Thursday, August 12, 2010

Idol dramas struggling to attract viewers

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews
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It’s quite shocking to see idol dramas having such a hard time finding an audience (maybe with the exception of Rookies' Diary on Fridays). At this point, the question is probably not "which drama are people watching", but rather if anyone is watching at all. It was only half a year ago when three dramas (Autumn’s Concerto/Hi My Sweetheart/Down With Love) combined for over 15% of the ratings on Sunday nights.

Zhong Wu Yen was the winner again this past weekend with an average rating of 2.03%. The SETTV-produced drama hasn't performed well, but it's too early to call this one a bomb since only three episodes have aired. In second place again was Summer’s Desire at 1.69%. It was expected to challenge Zhong Wu Yen for the top spot, but viewers didn’t seem to be interested in watching either one.

There were previously rumors of Love Buffet being a possible successor for Summer's Desire, but FTV has confirmed that Korean drama Personal Taste will take over the time slot next month. Meanwhile, Scent of Love managed to move ahead of Calling For Love despite being in last place for most of its run. The two dramas drew an average of 0.67% and 0.60% respectively.

Scent of Love was in fact preempted for an hour last Sunday due to the live broadcast of Golden Song Superstar. The show is much like a celebrity version of One Million Star but it has never been a big draw since its inception. Golden Song Superstar recently came under fire when host Pauline Lan (藍心湄) was abruptly replaced by Mickey Huang. The season 2 final drew an average rating of 1.37%. Christian singer SiEn was crowned the winner, followed by James Chu, who is the older brother of ex-183 Club member Jacky Chu, and WAHSBBT’s Louis Liu was in 3rd place.


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