Friday, December 10, 2010

Show Luo reveals truth behind his 'Cyber-sex' scandal

Channel News Asia

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer Show Luo revealed the shocking truth behind his 'Cyber-sex' scandal last year, during an appearance on a talk show with his mother on Monday, reported Taiwan media.

Luo got into trouble last year when a girl claimed the star took his shirt off and started chatting her up when they conversed via webcam. The girl produced footage of the incident and Luo admitted to it before issuing a tearful apology on the same talk show after the news broke.

At the time, Luo claimed he was "just trying to make new friends" and "was set up" when he let his guard down. However, the popular singer surprised everybody on the talk show set Monday when he dismissed everything that happened as untrue almost a year after the incident.

"My mum has always taught me 'No matter how poor your family background is, we don't steal or rob and eat our rice with dignity. If you haven't done anything, you have to speak out'," said Luo when he explained the whole incident.

Luo pointed out that he actually did nothing wrong and his admission of guilt was simply a calculated move to make the whole scandal go away more quickly. "If I didn't admit I was guilty then, everybody would think I was making up excuses, so I shouldered the blame," said Luo, who expressed that taking the blame for something he didn't do tormented him for the longest time.

According to Luo, the footage had been doctored to frame him. "At home, I never wear a shirt. But I felt it was not appropriate [to go shirtless on webcam] and put on a vest.

"In the end, the order of the events was reversed [in the footage provided by the girl] so it looked as though I was already wearing a vest and took it off," said the 31-year-old singer.

Perhaps the biggest shocker is Luo's revelation that it was no girl he was chatting with on webcam that fateful day, but a guy who was infatuated with him.

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