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My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox: Episode 2

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox > Episode 2 [Watch it]
As Mi-ho takes back her healing fox bead Dae-woong slumps to the ground. A dark black smoke surrounds him and e starts to deteriorate quickly. Mi-ho hovers above him, a little sad to let him die, but starts to leave saying that she saved him, but he tossed her away, so she doesn’t know him anymore. However, she has a flash back to the pig incident, remembering that he came back for her and tried to protect her from what he thought was a very scary pig. So she returns, saying that since he came back for her once, she’ll do the same.

Soon it is morning and Dae-woong wakes up in a daze. He is startled to see Mi-ho staring at him. He runs and hides. Mi-ho muses to herself that she’ll have to scare him to make him stick to her side. She watches with amusement as Dae-woong tries to action-sequence himself out of there, failing hilariously. Mi-ho even offers to 'help him".

He end up getting stuck in mid-air right above her. Just at this juncture, his grandfather calls and he drops his phone in his attempt to answer it. Mi-ho peers at the phone curiously, and hearing a voice, she answers. Grandpa asks where Dae-woong is, and Dae-woong responds with grunts and heavy breathing as he tries to hold onto the rope. Mi-ho replies in a matter-of-fact tone: “Dae-woong? Is on top of me.”

Mi-ho tells Dae-woong to come down now, but he insists he rather stay the way he is than get eaten up. She threatens to go get him down herself, and Dae-woong scoffs that she can’t pluck him like an apple. So Mi-ho demonstrates another of her gumiho powers, flying up to retrieve him.

She lands on top of himand Dae-woong acknowledges that she’s a gumiho. Dae-woong: “Okay. You’re a gumiho. Since you plucked me, you can eat me.” Mi-ho: “Can I really eat you?” Dae-woong: “You can eat me. But just know this. If there are gumihos in the world, then there must be ghosts too. So I’ll come back as a ghost and get my revenge!” He braces himself for death with false bravado, not listening to her question of why he never asked to be saved.

She says, “Okay, but if you asked me to save you, I would have let you live…” Immediately, Dae-woong gets on his knees and begs for his life.

Dong-joo the gumiho hunter, manages to figure out Dae-woong's his aunt. He pretends to be Dae-woong’s friend and asks to confirm Dae-woong’s cell number.

At the rooftop room above the action school, while Mi-ho chomps down on some chicken, Dae-woong apologizes for not being able to get beef at such a late hour. He reconfirms the fact that until she can safely retrieve the fox bead that saved him, she has to stick by his side.

He tries to figure a way out of it, but is scared back when he sees her tearing at the chicken bones with zeal. Mi-ho: “Dae-woong-ah, while you have my fox bead, I can’t let you go. You’re MINE.” She smiles, pleased with herself, while and Dae-woong laughs nervously. He starts calling her Gu Mi-ho-sshi, being polite out of fear.

He goes inside and decides that for the time being if he won’t try to eat him he keeps her well-fed with beef. He comes upon a movie costume of armor and wears it for protection. Mi-ho wonders if she’s really that scary, since all she did was save him. Dae-woong says that still, what if she sees his exposed liver and gets hungry? 
Offended she retorts: “Have you ever seen me eat a liver? Have you seen me scoop out someone’s liver and eat it?” Dae-woong replies that she is a gumiho, after all….to which she just sighs and gives up. Mi-ho: “Fine. I’m a gumiho. Watch your liver.” And with that, she goes to sleep.

Dong-joo, the gumiho hunter finds Dae-woong’s information easily online, and smiles to himself that it’ll be an easy hunt. He reveals a wall of gumiho-related information and takes out a mystical knife with ancient carvings. He wonders why the gumiho ran away to become human, instead of staying put where she belongs.

Dae-woong sleeps in his suit of armor outside. Mi-ho watches over him, saying that she had fun today because she got to be with him. She’s happy that while her fox bead heals him, she gets to stay by his side longer. Noticing mosquitoes hovering above him, she gleefully catches them all, telling the sleeping Dae-woong that neither the mosquitoes nor she will eat him tonight, She looks out at the city from the rooftop, and marvels at how beautiful the world has become.

