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Things you got to know about Kashiwabara Takashi (Part 1)

Takashi Kashiwabara is a Japanese actor that gained his fame through famous flims such as Love Letter (1995), Itazura Na Kiss (1996) and Hakusen Nagashi (1996). Many years had passed by and the pretty boy had grown into a matured and sophisticated man. Here are some of the things that you may be curious about this actor who shot to fame at the tender age of 17. 

1) Eldest son in the family of five

Japanese charismatic actor Takashi Kashiwabara was born in 1977 March 16. His birth place was in Yamanashi, Japan. He has a younger brother who is an actor, Shuji Kashiwabara . His younger sister is Shiho Kashiwabara who has a age gap of 14 years. His father is an ordinary employee in a company, while his mother is a housewife. Based on his account, he was a self-proclaimed playful child and was often punished together with his younger brother. According to him, his mother is a cheerful person but is very strict with her discipline over her two sons. During interviews, he talked about her mother teaching methods and expressed gratitude to his mother for being strict with her discipline. 

2) An average student 

Kassy claimed that he was an average student in school. He revealed that his results were moderately good in class. Surprisingly, he did not have many girls chasing after him during his school days. Kassy shared that he was shy and reserved, therefore he often lost the opportunity to start a relationship. During Valentine's day, he only recieved a few chocolates. when he graduated from high school, only one girl asked for his second button. He mentioned that he was once rejected by his first crush when he finally mustered the courage to confess his feelings. After reading through these articles, I wondered how can these ladies resist his charm?

3) Winner in Junon superboy competition 

According to Kassy (his affectionate nickname), his photograph was send to the famous Japanese magazine by his mother friend. He did not have any interest in the entertainment world initially. Kashiwabara Takashi frankly stated that his dream was to be a teacher or F1 driver. His mother have to tempt him with his then favorite food which was Ramen, in order for him to join the competiton. After eating his ramen, he did not have the desire to join the competition again. This time round, his mother who understand her son very well tempted him with money even if he will not win anything. In the end, he reluctantly participated in the competition and surprisingly emerged as the winner. He won the contest and took home his prized rewards. That was the beginning of his career in the Japanese entertainment industry. 

4) Created a phenomenal impact in Asia with famous works such as Love letter and Itazura Na Kiss

Kashiwabara Takashi did not have a smooth beginning in acting career despite his good looks. During an interview, he revealed that he was often been criticized and scolded for the lack of acting skills by the directors. Due to these setbacks, he even thought of quitting showbiz. Fortunately, his acting career was revived by the next movie - Love Letter. He had a minor role in that movie as a "dead person". However, Kashiwabara Takashi nailed the role with sensitivity and perfection. He had since left a great impression to the audience through this artistic movie. Kassy and the cast won many awards because of this movie. After that he continued his venture into success through other Jdorama. The most prominent character being his role as Naoki Irie in Itazura Na Kiss. Due to the huge success of this popular manga adaptation drama, Kashiwabara Takashi shot to fame in Asian countries, especially in Taiwan. He was even amazed by his popularity when he first arrived in Taiwan. He cheekily revealed that he was treated like a (emperor) king during his stay. 

Kassy was widely regarded as a Japanese heartthrob during his heydays. He was even voted at the first place for the best first love category in magazines. His first fanmeeting at Taiwan was unfortunately cancelled due to the overwhelming and chaotic crowds. He expressed regret for not being able to meet his fans and he promised to come back again. Subsequently, he did honored his promise and visited Taiwan a few times. He was invited to grace some events and attended some variety show in Taiwan. Due to his rising popularity, he had recieved many work opportunities for commercials too. 

5) Hakusen Nagashi is his favorite drama 

Hakusen Nagashi also known as White Line was a popular drama in Japan when it was broadcasted in 1996. Kashiwabara Takashi played the role of a bespectacled gentleman named Hasebe Yusuke who was romantically rejected by the female lead. Despite being a second lead, Kashiwabara Takashi Stole the show and the glamour from the first lead Nagase Tomoya with his charisma and brilliant acting skills. 

In season two, Kassy was sported with a slightly longer hair. Yusuke was lost and aimless in life. There were people who commented that he look very pretty with long hair. 

