Thursday, June 24, 2010

Edison Chen Raps in English at FAMA's concert expressing his feelings; Comeback In October

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

[MINGPAO 6/17/2010] Edison Chen changed the lyrics to English rap. Part of the lyrics were: "I hope someday you'll change your mind and join me", which means that Edison hopes people can accept him again. To this Edison said: "In the last few years, I lived in the U.S, where the values are different from Hong Kong. It's not that the people of Hong Kong are not good, but just it's too difficult to pursue others and individual goals. Everyone should just relax, do your own thing is the most important. I am not telling people to accept me, people will know when my album releases."

Edison also expresses that in the last two years, there has been people asking him to do a public singing performance, but he didn't want to sing his old songs, so he declined to the offers.

Comeback in October
Edison reveals that 80% of the songs are Mandarin, only 20% is Cantonese. He plans to release the album in October, at that time he'll be focusing on promotions. He said: "Cantonese lyrics are all written by me. The Mandarin lyrics are written by MC Hotdog, he translated my English lyrics into Chinese. Releasing an album this time, the lyrics must be written by me because I don't want a middleman to change the meaning." Asked if he's implying that October will be his official comeback? Edison embarrassingly said: "I don't know... have I left?"

It was said that he stopped his on-screen jobs, Edison said: "I did stop, but I don't understand the meaning of 'comeback'. If everyone thinks that I am making a comeback, then that's ok! To me, I am still living as a person."

Edison said in the past that when he earns 100 million, he'll marry his girlfriend Vincy Yeung, asked if this goal still exists? Edison smiled a bit: "I have to earn even more before I get married! I don't know how much left until I reach my goal, but now I don't dare to talk about marriage, work harder! In the last few years, I have learned that money is very important, but still can't buy love and happiness."

Girlfriend Loves him for who he is
Asked if his girlfriend knows that he's releasing an album in October? He said: "She kind of knows, but she never listens to my songs nor does she watch my stuff. I like her because of that. She loves me because of who I am, not because I am a singer."


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