Sunday, May 24, 2015

Takashi Kashiwabara: Which is your favorite character?

Takashi Kashiwabara has been working in the Japanese entertainment industry for many years. There were quite a number of memorable role which he brought to life in the Jdorama. Which is your favorite character and why? 


1) Movie: Love Letter 

Role: Itsuki Fujii 

Character: Shy, introvert, stubborn 

Heart breaking scene: Itsuki Fujii drew the picture of female Itsuki Fujii at the library. In the end, she found out about it. 

Favourite scene: Itsuki Fujii read a book near the window curtain.

Introduction: Do you remember Kassy debut movie Love Letter? The cute and charming boy that was secretly in love with the female protagonist? I admitted that I cried when I first watched the movie. It was such a touching story about first crush and the feeling of regret. Kassy looked so dashingly handsome and beautiful at the same time. I was astonished by his well defined features and attractive charisma. 


2) Drama: Hakusen Nagashi White Line

Role: Hasebe Yusuke

Character: introvert, studious, smart, enjoy photography 

Heart breaking scene: He is a pitiful second lead in the drama. It feel sad that he is always rejected by the female lead. 

Favorite scene: I feel my heart beating fast when he almost kissed Sakai Miki!

Introduction: This drama series was on air for a few years due to its popularity. This is the first time I rooted for a second lead to get together with the girl. However, I am still satisfied with the ending of the story. 

3) Drama: Itazura Na Kiss 

Role: Irie Naoki

Character: Cool and aloof appearance, with a hidden warm heart. Mean and sarcastic to Kotoko, but has a soft spot for her. Shy, playful and showed intolerance towards Kotoko, but he will secretly help her in times of needs. 

Heart breaking scene: The scene where Irie Naoki  deserted Kotoko and attended the Christmas Party with Reiko. I am a little unhappy about the unexplained relationship with the second female lead Reiko. I know she tried means and ways to manipulated Naoki Irie but never once capture his heart. There should be a scene whereby Naoki Irie reject her love formally. 

Favourite scene: There are simply too many favourite scene. I love the part where Naoki Irie dashed out of his house to chase after Kotoko.  

Introduction: This is the drama that propelled Kashiwabara Takashi to stardom. He became the hottest issue in Asia at that time. It is just a pity that there is no sequel to this popular drama. 

4) Drama: Shota No Sushi 
Role: Sekiguchi Shota

Character: Gullible, Kind, innocent, cute, talented, hardworking, Cheerful
Heart breaking scene: When Shota cried after his failure. I really rooted and cheered for his character to win in life. 

Favourite scene: Many comical moment with Shota and the way he pursue the art of foods. Those yummy sushi and dishes!!! 

Introduction: I like the cute and humorous Kassy, that was at times silly. Kassy is a talented actor that makes me laugh and cried with him. 


5) Drama: Big Wing

Role: Takeshi Kuriyama

Character: Humble, Down to earth

Heart breaking scene: Almost none since it was a comedy romance drama. 

Favourite scene: Whenever Kumiko caused trouble, he will help to resolve the matter.

Introduction: Takashi Kashiwabara is again "tortured" by the female lead. I think that is just his fate in drama. 


6) Drama: Itsumo Futari de (Always the two of us)

Role: Okuda Naoyuki

Character: cheeky, playful, cheerful, humorous, fun

Heart breaking scene: Episode 3 onwards when Kassy left the cast due to illness.

Favourite scene: Whenever Kassy is onscreen.

Introduction: I love Kassy so much in this drama. Unfortunately, he could not continue with this outstanding role.  

7) Drama: Shukumei

Role: Wagura Yusaku

Character: Depressed, troubled, manly 

Heart breaking scene: When Wagura Yusaku realized that his brother had married his first love.

Favourite scene: Whenever Takashi Kashiwabara and Fujiki Naohito appeared onscreen.

Introduction: I love those depressed and soulful eyes! Takashi Kashiwabara is the master of using his eyes to convey his emotions. Those moments when he appeared to be deep in thoughts, attracted my attention. 

8) Drama: Honey and Clover

Role: Takumi Nomiya
Character: Intelligent, matured, charming 

Heart breaking scene: When he did not get together with the woman that he love. I feel pitiful for him every time he pretended to be alright when he is hurt. 

Favourite scene: When Kassy is focused on his work. 
Introduction: Kassy acted as a workaholic and charming man. I love how he is always there for the woman that he love.

9) Drama: Celeb to Binbo Taro

Role: Tsuksa Gotoda
Character: Scheming, sophisticated, princely

Heart breaking scene: When the secret was revealed that Gotoda was forced to leave Alice by her stepmother.

Favourite scene: Gotoda playing piano and wearing a suit. Oh gosh! Everytime he appears onscreen, my heart goes to him.

Introduction: Gotoda is never a true villain to begin with. I don't detest him but feel sorry for him instead. Takashi Kashiwabara tried to project a bad boy image. He seldom act as villain and this is the first time he act as a not so evil villain.


10) Drama: The happy plan

Role: Zhi Yan

Character: Anti-social, introvert, sophisticated 

Heart breaking scene: Zhi Yan sad childhood.

Favourite scene: When Takashi read the book with his leg crossed. Someone use the fan to blow the wind on him now!

Introduction: This is a microfilm and the screenwriter is none other than Takashi Kashiwabara. The storyline is simple and lacking but it is worth all the wait just to watch Kassy onscreen. 


  1. i love everything of him <3 ^_^

  2. Ilove him in whatever he is. Everything in him is the best thing i have ever see.. I always pray to God for his best. And I always pray so that i can meet him and live with him forever no matter what happen.. I miss You Takashi Kashiwabara. :)

  3. every single one love him!!!!!

  4. Hello. Where do you usually download the old drama such as Shota no Sushi (King of Sushi) with English subtitles? Thanks in advance.

    1. and type in Shota no Sushi.