Grandpa and Aunt Min-sook worry over Dae-woong. Grandpa bemoans the fact that while Dae-woong always caused all sorts of trouble, he’s never caused any girl trouble…until now. He tells her to cut off his credit cards. Min-sook wonders what on earth the girl said over the phone, and Grandpa says it’s not for her unmarried ears to hear. She leaves in a huff upset that he brought up the fact that she's still a single.

After Mi-ho eats her weight in meat, Dae-woong’s card gets declined at the restaurant so he’s forced to use what little cash he has left. She stops him to buy her a soda on the street.His coin gets stuck in the machine, so he starts kicking it, and she joins in. However, one swift kick from her and the whole vending machine comes crashing down, with the soda popping out. They grab it and dash away.

Dae-woong takes Mi-ho to school with him. She marvels at the university, having learnt from visitors to the temple that it’s a prestigious place where everyone wants to attend. She thinks Dae-woong’s pretty cool for going to one, which his fragile puffed-up ego enjoys very much. He tells her that people at university are very smart, so she’ll have to pretend to be human and not do anything to be detected. She promises to act human, and asks Dae-woong eagerly if she really looks human. She is please when he admits that she can pass off for a human, which pleases her 
He goes around to attempt borrowing from his friends. He assumes that it would be easy he has spent so much on them. But one by one, they lie that they’re broke. Mi-ho can smell the money in their pockets, so Dae-woong is doubly embarrassed to be confronted by the fact that his so-called friends aren't really friends...

Mi-ho wonders why he doesn’t believe her, and asks why he’s doing nothing when all his friends are lying to him. He tells her angrily that sometimes it’s better not to know things, and that pretending is less embarrassing. He snaps at her that she’s not human, so not to meddle in human things, making her pout.

She tries to follow him into the library, but he tells her she can’t go inside without an ID, so she can’t follow. She pouts again, telling him not to look down on her because she’s not human, He counters that he is afraid of her because she’s not human.

Inside the library, Dae-woong frantically researches the gumiho legend, looking for some way to make her leave him, thinking that it must be similar to exorcising a ghost. But he soon gets bogged down in all the ancient language and gives up.

Suddenly he remembers the temple and looks it up, finding a news story with the two scroll paintings side by side—the original, and the one with the missing fox. He then comes to the realization that he freed the gumiho by drawing the nine tails.

Outside, Mi-ho runs into one of Dae-woong’s lying friends. She returns his runaway basketbal at full-force aimed right at his head. Dae-woong asks her if she really is the fox from the painting. He remembers being so scared that night and making a mistake with his pen—and it turns out that the dot became a mole on her shoulder too.

Mi-ho offers that because he set her free, she gave him the thing that was most precious to her, as she puts her hand on his chest. She says to think of it like he’s taking responsibility for her.

His friends Byung-soo and Sun-nyeo burst in, only hearing the end of their conversation. Sun-nyeo runs off crying, taking the words to mean only what they could to normal people: she gave him her virginity, so now he has to take responsibility. while Byung-soo congratulates him.

He introduces Mi-ho to Byung-soo that her name is Gu Mi-ho, explaining that she’s staying with him for the time being because of extenating circumstances. Byung-soo seems to be Dae-woong’s only real friend, as he offers up the cash in his wallet to help him out, since he knows what being on the outs with Grandpa means.

Mi-ho overhears the conversation and asks Dae-woong why he called her Gu Mi-ho. He says that since she wants so much to be human, Mi-ho sounds nice and suits her. She beams, saying that she loves it when he calls her by her new name.

Dong-joo arrives on campus and distracts Dae-woong with a call to the administrative office. He awaits for Mi-ho to arrive with him, watching his mystical dagger for the glowy sign of gumiho-nearness. Dae-woong comes in alone, but once Mi-ho sits down nearby, the dagger glows and Dong-joo takes off running. Mi-ho senses something coming towards her…and she turns her head, and we cut back to Dong-joo running down the hall.

She takes off running after a chicken on a motorcycle. Dong-joo chases after her. He catches up, and as his dagger lights up in her presence, she turns to look in his direction, and he’s startled to see her face. Flashback to centuries ago, when he killed her the first time, and then held her in his arms, both of them crying as she faded away into ash. Back in the present day, Dong-joo convinces himself, with a tear in his eye, that she can’t be the same gumiho. No, he killed her by his own hand. She just looks the same.

