Friday, January 15, 2010

Fahrenheit gives away "scented towels", makes 80-year old grandmothers go crazy

Source: UDN
Translated by: alee @ CpopAccess

Idol group Fahrenheit is promoting their concert DVD and held an autograph session. They signed thousands of DVDs until their hands were sore, and even their crew had to help massage the hands of the singers/actors. Calvin Chen joked, “I am so tired of signing I don’t even want to use a credit card anymore!” At their year-end banquet, the members each donated at least $50,000 NT, explaining that they had promised that the more DVDs sold the more they would donate. After a staggering 50,000 DVDs were sold, they were happy to match that amount by their donations.

Fahrenheit held autograph sessions on the 9th in Tainan and Taizhong. They took the recently constructed high-speed rail, and fans closely followed, with over 300 fans buying tickets for the high-speed rail in order to ride with their idols and give them gifts. As a result, it caused a great deal of confusion and traffic at the rail station, and the conductors struggled to control the commotion. Jiro Wang constantly reminded the fans to be careful of their safety and not to cause trouble for the other passengers.

At their event, Fahrenheit prepared heat packs and exclusive Fahrenheit towels to give away to lucky fans. After the four finished performing, they accidentally wiped their sweat with the towels that were meant to be given to the fans. It turns out that the fans didn’t care, and even preferred, these “scented” towels as they frantically clamored to grab the towels being thrown to them. One particularly special recipient was an 80-year old grandmother, who was given Wu Chun’s towel by the kind-hearted fan who originally caught it. When the elderly fan received the towel, she couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

Since they rarely have the opportunity to take a vacation during the New Year, Fahrenheit is excited for the short break and the upcoming year’s activities and hope all goes well. Wu Chun plans to take the opportunity to rest, but the youngest of the group, Arron Yan, said, “I hope to be able to go to Los Angeles and see Kobe Bryant play.” Jiro has chosen to reunite with his family, and plans to go vacation abroad with his mother. Calvin and Arron’s delayed idol drama, “Love Buffet”, will finally be re-shooting this year, and Calvin prays that he will have an excellent performance and also have good opportunities for new projects.


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