Thursday, March 31, 2011

Xiao Zhu Bullied in HK Signing Function, Slams Table & Leaves for Fans

Source: Yam
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

On the 26th Show Luo held a signing function in one of the malls in Hong Kong, many fans were there for support, causing the mall to be packed! Originally the function was scheduled to start in the afternoon at 4pm, and was estimated to end around 7pm, but because there were too many people, so originally the mall staff agreed to let Show finish signing for all fans, but since 6pm they repeatedly said they must stop signing, many fans that weren't signed yet were nearly in tears, famous for caring his fans Show immediately slammed the table and left.

The Hong Kong fans waited a long time to finally see Show, Xiao Zhu originally was planning to do some interactions with fans, but was unfortunately disturbed by the mall staff, repeatedly requested Xiao Zhu to finish early. He was signing faster and faster, seeing so many fans not received his signature; his hands was nearly cramped, his face was getting more and more serious, his manager Xiao Shuang continued to talk with the mall staff. But it was not successful, causing Show to be really mad to slam the table and left, and went to the parking lot to finish signing for the rest of the fans, making all fans touched.

After the incident, on Xiao Shuang's weibo saying: "This is in all history the most mad, anxious, helpless sigining fuction ~ need pen no pen, need help no one to help, to satisfy all the fans and it's not possible." Xiao replied: "I wouldn't leave if I didn't finish!" And he felt regretful for not having more time to interact with the fans!

Many fans went online to comfort him and Xiao Shuang, and as for Show continued to sign in the parking lot they were thankful and praised him! Show is famous for caring for his fans in the entertainment industry, he once said: "If it weren't the support from the fans, there is no me!" and for the sake of his fans, this is why his place in the entertainment industry is irreplaceable.


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