Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cyndi Wang to address accusations at press conference

Following Sonia Sui's confession of her breakup with Yao Yuan Hao last Thursday, Cyndi Wang, who is accused to be the third party, will be addressing the media at a press conference today. Swarmed by reporters at the airport on Saturday when the singer returned to Taiwan from Hong Kong, Cyndi made no clarifications on the rumours while her company expressed that they will address the matter today.

The 29-year-old posted on her microblog some time ago in which she wrote, "The one who gets hurt is always the one who refuses to let go," leading to speculations that she was referring to the couple. In response, Cyndi's manager wrote on the singer's Facebook, expressing that "Regarding all the rumours, we [the management] should explain the situation for her [Cyndi], and we can only say it on our official website."

Meanwhile, Yuan Hao's manager clarified the rumours surrounding why Sonia and Cyndi were using the same design of plates. He shared that the actor was depressed when he was dumped by Sonia last year and many of his friends "went to Yuan Hao's place to accompany him," hinting that Cyndi had been at the 30-year-old's residence previously.

Yuan Hao responded in a phone interview on Friday night that he "wasn't happy after reconciling [with Sonia] a year ago" but he did not want "to see her get hurt". He added that he is "unhappy to see negative reports about Sonia."



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