Saturday, February 23, 2008

Goong (Princess Hours)

Goong (Princess Hours), adapted from a manhwa of similar name by Park So-Hee, is set in an alternate 21 century where there is still a royal family in Korea, and revolves around the lives of the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, and his new bride , Chae-Kyeong.

The story begins when Lee Shin’s father’s health being very weak and due to this very grim prospect, the royal family hurries to get Lee Shin married. However, Shin already has a girlfriend whom he proposed to, and was rejected. So Shin ends up marrying Chae-Kyeong and their story begins…. Despite feeling nothing for Chae-kyeong initially, love eventually blossoms between them. more>>

This show has it's sweet moments. A must watch if you're a romantic at heart, I guess. although only towards the end of the series are the sweet moments. On the whole it was a good watch.


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