Monday, December 19, 2011

JJ Lin's Promotional Album "Unable to Learn"

林俊杰宣传专辑《学不会》 自称有点大男人
Yes娱乐讯 JJ林俊杰新专辑《学不会》即日起开始预购,这是他加入华纳的第一张专辑,他表示第一次当总监,还要同时进行L.A.和纽约的录音工作,几乎是一个礼拜没有睡觉。今天他上Hit FM宣传,一身学院风打扮,脚上踩着钉满卯钉的皮鞋,果然很「潮」!JJ日前砸4千万自创潮牌,晋升潮流领主的JJ现场设计围巾,一展他的潮品味。





Translated by DramaQueen:
JJ Lin Latest album - Unable to learn is officially released. This is his first album after he signed contract with warner music. He said that this is the first time he became the producer of his album. He even flew to L.A to record his songs and because of the pressure, he had insomia for a week. Today he promoted his ablum at Hit FM, dressed in trendy clothes and matching shoes. He mentioned that when he meet his dream girl, he will hestitate and think a lot before he make his first move. However, if he really falls in love, he will totally commit himself in the relationship.

He added that he do not have a good sense of direction on the road, thus he may take a long route to his destination when actually the place he is going is so near his house. He told the media that he will travel the distance just to surprise his girlfriend. He admitted that he is a little male chauvinist and he would like his relationship to be build on mutual respect and understanding. JJ Lin received compliments for his acting in his MTV - Unable to learn. When asked by the reporter whelther he would consider to be an actor since he had starred in idol drama. He replied that he hope to receive challenging roles which allows him to protray his character using his inner feelings. Other than that, he also wished to use his latest album to grab some trophies in the Golden Melodies Award.


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