In the third season, Kashiwabara Takashi character Yusuke was finally back on track with his life. He was striving to be a lawyer and executed a sophisticated charm. He met his high school friends who had moved on with their life too. 

This was Takashi Kashiwabara in his twenties. I thought that if the female lead still do not love him, I will declare that she is blind. Indeed, the female lead proved to be blind since her high school days. Who can resist such a sweet and handsome boyfriend? He wholeheartedly waited for her since their teens! In contrast to that good for nothing first lead, I think this pair should have a happy ending. I was influenced by their earlier collaboration in Love Letter and wished that they will be together eventually. I understand that it was supposedly a painful one sided puppy love on Yusuke part. Is that script written to torture the hearts of many? Anyway, Yusuke became an outstanding lawyer but was confused with the principle of upholding justice and standing up for the poor and helpless people. 

This was the last season of White Line. Everyone in the cast had notably grown older. The same question that was repeatedly asked over the years, " Will Yusuke finally win the heart of Sonoko? No doubt, Kashiwabara Takashi will chose this drama as his favorite since he practically grew up while filming this series. It was a record of his growing up process.

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Trip to Kim Jong Kook Urban Entertainment's Sister company

It was out of curiosity that I joined Kim Jong Kook's fanclub - Papitus - last year. And well, one of the perks of joining a fanclub would be the surprises and little gifts. 2 months before my holiday to South Korea, I received a surprise message in Kakao Talk: it was an employee from Urban Entertainment who informed me that there was a gift for all international fans and because of the failed delivery (no one was home at the time) she was trying to arrange another timing to send the gift. But since I was going to Seoul, I figured I might as well go down to collect it myself (too bad Kookie was out of the country at the time to do promotions). 

So after a few exchanges of messages, it was decided that I was to get the gift directly from Urban Entertainment's sister company (which was in Seoul) at an agreed time and day. The person who was in contact with me, Jeonghwa, was very helpful and gave very detailed directions on how to get to the place.
Directions ^^
So with directions in hand, we (MX and I) made our way to the office building easily. Once we reached, we were greeted and the gift was passed to me. The gift consisted of:
  • folder with the image of Kookie 
  • Papitus membership card.
The gift!
The staff told me that it was a pity that Kim Jong Kook went for an overseas fanmeeting in Indonesia, therefore I could not meet him here. Anyway, I am glad to collect my gift. It was really nice of them to contact me and ensure that I got the welcome gift!

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Drama Queen pick: Favorite Japanese songs

1) Hikaru Utada

Hikaru Utada is the R&B ballad pop queen in Japan. She has produced many beautiful songs since her debut. There is a distinctive quality in her voice which attracted my attention. Her songs are very catchy and her singing technique is one of the best in Japan. 

Recommended songs: First Love, Can you keep a secret? 

2) Spitz

I have been listening to their music since the 90's. Spitz was formed by four Art students. The genres of their music were mainly influenced by The Beetles and this band has been working on their music for twenty over years now. Notably their music were often used for drama, movie or animie theme songs. The most popular song being their first single titled Sora mo Toberuhazu, which was the theme song for the popular Jdorama White Line.

Recommended songs: Sora mo Toberuhazu, Robinson

3) Luna Sea

Luna Sea was a very popular rock band in Japan. They formed their band around 1989 and suddenly disbanded in the new millennium. I like the vocalist Ryuichi who has a strong and distinctive voice. My favorite song of all time is - I for you. 

Recommended songs: I for you, Gravity

4) Speed

Japanese popular girlband Speed was wildly popular in the mid 90's and early 21th century. I still remembered them and even hemmed to their catchy tunes now. 

Recommended songs: Steady, My graduation, White Love

5) Do As Infinity

Do as infinity is a popular Japanese group that produced many hits and their albums even achieved platinum in sales. My personal favorite is week!. That is a fast and catchy rock song. Notably, this talented group wrote all of their songs too. 

Recommended songs: Week!, Fukai Mori (Deep forest)

6) SMAP 

SMAP is the evergreen Japanese boyband that is still active in the Entertainment industry. The most famous among them is King of Japanese Drama Takuya Kimura. They produced classic hits such as Lion Heart and Beyond the night sky that captured many hearts. 

