were pretty helpful too. I was very excited to see Sechskies life on stage for the first time. 

There were many declaration of love and support from the Yellowskies fandom all around the world. I was truly amazed and can't help but to take lots of picture due to my excitement. 

This is my ticket to Sechskies Award Show 2017 and i am ready to spend the entire day to celebrate Sechskies 20th Anniversary with the Yellowkies. 

I was actually late for a couple of minutes but i still managed to went in and seat through the two hours Sechskies Award Show. This was my view from the audience seat which was relatively good. The veteran idols were already seated down and answering some Q&A questions when i reached. It was a little boring for me as i really do not understand Korean that much and there were no subtitle to follow. Sechskies were making jokes and interacting with the fans onstage which were endearing. 

Sechskies Leader Eun Ji Won

Sechskies played some interesting games onstage and the fans went gaga and scream 'Jekki Jang' which means Jekki is the best whenever their favorite idol appeared onscreen.

Eun Choding being childish onstage. 

Among the Sechskies members i am most familiar with Eun Ji Won due to his frequent appearance in variety show, notably the popular program 2 days and 1 night. He even acted in drama and formed a hip hop group called Clover. He presented different personalities and images to his fans onstage and during his variety show which was a striking contrast.

Sechskies played games onstage to see who is the smartest and now they were having a competition to see who has the greatest strength or endurance in Sechskies.  It was pretty interesting to see them playing and teasing each other like kids.

Sechkies had a test on their courage when they were required to put their hands inside the mysterious box. I love Eun Ji Won cute expression when he got scared. 

The speed game which Eun Ji Won came in first place and was given the king of games title. Yes, you deserve this award!

This was a singing competition between the Sechskies members. It was hilarious that Eun Ji Won forgotten the lyrics to the oldies and was laughing awkwardly. I was also pleasantly surprised that Jae-duck and Lee Jae Jin can sing pretty well among blackskies. 

This is my favorite song from their early days titled Dear love. I love Eun Ji Won vocal especially when he rap and sings the song beautifully. 

Sechskies speech to their fans before the fan meet ends.

Group photo of Sechskies as they celebrate their 20th anniversary with their fans.

Once i stepped out of the venue, i was amazed by these banners and posters. Sechskies fandom really put in a lot of effort to show their support. 

My bias Eun Ji Won giant poster

The yellowskies were queuing up to purchase merchandise.  I joined in and brought a t-shirt, a light stick and a mask which were on discount at the booth. In consideration for the fans, YG Entertainment even set up a booth for the fans to change the batteries or repair their Sechskies light stick. 

This is a special door gift for the fan meet. It contained photographs of the members and a moon shot cosmetic. It was a day worth celebrating indeed.

A friendly Korean Yellowskies gave me a photograph of Eun Ji Won while i was queuing up for the merchandise. I was deeply moved and blessed by the kind gesture. 

In conclusion, i enjoyed Sechskies performance onstage despite my limited understanding of the Korean language. Sechskies members look very young for their age with all the good styling from YG Entertainment.  Especially Eun Ji Won who lost ton of weight and look so handsome. Kang Sung Hoon the frozen man who looked like a "Vampire". Kim Jae Duck, Lee Jae Jin and Jang Su Won look adorable and cute. Sechskies really found the fountain of youth and age gracefully. During the Award shoe, Sechskies members made some cute expressions  and gestures occasionally and they were naturally entertaining throughout the fan meet. As an international fan that do not have the chance to attend their fan meet or concert regularly, i really cherished this opportunity to watch their performance and it was more meaningful since it was Sechskies 20th anniversary. I was feeling nostalgic and was touched at times. This fan meet became part of my fond memories during this Korea trip. Now i am really looking forward to their concert in the evening. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sechs Kies 20th Anniversary Album

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Hailed as the Blackstreet boys of South Korean boy band, Sechs kies made a comeback with the latest album to celebrate their 20th anniversary in the Korean Music Industry. Sech skies consisted of leader Eun Ji Won, members Kang Sung Hoon, Jang Su Won, Lee Jai Jin and Kim Jae duc. After the success of the special reunion of Sechs kies in the well-known variety show Infinity Challenge, it brought about the reminiscent of old school music.

