Monday, November 23, 2009

The relationship between Angela Zhang and her parents is still salvageable

Source : Media Corp

Plagued with ongoing rumours of familial discord, Angela Chang admits that they still needs time to settle their issues with each other

In an interview with Taiwanese actress-singer Angela Chang, commented on her ongoing family fight, “Regardless of what happens, these things should be handled personally by me. It does not really affect my work.”

Angela’s management company decided to halt promotional activities for her latest and sixth music album, Fifth Season, after the discord between the singer and her parents grew out of control. The 27-year-old was accused by her parents for abandoning them, and Angela once public said that the relationship between mother and daughter have reached ‘the end’.

“It needs time. There is a need to communicate properly during this period of time. Perhaps it wasn’t done well in the past. However no matter what happens, I should still try and attempt to handle it.”
When the singer was probed further about salvaging her relationship with her parents, she said, “I prefer to handle it myself. I would rather not talk about this part.”

“I have always placed emphasis on my family. My family is very important.”

The Taiwanese pop singer migrated to Canada when she was 12 years old. She bore the burden of supporting her family after her father was diagnosed with a heart problem when she turned 15 and took on two jobs washing cars and delivering lunchboxes.

She returned to Taiwan when she was 16 year old and began to focus her sights on the music industry. Looking back on her past 10 years in showbiz, she poignantly said, “In the process of singing, I gained a lot and lost equally as much. I lost my freedom and my private matters are under public scrutiny.”

“Many things happen in life. Despite of how much I’ve experienced, the most important is to be supported by your family and friends. They will always be protective of you all the time, even in your setbacks.”

The petite singer shared on her siblings’ opinion of her, “If they love me, they will support me in the things I do, in the things I love. Despite of the choice I make, they will always be supportive of me.”

“I am thankful to my brother and sister for accompanying me. Their mobility has allowed me to feel their warmth… After going through so much, the ones who have been with you at the end of things are the ones who love you and are most supportive of you. It is very hard to meet family members who are devoted to you.”

After resting for a period of time, the rejuvenated idol expressed, “I am very happy to have time to rest and recuperate. There is new meaning in my life. After resting, I feel rejuvenated.”


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