Recommended songs: Beyond the night sky, Lion heart 

7) Mr Children

Mr Children formed their band in 1989. They have been very popular in Japan and their albums were one of the bestseller of all times. Their music send a great message of innocence, humanity and philosophy of life. Therefore, their music is popular for all ages. They were well known for writing meaningful lyrics and great music in Japan. It is difficult to choose my favorite since all of their songs were good. 

Recommended songs: Be Strong, Hanabi, Sign, 365 days

8) Chage and Aska

Chage and Aska is a legend in Japanese Music. They have great voices and their collaboration was simply classic. Their music were mostly sentimental ballads and they were strong in the delivery of their songs to the listeners. 

Recommended songs: Say Yes, Man and  Woman

9) Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki is the Queen of Jpop in Japan. She has a doll like princess appearance that attracted eyeballs. Most of the Japanese female singers have high pitched voice. She is no exception, but she is a fashion icon in Japan. There is a huge followers of her style in many countries in the 21th century. 

Recommended songs: Dearest, My All, M

10) Ken Hirai

Ken Hirai is a very popular singer in Japan. His voice is smoothing and sentimental. He is often mistaken as a foreigner but he claimed to be a pure Japanese. He is a low profile Japanese singer that is appreciated for his unique style. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest singer of all time. 

Recommended songs: Hitomi Wo Tojite (Only human), Boku Wa Kimi Ni Koi Wo Suru

11) Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro is a sexy, pretty and stylish Japanese singer. She has ruled the Japanese Pop industry for years. In my opinion, she does not have the high pitch voice that many female artises have. That is an advantage for her as a singer. 

Recommended songs: Can you celebrate? brighter day, Love story 

12) Chemistry

This R&B ballad duo came to the music scene with their smoothing music. They were known for creating their style of music that were considered as refreshing during that period of time. 

Recommended songs: Pierces of a dream, You go your way

13) Every little thing

Every Little Thing came to the music scene with a "bang!" They were immediately noticed for the vocalist sweet voice and their unique style of music videos. Their soft pop rock style of music were their signature. My favorite song is Shape of Love that is so full of energy. 

Recommended songs: Time goes by, My Will, Shapes of Love

14) Arashi

Arashi is a popular boyband in Japan. They seem to follow the steps of their senior SMAP. It is not a surprise since they are from Johnny's Entertainment . They make use of their youth and released many catchy and funky songs. 

Recommended songs: Love so sweet, One love

15) Kinki Kids

Kinki Kids are famous artises in Japan from Johnny's Entertainment. They were very popular in the 90s and 00's. They produced many old school music that was still remembered till today.

Recommended songs: Garasu no Shounen, Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga aru

16) Zard

Izumi Sakai the beautiful and talented lead vocalist of Zard passed away at an early age of 40. She was known for her beautiful singing vocal and her ability to write songs. Most of her songs were used for animie. 

Recommended songs: Oh my love, Goodbye my loneliness

17) Misia

Misia has the powerhouse vocal that many people admires. She is an established Japanese singer that is popular even till today. 

Recommended songs: Everything, Deepness

18) Boa

Boa is a Korean singer that had successfully ventured into the Japanese Music Industry. Her youthful and sweet image blended into the Music scene. This talented singer can hold her tune and dance on stage. Her concert performance were spectacular and she has since conquered the Japanese music scene. 

Recommended songs: Every heart, No 1

19) Kumi Koda

This sexy singer was known for her slutty image. Despite her fashion sense, she is a good singer. I like her slightly low and sexy voice. Everything about her is sensual and her every move always attracted attentions from the audiences. 

Recommended songs: Love me back, Moon Crying 

20) Kiroro

Kiroro is a musical duo that was active in the music scene in the late 90s. Their music was different from the other mainstream, R&B, rock music that dominated the market at that point of time. This musical duo offered something different from the rest with their simple folk ballad music. 

Recommended song: Mirae, Best friends

21) Mika Nakashima 

Mika Nakashima was famous for her role in the movie Nana. On top of that, she has a beautiful voice that attracted my attention. She projected an icy cool charisma that was intriguing to me. I love the song Yuki No Hana. 

Recommended song: Yuki No Hana, Glamourous Sky 

22) Yuzu

Yuzu is another alternative music in the Japanese Music scene. They are a folk pop group that proved to be sucessful in their own rights. They make it to the mainstream music and gave the audiences other choices in musical genres. 

