Monday, October 24, 2011

Jerry Yan's visit to Hong Kong for his future movie

Jerry Yan, Taiwan's super idol arrived in Hong Kong on October 23 after he had received CETV's 2011 Annual Asia Popularity Award in Dalian. The purpose of his trip to Hong Kong has purported to be for the preparation for his big screen project later this year.

He arrived at around 6 pm dressed casually with facial mask and cap. He was accompanied by his assistants. Upon his arrival,  there were close to hundred fans waiting to welcome him outside the restricted area. Jerry had earlier  injured his right hand during a basketball game in Taiwan, so his fingers were stilled bandaged. As he passed through the crowd, Jerry's fans were handing him gifts with care not to further injure his hand.

It took some time  for Jerry and his entourage to find the parking lot, indicating that they were not too familiar with Hong Kong. Jerry indicated that he was intending to stay for 2 or 3 days to discuss his future project.

In addition, Jerry said he is looking forward to the premiere of “My Wonderful Life" in Shanghai on 22 November 2011as his character is different from his previous ones. He also mentioned that he is eager to watch his new MTV for the theme song of "My Wonderful Life" which debuted recently on the internet.

When asked about Lin Chi Ling's reported new relationship, he replied that they were simply just friends.



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