Dae-woong tries to ask Mi-ho about the painting and where he can find the Grandmother Spirit that trapped her in there. She doesn’t want to give up any information, so he devises a foolproof plan: get her drunk and then she’ll talk!

Knowing her penchant for bubbly drinks, he shakes up the beer to make it extra foamy. He drinks maybe less than half of what she does, tossing his beer out while she isn’t looking, or playing rock-paper-scissors and telling her that scissors beat rocks, so she drinks. He even tries to teach her to crush the cans, which she does handily, but he struggles with.

Thinking that she’s probably drunk, he starts telling her how he feels really close to her now, and she’s much better to be around than his fair-weather friends. He says that she’s prettier than most girls, and that he was startled when he first saw her. She frowns, saying that she rather just be average-pretty.

He rolls out compliment after compliment, puting her on cloud nine. She wonders if they can be friends even if she’s not human. Dae-woong’s like, if E.T. can do it, so can we! She asks how they become friends, so he teaches her the E.T. handshake. She’s so excited that she does it over and over again. Dae-woong starts to feel a twinge of regret lying to her when she so clearly wants to be his friend. But that doesn’t stop him from getting to his objective. He starts asking her about her gumiho powers, and finds out that she’s weaker in her abilities because he’s got her fox bead, which must be the source of her power.

He asks if she’s got any weaknesses? Nope. Any fears? Yes—she says she’s afraid of large bodies of water, now that she doesn’t have her fox bead. He stores that tidbit away, wondering how he’s going to drop her in a lake somewhere.

In the following days, she demands cow for breakfast, lunch and dinner, day after day.

At the park, Byung-soo and Mi-ho play a guess-which-hand-the-coin-is-in game, which of course she wins every time. Byung-soo calls her “jae-soo-sshi,” which is a moniker for your brother’s wife, and what close friends call each other’s girlfriends or wives. Dae-woong sneers at that, but lets it pass, and wonders to himself if he threw her in a lake like this one, he’d probably end up dead.

Byung-soo tells him to stop feeding the carps so much because they’re rare fish, and Dae-woong says they’re not the rare kind, like the ones Grandpa raises. Another light bulb goes off— he goes home to steal Grandpa's expensive carp. He sneaks in and manages to catch one, but Grandpa catches him in the act. He takes off running, with Grandpa and Aunt Min-sook chasing behind, and then while he’s not looking, a truck comes screeching to a halt in his path.

Aunt and Grandpa scream, and the fish goes flying… At the hospital, where Grandpa begs the doctor to do something to save him. The doctor says nothing can be done. Dramatic music plays… And Dae-woong comes walking out, just a band-aid on his forehead, and we see that Grandpa was pleading with the doctor to save his fish.

Outside, Grandpa tells Dae-woong to come home, and he refuses, finally shouting out, “If I don’t stay with that girl, I’ll die,” which is a great use of a phrase that all love-addled teenagers say in earnest, except he actually means it literally. He asks for money so that he can stay with her and take care of her, and Grandpa is furirous that Dae-woong’s lost his mind over a girl.

Finally, Grandpa and Aunt tell him to bring the girl over, so that they can meet her, and decide if Dae-woong can marry her. Now it’s Dae-woong’s turn to freak out, insisting that he will not marry her. Grandpa slaps him in response. This action jolts all of them, as this the first time Grandpa has ever shown any really harsh discipline towards Dae-woong. Grandpa tells him to live however he wants to, and gets in the car.

As Dae-woong walks the whole way back with his hand on his cheek, reeling from the disappointment, Sun-nyeo runs into him. She informs him that she doesn’t want him living at the action school with his girlfriend, so she kicks him out. She adds that Hye-in came by and ran into Byung-soo and Mi-ho, at which he takes off running.

Hye-in meets Mi-ho, who is introduced as Dae-woong’s friend, but Hye-in reads between the lines and asks if Mi-ho's his girlfriend. Dae-woong runs toward them, telling Mi-ho not to say anything, but Mi-ho answers “Yes.”Just at this juncture Dae-woong arrives, declaring loudly that she is NOT his girlfriend...
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