Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue Lan tells Ella to grow up

Source : UDN
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The stars of Down With Love and P.S. Man have been working overtime to promote their dramas. Both shows will return to the ratings battle this Sunday, but before they do that, their battle of words continues with the latest response from Blue Lan.

Down With Love’s Ella recently joked that Blue Lan didn’t have time to watch other dramas because he was busy saving the ratings for his own show. In true P.S. Man style, Blue Lan replied back by saying, “After so many years, (she) should learn to be more mature.” He added, “(I) hope we can have a healthy competition, and support each other.”

Competition aside, the P.S. Man revealed that he has actually known Ella for over 10 years. The two also collaborated in the 2002 idol drama Magical Love. Ella was rumored to have a “crush” on Blue Lan after she gave him her first on-screen kiss. In response, Blue Lan said, “I didn’t really want it either!” Ella explained on the set of new music video that she was only trying to get his attention, and she hopes they can work together in the future.

On a more serious subject, Xiao Xiao Bin has been taking the blame lately for the ratings of both dramas. Apparently, some media outlets questioned if the significant drop in ratings (from Autumns’s Concerto to P.S. Man) was due to the child star's over-exposure. Blue Lan came to Bin's defense, “It’s our responsibilities as adults. There is no need to talk about numbers with children. They should have a happy childhood, and turn their experience from acting into happy memories.” As for the recent Ethan Ruan nightclub controversy, Blue Lan said the producers of P.S. Man have originally asked him to take an internship at a *nightclub. After further negotiations, he eventually only visited a few “regular” nightclubs instead.


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