Friday, October 21, 2016

Jolin Tsai Play Concert

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I had the honor to attend Jolin Tsai's  "Play" concert in Singapore, thanks to my sister. Although it was a restricted view area, i was actually quite close to the stage. I was excited about this concert because i used to listen to her songs. She was the Mando dancing queen of my generation. 

These were the freebies found at our seats and it was nice of the organizer to placed them on our seats. I was anticipating Jolin Tsai concert since i have never been to her concert before.

The stage design looks like some sort of a mini playground, placed in the middle of a stage. It follows the theme of the concert - Play. Jolin Tsai costumes ranges from average to good. Some of the dancers that they hired were quite good and Jolin used English to introduced the dancers. Her English is pretty good for a Taiwanese. Anyway, she major in English and she at least can form sentences.

That night, Jolin sang all her classic songs and hype up the atmosphere with her dance steps. Perhaps due to Jolin getting older in age, she seem to get tired easily. Compared to the past when Jolin impressed us with her rhythmic gymnastic, Jolin did not perform any of that in her concert.  I was a little disappointed that she fall short of my expectation.

Jolin look gorgeous and tiny on stage. Her voice did improved a lot throughout the years and her hard work had lead to success. She was sharing her story on stage with a video of how she attained success despite the negative reviews. I admired Jolin for being such a hardworking artiste and she do deserved all the fame. I love the way she sang live for her ballads such as the smell of lemongrass, i know you are not happy and rewind. She performed steadily without any major mistake during the concert. She even invited two loyal fans from her fan club on stage to sing with her. Jolin is not really good in talking, i am glad that she choose to sing more than she talks to the audiences.  In conclusion, i do enjoy jolin concert and it seem like i took a time machine to the past when i used to listen to her songs during school days. How time flies!

Jolin debut song - I know you are sad
Cute song - Sun will never set
Jolin coming near to the stage
Jolin looking at our direction

Special thanks to my sister and her crew 

Friday, October 14, 2016

BTS Album Wings Music Review

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Bangtan Boys also known as BTS, recently made a comeback to the Kpop scene with a brand new album - Wings. I was amazed by BTS maturity in music, since we knew that BTS was famous for their youthful Hip-hop style. In my opinion, BTS has been experimenting different genre of music style after their last album - The most beautiful moment (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa). Their brand new album features a variety of music style and solo for each member. This album showcased the member’s talent and what they can do as individuals. I heard that BTS participated in the production of this album which was truly great. Wings touched on a few sensitive social problems and some personal subject about the member’s thoughts and their inner struggles. The circles they were talking about in Wings were self, family, friends and the world as they were interlinked with each other. I am pleased with the overall concept of this album, keeping the mystery towards the end and practically leaving us craving for more of BTS. I look forward to this promising boy band future venture as they did prove to us how versatile and precious they were in pursuing performing Arts. This album definitely showed us a different side of BTS and they were prepared to step-up on their game in this ever changing music scene, while creating their own identity. 

J-Hope open the curtain of this album with his stunning display of dance skills and he totally owned it! I love the mysterious feeling to this music and the way J-hope expressed himself with his body movements. The lyrics - too bad, but it’s too sweet was well written and it rhymes with the whole album concept. The tempo and rhythm of this song was enchanting, drawing us into the world of BTS.

We knew that this album was inspired by the popular novel - Demain. The whole album focused on the member’s life and how they keep falling into temptations. Everyone have their own struggles and worries and there were times when we simply gave in to sins. The rap lyrics is both beautiful and meaningful. Basically, BTS carried a strong message about - life is not a bed of roses.

This official music video from Big hit Entertainment was filmed in high quality resolution and it simply showed that BTS was worth every single penny. The story begins with the boys at the Art Museum. Jin stared at a picture on the wall intently with a zoomed in close shoot of our beautiful Jin. All of a sudden, the boys became seven sophisticated princes dancing seductively to the music. I love the maracas that was used as part of the background music and i can't help but move along with the music. The Spanish inspired tune in between the song created a rather Artistic feel to the whole concept. BTS used the trendy music genre called moonbaton trap and added a bit of mysterious elements. These boys are a bunch of masterpiece amidst the Art work around the museum. 

