Friday, December 10, 2010

Lin Chi-ling crowned top-earning model again

It has been a busy year for Taiwan's top model Lin Chi-ling as she pockets more than TWD$1 billion in earnings.

Ranking Taiwanese models according to their annual incomes, the country's top model Lin Chi-ling dominated the chart for the seventh time in a row. Her income for the year was estimated to be more than TWD$1.6 billion (approximately S$7 million). Coming in second and third were Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai respectively. In fourth position was Patina Lin, followed by Tiffany Hsu in fifth.

Lin Chi-ling reportedly generated more than $1 billion from her endorsements of 12 different products, which cost more than $10 million each. On top of that, the model received a paycheck of more than $10 million for the production of Japanese drama series Moon Lovers. After the addition of income from appearing at events in the later half of the year, her win on the chart was expected.

On the other hand, Sonia Sui, who shot to fame with Taiwanese drama series P.S. Man, was reported to be earning an average amount of $150,000 per episode for the drama The Fierce Wife, which she is currently filming. She also received a $7 million paycheck for the movie Make Up. Additionally, Sonia generated $20 million from endorsements and other activities.

Coming in third, Bianca Bai, co-star of Sonia Sui in P.S. Man, also took on a movie role in Kingfisher, which paid her $4 million. She also earned an additional $15 million from endorsements and other activities.

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