Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Will Not Continue To A Second Season

KBS’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal has been continuing to record high audience ratings and on the 19th, their audience rating went up to a 14.3% nationwide.
CP Kwak Kiwon has also said that Park Yoochun’s acting skills have considerably improved and the CEO of the drama’s production company has also said that he has exceeded their expectations.

The drama has received much love from fans and they have been requesting that the drama continue onto a second season. However, producers have said that they will not be pursuing a second season because of the plot obstacles they will face.

Fans believe that because the drama only covers the first half of the original novel, the drama could easily go onto a season 2 by continuing the plot. CP Kwak Kiwon has said that “it is possible but there are absolutely no plans to continue to a second season. Main plotlines in the drama are not existent in the novel and if we go into a season 2, there is the problem that the relationship between Lee Seonjun and Kim Yunhee will be cut.

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