Thursday, August 26, 2010

Due to Yang Yoseob's surgery, BEAST's comeback is pushed back

It has been revealed that Yang Yoseob, the lead vocal of BEAST, has gone through surgery to remove chronic rhinitis infections.

Due to this, the BEAST’s comeback that has been planned for the end of August has been pushed back.

Yang Yoseob has suffered from light rhinitis symptoms, but recently the situation had gotten worse that he had to go through surgery to remove the small infection in his nose. It was a hard decision because it was at a point they were preparing for the 3rd album, but because it could have affected his throat condition, the surgery couldn’t have been pushed back.

On the 24th, the management stated, “It was a simple surgery for Yang Yoseob, however since it could worry the fans we were hesistant on releasing the information about his surgery. However we couldn’t have the fans waiting especially with the comeback coming close.” They added, “We will try our best to help him get well through plenty of rest and relaxation.”

The BEAST members added, “If you wait longer, we will be able to make a comeback with even a better condition,” asking for support and cheer from the fans.

Meanwhile, BEAST members are showing off active activities in variety programs despite preparing for their next albums.



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