Thursday, December 24, 2009

Momo Love Episode 2

Momo Love > Momo Love Episode 2
Tao Hua develops a crush on Shi Lang, and hallucinates about him: she sees him in everyone and everywhere in school. She even resorts to stalking him by going to his school. As a result, she gets mistaken as one of the new members who wants to join the judo club.

The students in the judo club soon recognize Tao Hua as the girl with the 4 notorious brothers who would go to any lengths to keep guys away from their precious sister. On her way out of Shi Lang's school, she gets confronted by the guys in the judo club. Shi Lang comes to her rescue.

While leading Tao Hua away from the school, as Shi Lang tells Tao Hua off, she almost gets hit by a bus, but he saves her. However, this results in a chain reaction, and a line of cars are implicated.

Tao Hua's brothers get wind of her accident and demand to know what happen. From then on, they start to plan to make life miserable for Shi Lang.

Subsequently she has to duel with Shi Lang for a friendly judo match. This friendly match ends up with both Tao Hua and Shi Lang kissing by accident, when Tao Hua trips ove Shi Lang. After this incident, Shi Lang tells Tao Hua to not bother him anymore, and her brothers resort to sending her overseas for studies to forget Shi Lang... Next>>


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