Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fahrenheit sends temperature rising in Singapore

MSN Entertainment

Posted ImagePopular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit drove away the cold and rainy weather when they touched down in Singapore to promote their latest album, Super Hot.

At the media conference, interaction and chemistry between the four members were significantly better than before. Calvin Chen was still full of eloquence, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan bridged sentences with experience and Wu Chun occasionally told jokes.

In their latest music video 'Super Hot', the band generously showed off their well-toned bodies. During live performances, they pulled and tugged at their shirts in bid to show off their manly sides. When asked how the group would flaunt their charismas, all four believed that having inner beauty is essential.

Calvin expressed that it had been five years since the formation of Fahrenheit. Fans have not only witnessed their growth throughout the years, but are also starting to understand the individual charisma each member possesses.

Aaron, however believed that a man should have a goal, while Wu Chun thought sincerity was the most important factor.


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