Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lee Da-hae on escort service website

Fans were outraged with a call-girl website when it was revealed that the British-owned site were using photos of actresses Kim Tae-hee and Lee Da-hae to advertise their service. 

According to kpopfever website, the website in question is an escort service website specialising in Asian women. The website used Kim Tae-hee's past images for a Hong Kong prostitute who goes by the name of Shatoya. 

Meanwhile, photos of "Miss Ripley" actress Lee Da-hae were used for a 24-year-old call-girl with the same profile but different name. The website also used images of famous female entertainers from China and Japan as well. 

Lee Da-hae's management company stated, "We've experienced something similar in China in the past, but things were resolved in a satisfactory manner after talking to the entertainers association of China. Now that we are aware of this issue, we will promptly deal with it."


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