Sunday, June 13, 2010

Show Lo's Confession "My Dish!" ; Rakes in $42.6 Million with ELVA

Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ LOVE 4 SHOW ::
Source: NextMedia

Show "Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)" Lo and Elva Hsiao have sung and danced together many times. Yesterday, the two of them collaborated together in an ad for the first time for jewelry in China. Two of them rolled in $9 Million RMB (~$42.6 Million NTD). The commercial script requested that the two play a couple, and he surprisingly expressed, "She's my dish (type)!" And asked Elva, "Then, am I your dish?" Elva had an awkward moment, and rushed to say, "I've never tried, how would I know?"

They've shared the stage many times, but rumored chemistry had yet to be combusted. Show's sudden confession that Elva was his type had her shocked and stunned in the moment, first responding with, "Don't give me that! (Yeah right!)" and sporadically he continued on with a question, "Am I your dish?" Unthinkably, she couldn't even spew out any general words for politeness, and atmosphere froze for about 2 seconds, and Show teased himself, "See, asking this question makes me feel bad."

She Awkwardly Responds Saying Never Having Tried It Before ; Feelings Hazier and Hazier
She was put on the spot, so she answered, "I never tried/eaten it, so I wouldn't know." When she said that, she immediately heard a mistake (double entendre), and hurried to explain, "Because you guys said dish, so I thought of Taiwanese dishes, Western dishes." But the more she explained the hazier it got. In the end she could only cutely say to the camera, "Do a good deed, and help me rewind(Delete) that."

Actually, ever since 2007 when Show guested for Elva's Fisherman's Wharf concert, in these 3 years, the two have accumulated lots of chemistry, and being from the same company, having the two act as a couple isn't strange or awkward. Elva critiqued herself being "not full enough," so she would be his type. However, he started pinching her arm teasing, "Not at all!"

Show and Elva Sent Each Other Warm
  • 2007/05 Selling Out Life
After recovering from a torn ligament in her left leg, he was guest at her comeback concert, during dance rehearsal, she accidentally hit his 'important area'
  • 2007-2009 Collaborating in Song
She first sang a duet with him for "Bai Gei Ni (Defeat in Love)" and last year he sang "WOW" with her to reciprocate
  • 2010/01 Comfort of Losing a Mother
Hsiao's mother passed, for the 7th day, he expressed his condolences, and helped cheer on Elva
  • 2010/05 Solo Concert Inciting Sentiments
At his Taipei Arena Concert, she was guest, on stage with steaming chemistry, and he also performed her "Shan Shan Re Ren ai"
  • 2010/06 Raking in Money Together
Filming China jewelry commercial , raking in $42.6 Million NTD



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