Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kelly Chen rumoured to have conceive a pair of twins succesfully

The Hong Kong singer is said to be carrying a boy and a girl. Earlier this year in March, Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen had an unfortunate miscarriage, where she lost her pair of twin daughters.

Recently, the Hong Kong media reported that Kelly had successfully conceived a pair of fraternal twins -- a boy and a girl -- through artificial insemination.

Kelly reportedly went back to work in April after her miscarriage, so as to numb herself from the pain of losing her daughters. However, the singer could not stand for long periods of time because her body had yet to recover fully and was still weak.

When she attended events, Kelly would change into heels only after she arrived at the venue and would remain seated during her commercial shoot.

The mother of one was determined to become pregnant again and it was recently rumored that the singer secretly went for an artificial insemination session in June-despite her frail health -- and has successfully conceived.

Haunted by her unfortunate accident in March, Kelly decided to keep her recent pregnancy a secret, with hopes that her babies would be safe.

Previously, Kelly let on at an event that she planned to conceive again at the end of the year.

However, she also admitted that she was doubtful about conceiving again. Kelly emphasized that she has no qualms trying artificial insemination again, but confessed that she was "trying not to think about it [the previous incident]" and that if people stopped talking about it, she "should be fine".



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