Recommended songs: Story, Aitai

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【on.cc東網專訊】 韓國超人氣節目《Running Man》主持群劉在錫、池錫辰、李光洙、宋智孝和金鐘國首度來台舉辦見面會,劉在錫之前從未參加過任何RM見面會,他出席記者會時表示:「其實最大的原因是每周末都有錄影,行程y安排,但大家的心願都一樣,希望哪一天7個人都一起跟粉絲見面、問候他們。」




Korean popular Variety show Running Man MCs Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook attended the Fanmeeting Taiwan for the first time. While Yoo Jae Suk has never attended a fanmeeting before. At the press conference, he revealed that he hope to participate in the Fanmeeting. Unfortunately, due to his work schedule, he has to do recording at the studio during weekend. Therefore, he cannot attend the fan meeting. He said that it was everyone wishes to see the seven members in the fanmeet. 

National MC Yoo Jae Suk demostrated his amazing hosting skills during the press conference. Once he grab the microphone, he started to talk non-stop, leaving little breaks for the translator to translate his words. After he was asked to stop, he apologized to everyone and asked for understanding since he has many things to say. His fellow cast member Lee Kwang Soo revealed that Yoo Jae Suk is the most popular artise among them. The Chinese host jokingly asked if Yoo Jae Suk will run for president election? Ji Suk Jin jokingly said that Yoo Jae Suk will be selected as president but he don't have the capability in politics. He can only be a literature and art president. Yoo Jae Suk admitted that he does not have interest in politics, his greatest wish is to be a host and entertain everyone as long as he can. 

The production crew has specially prepared 101 shortcakes and make it into the shape of Taiwan global map model. During the moving of the model, some of the cakes collapsed. The Running Man cast help to clear the mess and apologized. They were thankful for the surprise present specially prepared for them. The Running Man cast projected friendliness without putting on any airs. They held on to their chinese nametag and posed for photography. 

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Things you got to know about Kashiwabara Takashi (Part 3)

11) The women in his life

These ladies were well known celebrities in Japan. Some of them were romantically involved with Kassy in the past, whereas the others were impressionable onscreen couple. Kassy mentioned that he will only date Japanese girl because there is no communication barrier. He prefer ladies that are natural and gentle. However, he admitted to liking sexy ladies when he was younger. His criteria for ideal woman has been getting higher as he grew older. 

Among these ladies, Kanno Miho was the most well known actress that was romantically involved with Kassy. She was widely known for cheating on Kassy with another man. Ironically, this third party was the photographer that shoot her bare all pictoral book. 

Hirosue Ryoko acted with Kassy in a few drama such as Shota No Sushi. They were rumoured to be dating before. In my opinion, the both of them were pretty compatible. 

Sato Aiko and Miki Sakai were his well known onscreen partner in Itazura Na Kiss and Love Letter respectively. Japanese movie Love Letter was a huge box office success and popular Jdorama Itazura Na Kiss propelled the both of them into stardom. Interestingly, they did not have spark with each other, despite their great chemistry onscreen. They were believed to be good friends with Kassy. 

Uchida Yuki starred in the 2001 drama Big Wing with Kassy. Prior to this drama, they were featured in a chocolate commercial when they first started out in the Entertainment industry. Despite knowing each other for years, there was'nt any romance between them. Furthermore, they have a significant life partner respectively in their life during that period of time. It was only till 2010, when both of them were divorce from their respective spouse then they begin their relationship. According to their management agency, they met again through mutual friends and started dating. 

12) Plagued with illnesses 

Takashi Kashiwabara was once diagnosed with serious migraine and shoulders problem. It had caused a lot of problems in his filming. Due to his health problems, he had to quit filming the drama Itsumo Futari de (Always the two of us). He only acted in the first two episodes of this drama before he had to quit and get himself hospitalized. That was a pity since he had so much potential in that drama. It could be a breakthrough drama for him in his acting career. Besides, that was a great character in the drama although it was a supporting role. I supposed Kassy was depressed over this issue too. After he recovered from his illnesses, apparently the producers were afraid that he will not be able to commit to filming because of his ill health. As a result, Kassy have to keep on reassuring the directors that he is alright now. 

