Monday, March 15, 2010

Van Ness takes over Vic's role with the help of God

Source : UDN
Credit : fufu @

Due to change in Director and problems with the script, “The Killer Never Kills” project was put on hold. As reported previously, although Vic Chou has waited two months for the project, he will no longer be participating in it. Rumors say that Eddie Peng and Mike He were interested in taking over the project, but just yesterday, it was announced that the devoted Christian Van Ness Wu will be the one taking over the role.

Van Ness’ popularity skyrocketed after the smash hit idol drama, “Autumn’s Concerto,” which also crowned him the King in ratings. Van Ness reportedly received ten drama and three movie offers, but it has been confirmed that he will be taking up the “Killer Never Kills” project, which will resume its filming by the end of the month. Although Van Ness previously indicated that he would concentrate working on his upcoming album, he loved the character in “Killer” too much, so he accepted the role. In fact, Vic also recommended Van Ness to Film Mall, the movie production company, because he believes that Van Ness’ “gentle” appearance matches the role very well.


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