Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jay Chou protects Yuhao from knife attack

Source: China News
Translated by:

A few days ago Jay Chou was on "Student" with Yuhao and Devon, in it he exposed the fact that he once blocked a knife attack for Yuhao to save face and out of friendship.

Also once he was so irritated by the paparazzi he stepped on the brakes too quickly, Devon who was behind him bumped into his rear, the paparazzi laughed at them.

The presenter Matilda Tao asked him with interest: "Has Jacky (Wu) been in contact with you recently...." He smiled and said: "He talks to Vincent Fang more."

When they were recording, Yuhao expressed that once he was in the night market at Jilong playing video games. Suddenly a man with a knife rushed in, it looked like he was looking for revenge. Jay immediately stood in front of him, he stretched his arm across to protect him.

Jay then said: "I want to say I was the senior so I wanted to look a bit cool, what ended up happening was that guy pushed me out the way, he took one look at Yuhao, he said in Taiwanese 'not him' and left." Jay remembered that at that time he was really scared inside, but he did it to save face and for friendship.


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