Thursday, August 19, 2010

Manhwa: Bride of The Water God by by Yun Mi-Kyung

A village suffering tom a severe drought, tries to appease the water god, Habaek by sacrificing the most beautiful girl in the village as Habaek's bride. Soah, a girl from the village is chosen to be that sacrifice. But instead of dying, she is unexpectedly rescued by Habaek and brought to his water kingdom. Soah was prophesized to love two men in her life when she was younger. She soon finds herself attracted to Mui, who she believes is Habaek's (adult version) cousin, unaware that Habaek (the child version) and Mui are the same person.

The reason why Habaek's powers diminish in the day, causing him to revert into his child
form, was due to the curse that Nakbin put on him. Nakbin was Habaek's first wife who died after placing the curse on him, in the hope that the Emperor would lose interest in Habaek since he could no longer use his powers during the day in the battle against the Sun Gods; Habaek's affinity with water...Read more>>



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