Monday, January 25, 2010

Tooth Fairy

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After the success of THE GAME PLAN, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) returns to family comedy with this film that has the brawny ex-wrestler forced to be a tooth fairy. Kids and parents alike will surely giggle at the thought of The Rock in a tutu. Ashley Judd costars, with Michael Lembeck (THE SANTA CLAUSE 2) at the helm.

The starts off with Dwayne being a well-known hockey player who is known as the "Tooth Fairy": because he takes down his opponents by literally knocking the teeth out of them. He has the habit of being cynical, and crushing the dreams of young children, so he is also known as a "dream-killer".

Due to certain circumstances, he gets summoned to be a tooth fairy, and that is where the fun begins. It was hilarious seeing The Rock in a pink tutu!

The story overall had a satisfactory ending, although it started off a little too slow for my liking. It was after he was a tooth fairy that the story started to pick up. The morale of the story is simple: dreams are important and can lead to be things, so never stop believing.

However, don't expect a complicated or a fairly developed storyline. It might be a tad too simple for today's savvy conscious movie goers. But it is a show for a good laugh, simple and funny. Great to watch with children too.


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