Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taiwan star Show Luo denies STD rumours

Source : Channel News Asia

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer-actor Show Luo denied rumours that he had contracted a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) through a post on his micro-blog account on Tuesday, reported Taiwan media.

"I am not sure if the media did not explain things clearly or if the person who originally started these rumours has begun circulating them again, but I have recently received calls from my friends who got concerned. I had to explain to them individually!

"I can only say that I hope Heaven will forgive the person who came up with these fabrications. My fans can rest easy! I am healthy! I take good care of myself!" wrote Luo.

Luo reiterated that he was fine when questioned by reporters.

"If I had an STD, I would walk abnormally, but my gait is very normal," Luo mused.

With the Golden Bell Awards (the Taiwan equivalent of the Emmys) just days away, some believe that the rumours were an attempt to hurt Luo's chances of winning the coveted Golden Bell Best Leading Actor award this year.

Luo was nominated for the honour after impressing the judges with his performance in the drama "Hi My Sweetheart" opposite Taiwan singer-actress Rainie Yang.

However, Luo's manager Jiang Cheng Jin remained skeptical that the circulation of the rumours were deliberately timed.

"It probably isn't, but I hope the person who started the rumours will be punished by Heaven," said Jiang.

- CNA/ha


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