Friday, December 10, 2010

Overwork and frequently dry cough, Kim Kim Hyun Joong smiled when being addressed as ‘pretty boy’

Kim Hyun Joong loved natural theme, as TheFaceShop spokesperson, towards the theme of the product he endorse: Natural Story, Kim Hyun Joong revealed as long as your heart and body are maintain natural, you are able to go through the busy life in a relax way. “I must exercise every morning, other than for health, having a bath after exercise, can effectively made the body and heart felt more refreshing and happy. “

Kim Hyun Joong was busy with the promotional activities for the brand his endorse during these period, the travelling and changed in weather, made his body starting to feel unwell, during the press conference, he frequently dry coughing and drank water, his szmile was obviously reduced, from far, media could see that his eyes were fill with red bloodshoot. Towards skincare maintainance, Kim Hyun Joong revealed he will bath and maintain the cleanliness of his face before sleep, after that will apply toner and moisturizer.

When asking what is his opinion as the world most beautiful man? He showed his 4D thinking: “I most like to care about whitening and do mask.” Kim Hyun Joong seems to have reservation over the pretty boy address and used his smile to go through the question.

Asking him whether if he is trapped in an island, there’re only TheFaceShop products and guitar, which item would Kim Hyun Joong choose to take with him? Fulfilling his duty as a spokesperson, he smiled and said: “Of course I will bring TheFaceShop (product), in this case I can earn more money and buy more guitar.” He stopped for a while and continued to say: “Of course if there’s no way (to leave the island), then have to choose the guitar, since the guitar could continue to make me happy.”

Kim Hyun Joong arrived on time with full beige suit, starting from the beginning of the press conference flash lights have not stopped flashing till the end, throughout the press conference media were on full alert to capture Kim Hyun Joong’s expression. When Kim Hyun Joong appeared, his smiles have obviously reduced, eyes filled with red bloodshots, big eye bagged, looked like he’s really too overwork.

It was known that Kim Hyun Joong was too tired during this period, his body was started to show sign of unwell, frequently dry cough and drank water during the press conference. Once getting familiar, Kim Hyun Joong gradually started to smile, beauty flower boy’s smile is really charming!

When a reporter addressed him as the world most pretty boy, he was so shy that he lowered down his head and smile, looking really cute. While the host was asking a question using english, Kim Hyun Joong made used of the free time while the translator translating it to korean, took up the news script on the table to read, was he trying to pass time?

TheFaceShop Malaysia’s representative presented a gift to Kim Hyun Joong, he was really interested and examining it front and back, looking really funny.

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