Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A glimpse at the real SE7EN

The Korean heartthrob let his hair down and chilled with xinmsn for a quick interview, where he let us in on his upcoming album and even his restaurant in Korea.

Text & Photos: Joelle Chong
Known for his on-stage presence and strong charisma, we were taken by surprise when Korean singer Choi Dong-wook (better known by his stage name SE7EN) turned out to be a friendly and fun guy to be with.

Set to perform at the World Runway Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011 -- a fashion contest event -- xinmsn sat down with Se7en backstage, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for a 10-minute interview.

It took some time for the singer to warm up to us; but when he eventually did, the interview breezed by in a cacophony of laughter.

Prior to his performance, we quizzed Se7en -- who answered all our questions in fluent English -- on one fashion accessory he cannot live without. With no favourites, the singer had a difficult time deciding, choosing from rings to necklaces, before quipping "sunglasses". Just when we thought he had made up his mind, Se7en chuckled and said, "I don't know!"

However, the 27-year-old admitted to having a large collection of sunglasses, which should not come as a surprise since they have always been part of his fashion ensemble.



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