13) A steadfast love that ended in a divorce

Hiroko Hatano acted in a minor role in Cupid's Arrow with Kashiwabra Takashi. They soon became an item while filming this drama. According to Kassy, he prefer ladies that are gentle and have their own dreams. He does not fancy ladies that pretend to be cute. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Kassy would date someone that is more matured than him. However, this love did not have the blessing of the people around them. Their management agencies tried to seperate them, fans were displeased with this relationship too. Hiroko Hatano ex-boyfriend is an influential figure in the entertainment circle, he was unhappy that Hatano had  left him for Kassy. Therefore, the couple were apparently kept "frozen" in the industry. However, the strong headed couple insisted to be together despite all the obstacles they have to face. When Kassy fall sick due to all the pressures, Hiroko stayed by his side to take care of him. Kassy was moved by her love and decided to marry her as he felt that it was his responsibility as a man. That sounds like a fairytale story, however this relationship was not meant to be. Despite their desire to be together, they have to face an unforeseen incident that will shatter their dreams. 

14) Punching incident that leads to his depression 

Takashi Kashiwabra was involved in a punching incident just when he is making a comeback in his acting career. Apparently when this incident happened, his wife was seated in the car. Kassy had a conflict with a middle aged man because he had parked his car at the roadside which hinders the other road users. Kassy had initially adviced the driver to be considerate and move his car away but it falls on deaf ears. In a fit of anger, Kassy lifted up his fist and punched the man on the head. He soon regretted his action but it was too late. 

Kassy held a press conference to publicly apologized to the victim and his family. He shaved his head bald and gave a formal bow to apologize. Unfortunately, the conservative Japanese society are not ready to accept and forgive a celebrity wrongdoing easily. He was charged in court and ordered to a pay fine. Subsequently, Kassy work schedule was also greatly affected by this incident. He was given minor roles in drama and it was difficult for him to bounce back to the entertainment industry. Gradually, he was frustrated with the lack of work opportunities. During an interview, he expressed his disappointment in the entertainment industry and will chose to quit Showbiz if this situation continues. 

This incident not only affected his work, it had caused a strain in his marriage too. He had depression during this period of time and wanted to be left alone. He mentioned that during this tough period of time, his gentle and matured wife has been supporting him by his side. Sadly, their marriage did not last long. In less than two years, the couple were officially divorce. 

Taiwanese media had speculated that his wife probably left him due to his bad temper and domestic violence. These rumors were not verified as there were no  evidence to proved that these rumors were true. Both Kassy and Hiroko parted ways in a peaceful manner, without either party speaking ill of each other. 

Soon, Hiroko was married to a soccer player. It was a shotgun marriage and she declared that she is going to start a happy family with her husband. On the other hand, Kassy had reduced his production in filming. 

15) Favorite sports - Soccer 

Kassy recalled that his happiest childhood memories was playing soccer with his father. Therefore, he gradually diverted his focus to playing soccer for his team. Being an "outdated" idol, he had decided to go back and does things that he enjoy doing. Many of his fans felt that it was a pity for Kassy to step out of the limelight. In my opinion, Kassy is not an ambitious person. He would rather live a simple but fulfilling life instead. 

16) Back to his feet and moving on 

Recently, Takashi Kashiwabara  mentioned that he plan to venture into the Chinese market. Some people said that it was too late and that it will be great if he choose to focus on his career in his twenties. In my opinion, Kassy is a person that does things on random without planning too much ahead. During his recent interview, he stated that he enjoyed the job of a scriptwriter. His first mircofilm - The Happy Plan was something of an experimental thing for him. Eventually, it proved that he does have a huge fan base in China. Although there were people that commented about his haggard look, I still think that Kassy has aged gracefully. 

I am glad that kassy took the steps to attend a variety show in China. In the past, he was seldom seen even on japanese variety show. Kassy always maintain a low profile and guarded his privacy very well. That was a little disadvantageous for an artise, however I think he will not change his personality and his way of doing things because that is the Kassy that we all know. He believed that it is more important to have people remembering him at his deathbed than having all the riches in the world. 

At least Kassy tried to connect to his fans through social media now. Recently, he opened his Weibo account in China but he seldom update his news. Despite that, I think it is great that Kassy have not totally give up his passion for acting. All the best, Kassy! 

Things you got to know about Kashiwarbara Takashi (Part 2)

6) Pictorial Biography books - The real Kassy

Takashi Kashiwabara was known for his squeaky clean image. His first pictoral biography that was released in Taiwan projected a boyish charm. As a result, he was called "Prince Charming" by his fans. 

