Sunday, September 15, 2013

DramaQueen Pick: Kim Jong Kook Best Collaboration songs

Kim Jong Kook seldom collaborate with other artise in his music career and those were the precious moments that he worked with others on a particular song. While waiting for his OST for Good Doctor to be released on 16 September, enjoy the music. :)

1) All for you
kim Jong Kook and Mikey
They collaborated in this song a few years after Turbo was disband. It was touching and refreshing to see their collaboration in this project as both of them had grown matured over the years and their music direction is different from Turbo days. After years of working together, they had developed a special chemistry with each other. This buddies became season artistes and had their growth individual which we can hear from this song. Wished that they could have work together again.:)

2)Words I want to say to you
kim Jong kook, Gary, Haha
I admit that this is my bias as I really like the bromance between them. Kim Jong Kook and the Two Kids. I like their different styles blend in together in a song. It might sound a little messy and all over the place, especially when there are three voices in a song. Particularly Haha reggae style was overpowering, but I think it was a great attempt for them to work together. It was not an easy feat to have rap, reggae and ballad style in a song.
3) Only the Wind
kim Jong Kook, SG Wannabe

They were considered one of the best korean singers of all times. During the early 20's this group of singers were very popular and well received for their great vocals.

4) You know everything
Kim Jong Kook and Soya
How nice it is to have both uncle and niece collaborating in a song. Kim Jong Kook seldom collaborate with other artise but Soya has the honor to do so as his niece. Both of them have great chemistry and their voices complement each other. Kookie is the vetern singer and Soya is a fresh artise with her own style.

5) Come back to me again
Kim Jong Kook, Gary
I like this song very much. Gary and Kim Jong Kook complement each other very well. Gary does well in rapping and Kim Jong Kook does well in the chorus. Both of them deserved a pat on their shoulders for delivering a master piece.
6) Man also feel sad
Kim Jong Kook featuring Mighty Mouth
I heard that they know each other for a long time. His Niece Soya also collaborated with them in music. Therefore, I was anticipating this song. It was good and I like Mighty Mouth unique style of rap.


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