I appreciate how evenly they distributed their lines in all BTS songs. The producer simply looked at who is suitable for which lines and each individual sang their parts very well. The music arrangement was well done and the boys did their best to seduce us with their new style. The music of Blood, Sweat and Tears went from soft and gentle to loud and aggressive and back to seductive again. It was a roller coaster ride to me! I love their transition from youth to adults. Nothing can stop BTS from moving on towards a new level in the music industry. We know that BTS are moving in a new musical direction and they are having fun in their journey towards exploring artistic expressions. 

Jeon Jungkook shared about his life ever since the age of fifteen. He talked about his brother (hyung) pain and how he felt worse when he see them upset. This song is very personal to Jungkook as he sang about how precious his brothers meant to him. In my opinion, this song was a cross between Zion-T and Justin Bieber music style. Jungkook must have been musically influenced by these two artistes. I can feel the sincerity and heartwarming lyrics in begin and Jungkook smoothing voice matches this song very well. Jungkook sang about his gratitude towards the people in his life that inspired him and make him who he is today. 

I have been waiting for Jimin to sing solo and he finally did in this album. He should have more confidence in himself and he does have a sweet voice. This song really make me proud of being his fan. In the song Lie, Jimin presented a person with a huge inner struggle and pain. He was probably betrayed by someone he trusted and fall into depression. I love the lyrics - Don't be like a prey, be smooth like a snake. This song sang about Jimin been caught in a lie which was actually the devil poisoning his mind. He was tempted to give himself to the devil repeatedly. Although he knows it is wrong, he cannot stop because he actually love that feeling. Jimin sang this song with such passion and emotion which totally blown me away. I melted at Jimin high notes and the beautiful chorus. Jimin had improved a lot in his vocal control and his English pronunciation. 

V has always been an impressive vocalist in my opinion and this song stigma totally drawn me to his voice. He has such a soulful voice and it is a shame if he does not utilize it in a song. Therefore, i am glad he managed to sing solo in this album. In Stigma, V was sorry for his reckless and irresponsible behavior. V felt being punished for the things he had done. He wants to redeem himself from the sin and tried all ways to rectify his mistakes. I love the way V sang his high note and it does proved that V has the widest vocal range in BTS. The music accompaniment for this song is simple with a saxophone, drum and piano as the background music. There is this jazz feeling to this song and it felt like V is confessing his feeling from the moment it drop the beat.

Suga always have an anguish overtone in his rap and this song is no exception. I love the way the song was written with such poetic expression. Suga reminiscence about his childhood and his loved ones. He rapped about the brown piano that stood by his side. He clearly stated that he will never leave (give up on) music. This is his faith and he strongly believed that music heal all pains in his heart. He hide behind the music to relieve his pain and anxiety. 

Rap monster lyrics reflected on life been sometimes good and bad. There were dark night and bright morning. I love the way Rap monster rap in English at the beginning. He sound so attractive and sexy. Reflection speaks of Rap monster philosophy about life and his insecurity. He wished to love himself more and not to be too hard on himself. 

J-Hope did a great job in this album and people need to stop underestimate his abilities. He is a talented piece of Art with his own style and he totally throws himself in his craft. I love the way he rap about his mother being there for him in his life. He simply love his mother and he wanted his mother to be proud of him too. 

I always heard that Jin is only a visual representative in BTS and he was one of the underrated member in Bangtan. Some people commented that he does not have much talent compared to other members. This song Awake really proved the haters wrong as Jin demonstrated his potential musically. I was touched by his gentle, sweet voice and the lyrics of this song was so well written that it brought tears to my eyes. Jin faced disappointment along the way and he still choose to hold on to the six flowers (the members) and continue to walk forward despite the obstacles and setbacks. Jin is really good in ballads and he does have a good voice!

