Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Selina Jen cried after drama director apologised

source: MSN Entertainment

88 days. That's how long it has been since S.H.E member Selina Jen was severely burnt in an on set accident while filming I Have a Date with Spring.

Selina recently broke into tears and hugged fiancé Richard Chang when she was told of I Have a Date with Spring director Chen Ming Zhang's letter of apology.

The director, however, is not ready to face the media yet. While directing his new drama Drunken to Love You, which features Joseph Chang and Tiffany Hsu, he was not seen anywhere on-set. He was suspected of 'directing' the drama in a van.

Selina's father also updated the public on the pop star's condition.

"The nurse helped Selina to change her dressing and helped her put on tights patiently. Although there were a few blisters, but the redness of the skin had gradually turned dry after the skin grafting operation," wrote Father Jen.
In other related reports, Selina is slated to hold a media conference this coming Thursday (Jan 20).

The singer is only allowed light makeup because her wounds were just beginning to heal. However, the confident Selina said "no makeup will be okay", but added that she would keep a distance from the media.

Selina would also be dressed in light sportswear, as her walk is still unstable, and her short hair would be covered by a hat.

It was also reported that the Vera Wang wedding dress, which was ordered before Selina's accident, had already arrived at the singer's home. Selina would be able to see it when she returns home.


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