Monday, March 22, 2010

Nodame Cantible: The Movie

Chiaki (Hiroshi Tamaki) has just won the prestigious Platini International Music Competition leading to his being named new conductor for the Le Marlet Orchestra. Despite having a storied tradition and the place where Chiaki's mentor, Herr Streseman, got his start, Chiaki finds to his great dismay nothing more than a ragtag group of lackluster musicians with no unity or desire. The orchestra has fallen on hard times, with financial cutbacks leading to less rehearsals, smaller and smaller audiences and dwindling patrons plus an uncooperative concertmaster who throws Chiaki into despair.

Meanwhile, Nodame (Juri Ueno) spends her days steeped in piano practice. Along with friends Frank (Eiji Wentz), Tania (Becky) and Kuroki (Seiji Fukushi), all are pinning their hopes on passing a tough examination for promotion at their music conservatory. When Chiaki asks Nodame to perform with his orchestra as celesta for Ravel's Bolero, she is beside herself with joy... until circumstances lead to her giving way to gifted pianist, Rui (Yu Yamada). Nodame is crushed, but suppresses her shock, allowing her heartfelt yearning to see Chiaki succeed take precedence. Matters are further complicated when a horrible fate strikes Chiaki and his roughly-hewn Marlet Orchestra prior to their first performance.

Will Chiaki be able to revive a broken down orchestra and launch his musical career? And what will become of Nodame and Chiaki's relationship? Are they beginning to drift apart? The answers lie in the dramatic conclusion of Nodame Cantabile The Movie I & II.


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