Lost was sang by the four vocalists of BTS and it was a nice cover from them. It talks about being lost and how they tried to find a direction in life. This is very common for youngsters these days being lost and does not know what to do with life. This song connects to the youth that are still looking for their own place in this world.

The rappers in BTS continued their venture into Cypher part 4. They wrote the lyrics themselves and trap-rap along with the music. The lyrics - I love myself, i love myself keeps ringing in my head after listening to this song. The rap line tried to convey the message - Do not let the society define us of who we are and we need to find our own identify in this world. Yes, we need to love ourselves and not fall into depression due to other people opinion of us. They are referring to haters who sit behind the computer, sending hatred and resentment towards other people life. They wanted to destroy people life using words that hurts and they were simply saying things casually without sparing a thought for others.

We often question ourselves - Am i wrong? BTS shared about the social problem of these days where people became selfish and self-centered. They talked about the world we are living is going crazy with all the wrong moral values. This is a reflection about the society and we need to look into what went wrong with the young generation. Jimin pronunciation of crazy sound really crazy to me. Other than that minor problem, this song is really interesting.

BTS always talk about empowerment in their music. They did make it a point to be an inspiration to the youth of this generation. They always speak up against bullying, oppression and discrimination. In this particular song, BTS encouraged the 21st century girls to be strong and confident about themselves. Yes, we need not follow blindly on what the world says and define ourselves based on people opinion.

BTS pull the curtain down with an upbeat song that brings hope and a smile on our face. They sang about holding hands together as one to walk through the storm in our life. In my opinion, BTS tried to reach out to the youth with their music. Darkness will end, hope will arise. As long as we stay together, we will conquer the storm. You are not alone because we are in this together. Do not give up hope and let's move on. This song was well arranged and it served as an encouragement for people who are depressed. 

BTS really spread their wings and fly! Yes, this album was a huge success and it will be marked as one of the most beautiful moment in BTS musical journey. I love that the circles they referred to in this album are wings that enabled them to fly higher. Everyone have their own route in life and we can still spread our wings and fly at our own pace. We can if we simply try to spread our wings and fly!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

G-dragon Girlfriend Nana Komatsu

Leaked photos from G-Dragon's private Instagram account have revealed his relationship with Nana Komatsu.

Rumors began to emerge earlier this year, when G-dragon (27 years old) and Nana (20 years old) were spotted at a restaurant together in Tokyo. The two had also worked together on an intimate photoshoot for Nylon Magazine, earlier in March of this year.

However, fans and reporters began to assume that the two were much closer than they had let on. The two were again caught in rumors when they were spotted wearing the same styled white bracelet, reminiscent of couple jewelry.

Now, fans have uncovered leaked photos from G-Dragon’s Instagram that come to near definite proof that he’s in a relationship. - taken from Koreaboo

My thoughts 

When will celebrites ever learn their lesson not to post private picture or open a private account in the social media and still expect to maintain their "privacy"? These Korean artistes live under the public eyes. How can they expect to hide their private life when they actually volunteer to put their personal stuffs in the social media at the first place? 

It is only a matter of time before any hacker goes into the social media system and retrieve their personal informations. This unfortunate incident happened to the Big Bang leader G-dragon. He does not like to talk about his private life to the media. We knew that his previous relationship with Kiko waswidely publicise. However, G-dragon has never comment about this matter. 

Actions speaks louder than words. We do see some intimate photograph of G-dragon and Nana. Even if YG entertainment did not issue any statement, we are certain that G-dragon is dating Nana now. Taeyang even suggested in his private Instagram to produce a song titled Lovers. It was obvious that these two lovebirds are currently into each other. 

