Saturday, September 17, 2011

Selina Jen's strong circle of support

When the going gets tough, this starlet knows that she can always rely on her loved ones and fans

With her big day round the corner (Oct 31), all seems to be going well for this bride-to-be. After unveiling her latest wedding photos a few days ago, the Selina Jen's fiance Richard Chang recently revealed on his blog that she was feeling depressed and troubled.

Through her microblog Selina expressed: "I've always wondered when I will have the confidence to face my fans again. However, I can't help but to feel upset at things that happen suddenly."

After her update, Richard also updated his microblog with the following: "Each time people around me feel depress, I will feel the same way too. I am irritated because there are some troubles haunting us, but what can we do?"

Commenting on their updates, the lawyer revealed that his bride-to-be was "wronged" but refused to divulge further details on what happened. He then cryptically mentioned that Selina used to be optimistic, but her "power to heal herself has become slower now" and claimed that it has nothing to do with their upcoming wedding.

Deviating away from the topic, Richard then added that wedding invitations will be ready in a couple of days and they will send them out to their family and friends next week.

Fortunately, Selina has her band mates Hebe Tien and Ella Chen, as well as their fans, rallying round her during this difficult and emotional phase of her life.

When Hebe and Ella knew of Selina and Richard's participation in an auction organised by the Sunshine Foundation to help raise funds for burnt patients, the duo voluntarily donated limited-edition sport shoes and crystal necklaces to support their friend.

Selina's fans also touched her when they donated NT$1,031 (S$44) -- which symbolised the couple's wedding date -- to the foundation.

The singer shared, "I always cry when I think about what my beloved fans did for me."



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