During interviews, Kashiwabara Takashi acknowledged that in real life he is an unkempt person. He has a casual and wilful personality. As far as possible, he wanted to show everyone his true self instead of pretending to be somebody that he is not. He admitted that he had changed throughout the years. He will never have the same sparkles in his eyes from the time when he left his hometown to venture into the city in search of his dream. 

Kassy is a heavy smoker and he enjoys playing Japanese Mahjong. He also revealed that he like to read horse racing magazine and watch F1 car racing. However, he said that he does not gamble in these races. He think that there is nothing wrong with the game itself, the problem is that people used these games for evil intention. 

He confessed that he does not like to travel that much because of the shower head in the hotel room. He prefer strong water current gushing on him while bathing, therefore he will be dismayed if those shower head cannot be compared to the shower head in his house. 

7) Ideal Irie Naoki in writer Kaoru Tada eyes

Late writer Kaoru Tada used Masaharu Fukuyama as a model for her manga - Itazura Na Kiss. Many people said that Kaasy look like the younger version of him. That could be the reason why he was chosen to be Irie Naoki. According to Kaoru Tada, she was captured by Kassy charm in a drama where he acted as a killer. Kaoru Tada has been visiting the filming set and was secretly having a crush on Kassy. In my opinion, Kassy executed a depressed and cold expression in his eyes. However, Kassy in real life is pretty much different from his onscreen image. He actually has a cheerful and mischievous personality. 

8) The No'where in him 

Kashiwabara Takashi was the lead vocalist of Japanese alternative rock band 'Nowhere'. The band was made up of the guitarist who is his younger brother Shuji Kashiwabara, the drummer and bass guitarist are his friends. Both Takashi and Shuji contributed to the lyrics and music in No'where albums. Takashi Kashiwabara thought of this name because this band was formed without a music direction, they wanted to establish their style of music and No'where can be interpreted as Now here. Kassy tried to avoid the limelight because he wanted the focus to be on his brother and other band members. 

Their style of music was pretty much influenced by Kassy favorite Britpop - Oasis. During that time, not many people were ready to accept this type of European influence style of music in Asian context. Therefore, their music were considered as raw and mediocre in Japan. In contrast, their albums were met with great success in Taiwan. Critics and music reviews raved that the band had brought a breath of fresh air in the music industry. They have the potential to be further polished in their music style. 

Takashi Kashiwabara promoted No'where through this drama Rendevous. His character in this show was romantically involved with an older woman. What can I say except that I felt jealous and envious of that woman? Anyway, Kassy looked so innocent, fresh and adorable in this role. Get away from Kassy! Stop preying on him!!! Lol.. 

Unfortunately, No'where was disbanded after a few release which was a shame. It was unclear why No'where disband since Kassy and his brother mentioned to the press that they would like to concentrate on acting. There were also rumors of contract issue with their company. Anyway, it seems like Kassy was not that passionate about music afterall. It was known that Kassy agreed to join the band because of his younger brother Shuji. 

9) 20th century last pretty boy and its burden

Takahi Kashiwabara kick off his acting career as a pretty boy. He had mentioned before that he did not like to be labelled as the last pretty boy of the century. That was a burden to him because the audience were only concerned about his appearance and not his acting skills. He wanted to be recognized as an actor rather than an idol. Sadly, he was not given much opportunity to prove his talent in acting. Despite having a remarkable start in his career, unfortunately he was met with lots of setbacks later on in his acting career. 

10) Famous supporting actor in Jdorama 

Sometimes success depends on Lady Luck too. Unfortunately for some reasons, Kassy acting career was not as smooth sailing as one thought despite the initial success. He was often not given a main role in a drama although he has the capability of attracting viewership. Sometimes, the script that he or his management agency picked was not that favorable to him as an actor. He was always playing roles that were either insignificant or being casted as a 'beautiful vase' in a drama. 

Kassy had always wanted to break free from the public impression of him. He wanted to be free from the norm that people created for him throughout these years. The free spirit in him refused to fit into that particular mould. He does not want to be stereotype in idol drama and chooses to take on challenging role instead. As a result, he played many types of characters in his acting career but none of it surpass his former success. 

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