Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Future of Digital Manga Publishing

The sudden closure of One Manga, had manga fans questioning the future of manga aggregator websites. Stricter rules imposed by publishers may push websites to close or trim down the number to unlicensed manga titles. Fortunately, two teams are racing toward an obvious solution - the digitalization of manga publishing - Open Manga and Crunchyroll.

Open Manga

"OpenManga is a Online Manga, Digital Publishing and Social Platform where comic artists can release directly to fans, receive revenue for their content, and become part of a global art and comics community."


"Our goal is to create a platform that allows manga authors and artists to publish and earn money from their work, while still reaching a multi-lingual global audience. A platform that promotes and allows artists (and eventually interested publishers) to work directly with translators and scanlators to publish their work while still remaining in control of their creations. A platform that supports an artist’s need for an income, with the possibility of free availability to the fan."

Open Manga's blog provides a detailed, and long, posts about their project. Here's a summary

  • OpenManga was inspired by a business draft circulating the internet last year, which provided a model where publishers and artists can work together like in a symbiotic relationship. (Opps. They failed to specify what type of Symbiotic Relationship. I hope it's "Mutualism" not "Parasitism.")
  • OP is connected yet completely independent with Manga Helpers. The same people who worked hard to bring us MH are responsible for the inception of OP.
  • OP aims to create a platform (and a complete solution) where artists and publishers can publish their work and earn.
  • OP aims to bridge artists/publishers, translators and scanlators for multi-lingual releases (localization).
  • Artists/Publishers will earn through 3 subscription models (by artist, sitewide mobile plan and access to every content in any device), revenue shares and donations.
  • OP will have its own currency available for purchase through credit card, PayPal, WebMoney.
  • OP will have its own marketplace for digital and physical products.
  • The manga may be available for free viewing, premium membership or subscription at the artists/publishers discretion...Read more>>


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