Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 8

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At the ski resort in order to get Mong-ryong's attention, Chae-rin pretends to be injured. Giving Chun-hyang no opportunity to tell Mong-ryong about her financial difficaulties. Also Hak-do learns about Mong-ryong and Chae-rin's relationship.

While Mong-ryong goes to buy medicine for the "injured" Chae-rin, Chae-rin takes this opportunity to tell Chun-hyang that Mong-ryong has always liked her and that she intends to accepts his love.

When Dan-hee gets confessed to, Chung-hyang decides to tell Mong-ryong how she feels about him. She is stunned to see him kissing Chae-rin. Hak-do drags her away and consoles her.

Chae-rin tells Mong-ryong that she has decided to accept his love for her, and lies that she has gained Chun-hyang's approval. Mong-ryong assumes that Chun-hyang has been trying to tell him that she wants to break up with him.

Mong-ryong confronts Chun-hyang, and Chun-hyang is infuriated with him for bringing Chae-rin along, and wnats to break up with him. Disappointed, Mong-ryong leaves with Chae-rin.

Chun-hyang faints when she reaches home, and so Mong-ryong's father calls Mong-ryong, only to have Chae-rin answer the phone. Chae-rin says that she will pass the message to Mong-ryong, but she has not intention of doing so.

Chun-hyang is moved when Mong-ryong's father takes care of her all night. This is when Mong-ryong's father learns that she is upset over Chae-rin and has broken up with Mong-ryong. Mong-ryong happens to overhear the conversation and assumes that Chun-hyang really wants to leave him.

As Chun-hyang has trouble paying the rent, she leaves for Seoul to look for her mother. Leaving Mong-ryong's home in the process. Mong-ryong's mother learns that Chun0hyang has insisted on paying her own school fees. Next>>

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