Monday, November 23, 2009

Xiao Zhu helps his mother celebrate her birthday by spending over $1 Million NT on a worldwide trip

Source China Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) planned out a 21 day worldwide trip to help celebrate his mother's 51st birthday. During the 20 day visit she pleaded that she would not be able to speak English and would get lost, insisting that she would rather not go out of the country to have fun, laughing he said "you save all your money, but in the end you will leave it all to me, I don't need it!". In the end he suggested "An exclusive tour guide, spending money for each country and also accompanying her to play in Hawaii" with the 3 criteria she finally agreed, it is estimated the around the world trip will cost close to $1 Million NT, showing that he really is a filial son.

Before going to dance practice last night, Xiao Zhu met with his mother to celebrate her birthday by eating Japanese cuisine, because he has been busy shooting his drama "Hi My Sweetheart" and also had other oversea events, mother and son had not seen each other for 3 months. She even complained that she could only see him over the TV, hearing this Xiao Zhu immediately laid his head on his mother's shoulders and complimented that she had become thinner and younger, looking no more than 31 years old. Using his sweet talk he was able to stop his mother's complaints.

Being extremely considerate, he orders a cake suitable for diabetics
Last year Xiao Zhu gave his mother a big red pocket to celebrate her 50th birthday, this year using new tricks he said he had to rack his brains to think of a present to give, since he had already done all the things that his father had not done in the past. His mother cannot speak English but since he was in New York in April this year he had half a month of experience to learn the language, but he also emphasized that body language can be used all over the world.

He pre-ordered a cake and also desserts suitable for diabetics, last year due to diabetes there was a period of time his mother was critically ill in hospital, but she can now be at ease and eat the birthday cake at her heart's content. Teasing the extremely happy Xiao Zhu she made a wish for her son to grow more successful at work so he can earn more money for her to spend.

Punishing Xiao S, he puts her head under his armpit
Previously Xiao Zhu was in Hangzhou participating in Kangxi grand ceremony, because Xiao S loves punishing the male celebrities, wearing a vest he deliberately sprayed perfume under his armpits and once he got onto the stage he lifted up his arm and put Xiao S's head right under his armpit, it wasn't until Xiao S cried out "I can almost eat your (armpit) hair" that he let her go.


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