Friday, July 16, 2010

Super Junior KyuHyun, “I only had 20% chance of survival in the car accident 3 years ago”

Super Junior KyuHyun talks about the car accident he got in 3 years ago and tears as he expresses his gratitude to his father for protecting his dream to be a singer.

KyuHyun was on SBS Strong Heart on 13th July when he said, “I got into a car accident 3 years ago on my way home after work. The car really overturned and I was lying on the ground.” The car accident happened in April 2007.

He said, “Back then I thought that I am going to die. I was in coma for 4 days. The doctor said that I had only 20% chance of survival with my rib bones crushed into my lungs.”

KyuHyun added, “My father told the doctor not to take away my vocal codes in a bypass surgery I have to undergo as I am a child who sings. So the surgery was done bypassing the flank. After that, when I know the truth I cried. It because my dad had always objected me being a singer and yet he had protected my dreams to be a singer.”

KyuHyun took 5 months to recover from the accident, “I feel like I am living a new life.”

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