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How We Got Married couples are selected

The Adam couple (2AM’s JoKwon – Brown Eyed Girls‘ GaIn), Sweet Potato couple (SNSD’s SeoHyun – CN Blue’s Jung YongHwa), International couple (2PM’s Nichkhun - f(x)’s Victoria) and Real Life couple (Hwang JungEum – Kim YongJun) are the current stars for this season of We Got Married. Every incident that happens between all of the couples immediately garner much attention and quickly becomes hot news for fans.

In other words, We Got Married is a trendy and popular show that can boost a person’s fame. For instance, JoKwon and GaIn, who currently receive the most love in We Got Married, gained massive popularity because of their status as imaginary couple alongside their singing talents.

Therefore, when a rookie is asked, “Is there a variety show you want to appear on?” 90 out of 100 don’t think twice and pick ‘We Got Married’.

Well, do you ever wonder how WGM couples are chosen?

Like other job interviews, WGM candidates have to go through interviews for evaluation too. Jung Yoon Jung, the PD behind JoKwon-GaIn and Nichkhun-Victoria couple said:

“If we receive an interview request, we meet with them. We also recruit people that seem okay on well-known variety programs or other works. We then ask the people we meet with basic questions. Through this process, we try to get to know the person through assumptions. If I feel that this person is okay, then I think about it. The actual matching process is done through other series of interviews. In between these interviews, I really get thoughts like, “I think it would be good for this person to meet this person.”

However, the interviews are not the end. I meet with them again with a mindset of having the launching in mind. I meet with the people that I thought were okay once more. Because they have to put their entire body into working in the entertainment business, there are people that change in a short period of time. There is a need to look over this person’s changes over a fairly long amount of time. There are cases where the person won’t be honest, not showing their true selves, while there are others who are a lot nicer than expected.”

In a previous episode, Nichkhun told Victoria that he hinted the production crews about his preference on her. Does a selected celebrity really get to choose his/ her partner for WGM? In Nichkhun’s case, Jung PD said that Nichkhun himself was not sure of any candidate in his first interview. Later, he expressed his true feelings to his manager.

Nevertheless, Nichkhun did not have any idea about who his imaginary wife was until the recording of first episode. Despite all the rumor articles that floated around, Nichkhun actually guessed someone else would be his partner instead of Victoria.

When asked about the possibility to create extremely shocking couples such as a huge age gap couple or a bad guy-bad girl couple, Jung PD explained:

“Finding a new figure is always a worry. There can be new combinations. But honestly, if you set a concept like having a big age difference, it is hard getting outside the box. Creating a fixed character won’t work either because it wouldn’t last. In the end, it becomes a story told by the two people, attempting new challenges, working together.”

So do you think the current couples were well selected for this season’s We Got Married? Can you predict any nominees for future couples?

Source: Bae Sun Young
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