Friday, December 11, 2009

Momo Love Episode 1

Momo Love > Momo Love Episode 1
Being the youngest amongst 5 older siblings and the only girl, Tao Hua has always been protected and pampered by her older brothers ever since she was young. Her 4 elder brothers (Qi, Chen, Zhuan, He) are not only talented, but their love for their sister has caused complications in her life because they simply love her too much. They force their younger brother, closest in age to Tao Hua, Yu Yi, to keep watch a close watch on their sister and report back if there are any suspicious characters hanging around Tao Hua.

Tao Hua's 4 older brothers' love and protection of her is beyond anyone's imagination; as soon as they find out that a guy wants to pursue Tao Hua, they would immediately warn the guy. If that guy chooses to ignore the warning, they will be given a "punishment of love" because there is no way that the brothers would allow just any guy to get close to their most beloved sister.

Tao Hua,oblivious to her brothers' actions, has not been brave enough to have any hope of love again because every time a guy confesses his love for her, they never appear in front of her ever again. As a result, she can't help but think that either those guys regret confessing their love to her or they probably didn't really like her...

One day, as the 4 older brothers were going about their usual business, preventing guys from getting near Tao Hua, it began to rain very heavily when Tao Hua was on her way home alone. She stood at the bus stop completely drenched, not knowing what to do. At this time, a bus comes along and Shi Lang, wearing his MP3 earphones gets off. Seeing Tao Hua in such a difficult situation, without a word, he gives her his umbrella, turned around and left, getting soaked by the rain...

As Shi Lang makes his way across the street, the sight of his back getting soaked by the rain suddenly gives Tao Hu a warm feeling and very touched; her face displays the indescribable fluttering in her heart, with a smile of slight bliss slowly emerging...

Wanting to renovate Tao Hua's room, the four brothers reduced the youngest brother Yu Yi's room to a narrow storeroom. Despite Yu Yi being angry and protested against his brothers, he moved into the storeroom in the end because "older brother loving younger sister is an older brother's only responsibility" (actually he surrendered to his older brothers' bullying).

Tao Hua encourages Yu Yi to approach their older brothers and fight for his rights, but in the end Yu Yi gives up the struggle because he knows that ever since Tao Hua was born, the only value for existence Yu Yi, who is closest in age to Tao Hua, is to sacrifice and devote himself to Tao Hua no matter what. If he has any complaints whatsoever, the only thing he'll get in return is to be beaten up by his brothers.

One day, finally unable to tolerate the other brothers' biased treatment, Yu Yi decides to leave home in protest. However, during this 7th time that Yu Yi leaves home in silent protest, Tao Hua once again meets that guy Shi Lang who makes her heart beat endlessly... Next>>


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