Sunday, June 13, 2010

New song suspected of being for Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou says people online think too much

Source: oeee
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On the 9th Jay Chou premiered MV for the Flower Expo song "Long Time No See" at the Taipei Arena and it is rumoured that he wrote this song for Jolin Tsai. The lyrics "Long time no see, how have you been, has your dog grown up...hurry up and come back to my side", people online indicate this is his feeling of wanting to get back with Jolin Tsai! He said: "People online think too much."

In order to film the MV, he ran around the whole of Taipei getting famous locations. Yesterday he was awarded "the key to the city". Taipei mayor Hao Long Bin said that he can now film anywhere he wants in Taipei without restriction. He even welcomed Jay Chou to get shots at his house, the condition being that he or his son has to be extras.

He invited the Flower Expo robot which cost TW$12 million to make to be in his MV, but the robot got temperamental with him. He said: "When it's rainy he goes on strike, I have to listen to him even if I'm the director." It's so rare for him to dance in the MV. He said, dancing is not his strong point, but he's working hard to learn a new dance for his concert on the 11th.


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