Friday, May 13, 2022

Getting the Nintendo Switch and Fitness Boxing 2

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After my first purchase for a Nintendo Switch Lite last year, it was time to upgrade and share the games with family and friends (that’s just me convincing myself). 

With the covid situation and all the circuit breakers and heightened alerts (essentially varying degrees of lockdowns in Singapore), I realized that I hardly went out and exercised as much anymore. That said, I kind of stumbled across games such as Fitness Boxing, Fitness Boxing 2, and Fitness Adventure. 
Now there was a valid excuse, I mean reason to get the Switch, as well as getting the mom and dad up and about and moving as well to the games.

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Switch and the pretty case
Fitness Boxing 2 & accessories

Did I mentioned that it was even more propelling to get one as there was the double date sales? 6.6 just happened to be around the corner, and some of the deals on the shopping platforms last all the way till 7.7

Note: Of course, I did notice a couple of sellers updating their prices before the sales to create an impression that there was a discount of sorts as well. So, you really have to check beforehand and know what average price of the items is before you check out, and not get swayed by the big discount numbers.
The Nintendo Switch in Singapore used to cost around S$350, but ever since the global shortage, prices have shot up as high as S$700 locally. Now (at the time of this posting), depending on the design of the Nintendo Switch (e.g. grey, red/blue, animal crossing etc…), on average the price might range between S$439.00 - S$529.00 locally.

After some research, across the various shopping platforms like Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10, Lazada had the most price competitive offer at S$422.50. Including the 6.6 vouchers and the credit card promotions, I managed to get it for just S$368! So it’s definitely a happy buy.

The same seller is also on Shopee and the same item is going for S$429 So ultimately it really depends on the vouchers and coins that you have on either platform in order to get the most benefit. Timing is also key (and quite a bit of effort too).

If you are not willing to pay that much in one go, both Lazada and Shopee also offer paying in installments. Shopee has more credit card options then Lazada, but as long as you have the credit card you can just opt to pay by installment for either 6 or 12 months (just so you don’t feel the pinch so much).

For the Fitness Boxing 2 game, it was cheaper on Shopee at the time, and it was from Korea. Delivery was not that long (about a week or so), but still worth it for a brand new piece for less than $60.


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