Later on, G-dragon posted this picture in his official Instagram. He must be feeling terrible that this unfortunate incident happened to him. G-dragon is a famous musician that has been in K-pop industry for many years, I am surprised that he is so careless in handling his personal matters. 

Looking back at the girls that caught the eyes of our handsome leader, I noticed that G-dragon seem to adore Japanese models. Indeed, he has a unique taste in women that are docile and exotic.  I can hear the heart of his fan girls breaking into pieces. Don't forget that G-Dragon is going into military soon. Will this relationship last long? 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第六页 Chapter 6




从小就被取笑没父没母的骏胜,带着悲痛的心情成长。失去人生方向的骏胜只知道以打架斗殴生活。曾天像一只野兽生活着,认为这就是生存之道。为了生存不得不与现实搏斗的骏胜,心里已是伤痕累累。然而,骏胜任然希望与母亲好好过日子。依静安静地听着骏胜透露出心事,心里感到万分沮丧。骏胜望着窗外的星星,眼里充满着思念。看着骏胜寂寞的背影,依静伸出手小心翼翼地触碰。骏胜回头望着依静的笑脸,莫名其妙的问,“你怎么了?” 依静笑着说,“我感觉到我们的距离更接近了。” 骏胜完全不知道依静究竟在想些什么。” 对骏胜来说依静就像一个不定时的炸弹,无法预料。即使不想与她来往,但是心里就是无法讨厌这个女生。

就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第七页 Chapter 7



另一边,丽颖和文妍的事业却节节上升,演出的机会也越来越多了。依静看在眼里,痛在心里。文妍感到困扰,毕竟夹在两个好朋友中间。丽颖说,“要成功就要必须踩着别人的头上才能上位。” 文妍虽然不同意这个说法,但也不敢反抗到底。她心里想难道就不能大家就像没成名之前那么开心吗?虽然自己的确是妒忌心重但也没想过要伤害依静啊!


深夜,文妍前来到访,依静欢迎她并且还把她当好姐妹看待。文妍十分感动和内疚,这时也决定站在依静这里替她加油打气。依静也向文妍道歉毕竟自己之前并不知道她们的感受,无意中或许伤害了姐妹们。这次的挫折能让自己好好反省并且努力从新出发好好学习。文妍问,“难道你不想揭穿丽颖的谎言吗?” 依静说,“我不想以怨报怨,更不想伤害自己的姐妹。我会好好加油,凭实力成功的!” 文妍说,“你改变了许多,不再是高高在上,自以为是, 又遥不可及的大明星了。” 依静感到安慰至少有文妍的加油打气,一切会更好的。

就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第八页 Chapter 8







就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第九页 Chapter 9


永和住院, 文妍经常来探望受伤的他。永和也渐渐地喜欢上文妍。随着时间,永和的伤口复原了。文妍最终回到工作岗位努力工作,然而她已不再和丽颖来往了。离开丽颖后的文妍和依静一起从新开始再战演艺圈。 虽然一切从新开始,生活却十分充实快乐。 


数天后,依静在拍片现场看见永和与丽颖偷偷约会。顽皮的依静把事情告知骏胜。他们安排了一个聚会把这对情侣邀请到这里好好地拷问这对地下情侣。 永和鼓起勇气向大家表明自己正与文妍交往。大家听得目瞪口呆,完全没有料到永和如此勇敢。 依静感谢永和公布恋情,并且对文妍是认真的对待。

大家祝福文妍和永和这段甜蜜的恋情。依静之后也勇敢的向骏胜告白自己的心意,可是骏胜却表现酷酷的回绝她的爱意。大伙看在眼里,心里都清楚这两个欢喜冤家是如此的登对。虽然骏胜时常躲避依静的猛烈攻势,大家都发现骏胜的举动声明了自己其实是在暗中观察着依静。难道这就实现了这句话,“男追女隔成山,女追男隔成沙” 这个道理吗?依静和骏胜究竟是否能成为一对呢?