The teenagers that debuted in 1997 had blossom into matured and sophisticated men now. They are the fine example of the saying, “Men are like fine wine.” Miraculously, the boyband signed a recording contract with YG Entertainment and made a comeback as the veteran first generation idols. Coincidentally, Lead dancer Lee Jai Jin is the brother-in-law of YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-Suk. Therefore, he paved the way for Sechs kies to join the big company. Sechs Kies reunion was at a great timing according to main vocalist Kang Sung Hoon. Despite having the thoughts of reunion throughout these years, it was never finalized and Infinity Challenge created a platform for Sechs kies reunion and they became a hot issue overnight ever since their disbandment in year 2000.
Having tasted the displeasure of disbandment, Sech skies treasured the opportunity to perform onstage again. The repackaged of the new album 20th century introduced the new fans to the upgraded version of Secks kies and brought out the sentimental feelings of their past hit songs in the 20th century. They had removed the voice of Ko Ji-Yong who is currently an inactive member of Sechs Kies. For those who are interested in Ko Ji-Yong, he appears in the famous variety show “The return of the Superman with his son Seung Jae. He is a businessman now and he will consider participating in Sechs kies activities only if his schedules allow him to do so which is unlike to occur anytime soon.

To the delight of yellowskies (Fan club name), Sech skies released their latest comeback album with three new songs and they repackaged and choose their classic hits for the rest of the tracks. Let's take a look at this much anticipated album. 

Sechs Kies 20th Anniversary Album

Track 1: Be Well

I love the introduction of the song with Eun Ji Won deep and husky voice. I have to take Eun Ji Won seriously as a singer. Despite having a silly image as variety genius, he can immediately transforms into a charismatic leader of Sechs Kies. I remembered during an episode of Radio Star with Sechs Kies, Sung Hoon mentioned that initially Eun Ji Won and himself were supposed to debut as a duet instead of a boy band. I can see how compatible their voices complemented each other. In fact, the Hawaiian friends truly shines in this comeback. I love the way Eun Ji Won rapped in a distinct manner and Sung Hoon crystal clear voice. Be well gave a gloomy tone of longing to the listeners and it was tailor made for Sechs Kies new matured image. It's a fact that they are no longer the teenagers that sings of puppy love now. Therefore, their music style were improvised to suit their current image. Although each members had developed their own individual style, Eun leader truly shines brightly with swag! 

Track 2: Sad Song

Some people may think that Sad Song is yet another ballad from Sechs Kies judging from the song title, which is surprising not sad at all. In fact, this is a mid-tempo song delivered competently by the veterans. I love the energy of the song and the catchy chorus which is easy to sing along and dance. Their hairstyle and overall styling is much better now compared to the past. They look very trendy and cool in the music video too. I am sure Sechs Kies will continue to grow old handsomely and will always occupy a  place in their fans heart. 

Track 3: Three Words 

This is the first single that they released after their reunion. It was well composed by label mate Epik High's Tablo. This R&B, hip hop song is easy on the ears and the catchy chorus make it easy to sing along. I can feel their sincerity in delivering this song, it contained their emotions after they met their fans again after so many years. The 90's idols experience were evident in the way they expresses themselves. Each member style is unique and nobody overshadows each other as they were each given a verse to sing. Although Sechs kies did not have any 'powerful' dance steps in their latest singles, which considered their age its not advisable to dance like before, the members still shines like a crystal in their own ways. Three words is a beautiful song specially dedicated to the fans and i can say that it's worth the wait after all.   

Couple M/V

The re album contained their previous hit songs. Among those classic songs, Couple stood out as one of their greatest hit song. The repackaging of this song sounds pleasant and not to be mistaken, the entire song still sound somewhat the same. It's simply more modern and classy now in comparison. I am glad that they preserve the essence of the song which i had heard years ago and make a new version out of it to reach out to the younger generation. Unlike the idols nowadays, Sechs Kies painted a different colour to the music industry. They are a legend in Korean music industry and they do live up to their reputation.