Funny moments… Happy moments… Sweet moments… As long as they are sweet by our definition, you will find them here! Welcome to Everything Sweet a place where we (digitally) encapsulate the shows watched and why we liked them; looking back at those sweet (memorable or not) moments.


Enjoys watching dramas and movies in her spare time. Would love to get invited to concerts, who wouldn't? But till than... Someone trying to figure out what she likes... It's a growing phase. She started this site as an archive for all the dramas and movies she has enjoyed and watched, wanting to encapsulate those enjoyable moments. Overtime, DramaQueen was invited to help add that extra bit of drama and excitment to Everything Sweet. iceprinxess also blogs and tweets about her travels elsewhere.


Someone who is interested (bordering fascination) about TV dramas (in her spare time). Goes through her own phases of what type of dramas she is into at a given point of time (it is Running Man at the moment and a BIG fan of Kim Jong Kook). Her English might not be perfect (her Chinese is much better) so please bear with her grammar as she brings her world to you and tries to convince you that it's good for you. 

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