Saturday, September 11, 2010

Step Up 3

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The filmmakers who dazzled you with box-office hits STEP UP and STEP UP 2: THE STREETS reunite to bring you more STEP UPnow in 3-D! In STEP UP 3, the story of urban street dancing goes global with an electrifying new story of hearts, dreams and bodies in motion, made even more thrilling with cutting-edge 3-D technology.

LUKE is an orphaned street dancer, desperate to avoid getting evicted from his only home: a rundown New York warehouse that's a haven for young dancers from around the world. This de-facto family has a dance crew, the House of Pirates.

In order for the crew to survive, they must defeat their longtime rivals, the House of Samurai, at the upcoming World Jam Competition, where the best crews in the world compete for a huge cash prize. We follow Luke through the city's diverse underground dance scene, scouting new talent to help the Pirates win World Jam.

At last, he finds the two dancers he needs: NATALIE, a mysterious street dancer, and MOOSE, the comedic sidekick from the franchises second film, who's now a freshman at NYU.

Unbeknown to Luke, Natalie has a secret that threatens to destroy their budding romance, and everything the Pirates have built. The Pirates put together a killer dance routine, only to have it stolen by the Samurai. With time running out, Moose turns to his old MSA crew for help. Can the Pirates and the MSA crew pull together a new dance number at the last minute? And will it be good enough to beat the worlds best street dancers?

It's all about the dancing I guess, whoever said the plot was good? I thought people watched it for the dancing. Of course, if there was more character development and more of a storyline, it would be more fun to watch. But over all I thought that it was ok.

This was one of my favorite:

And of course the final battle, it was expected, but good nonetheless:


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