Sunday, March 01, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 13

Delightful/Sassy Girl Choon-Hyang > Episode 13 [Watch it]

Mong-ryong's mother visits him at Chun-hyang's place and is unhappy to see her son washing clothes. She becomes livid when Mong-ryong speaks up for Chun-hyang.

Back at home, Mong-ryong's mother insists that her husband make their son return home. However, Mong-ryong's father believes that Chun-hyang is the only one that can turn their son into a better person. To prevent her son from suffering further, Mong-ryong's mother agrees to give Chun-hyan the money they prepared for her studies.

Mong-ryong's parent hand over the money to Chun-hyang's mother without her knowledge. Chun-hyang opens an accessories shop, and keeps her word, giving Hak-do her first piece of work in the shop. Mong-ryong is upset.

Chae-rin and her friends turn up at Chun-hyang's shop. Chae-rin wants Chun-hyang to put a photo of her and Mong-ryong into a necklace. Mong-ryong gets angry. He tells Chae-rin that he will not allow Chun-hyang to get hurt. Chae-rin retorts that she will never let a woman like Chun-hyang take Mong-ryong away from her.

Chae-rin asks Hak-do yo help her break up Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong. Hak-do asks Chun-hyang to work together with Chae-rin to mass-produce the necklaces she has designed. initially unwilling, Chung-hyang agrees to sign the contract for the sake of money.

Mong-ryong cooks a meal for Chun-hyang, but Chae-rin and Hak-do use work as an excuse to keep Chun-hyang i nthe office. Chun-hyang learns that it was Mong-ryong's parents who provided the money for her shop.

Chae-rin asks v to go to her office, deliberately letting Chun-hyang see them in an intimate position. Chun-hyang refuses to believe Mong-ryong when he declares that she is the one he loves.

She is moved when she sees the food that Mong-ryong has prepared for her. However, their relationship is starting to drain Chun-hyang. The next morning, Mong-ryong gets upset when he sees Hak-do driving Chun-hyang to the shop. Next>>


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