Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mainland China steals idols' fame, claims Wu Zun advertises circumcisions

Source: Nownews
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Celebrity spokesperson fees often reach an outrageous 7 figure number, but if you "borrow their image", then it's free! Recently, netizens have found that a Mainland clinic has illegally taken Wu Zun's photo to advertise a circumcision procedure; and Hong Kong star Andy Lau's name has also appeared on ads selling salted ducks.

The more popular the celebrity, the higher revenue that their advertisements rake in. One of Mainland China's clinics found a liking to the well built, handsome and multi-talented Wu Zun, and privately attached his photo on the advertisements. At first glance, Wu Zun appears educated and professional with his glasses, but that image clashes with what he is promoting: a Korean style circumcision procedure. A blurb above his head states that it is "only 80RMB (360TWD)" to complete the surgery. Wu Zun was both angry and amused that his picture was used to advertise a procedure that he evidently did not agree to.

In Mainland China, celebrities' images being taken advantage of has happened so often it is considered the norm. Popular singer Andy Lau had similar occurrences. A 60 year old Andy Lau, who lived in the Mainland, sold salted ducks and sausages for a living, and had run his shop there since 1960. To protect his copyright, he used his own name to register the license, never imagining that he would run into a court battle with Andy Lau, who was suing him for reputation violation. The old man was very distraught, because his only error was having the same name as the huge star, and had to be involved in a court case.


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