Sunday, December 11, 2011

New drama hit 6 million views cheers up Jerry Yan who injured his hand again

These past few days, the actor's mood has been very down. While having action training for his upcoming movie Hua Yang/Scarlet, his index finger was sprained yet again. The sprained finger soon swelled to double its original size, which resulted in Jerry having to get an x-ray to get it checked out.

When he heard that his new drama My Splendid Life had hit 6 million views on Youku (a Chinese equivalent of Youtube) and had first place on the site, Jerry smiled and exclaimed that there is finally something to be happy about.

For his his upcoming movie Hua Yang/Scarlet, Jerry plays a pirate. So he has to go  through action trainings with his hands and legs being bound. Ever the perfectionist, Jerry tends to do his very best and sometimes frustrate the people around him.

Due to his hand injury, Jerry hesitated as he was afraid he would disappoint Zero Zhou, the director of the movie. Despite his cautiousness, he still managed to injure his fingers when he did a rolling action. When the incident happened, there was a loud cracking sound which shocked the director and the other people who were present. He had injured his right hand again.

Jerry's assistant said that although the actor did not take the injury to heart initially, his badly swollen finger gave him intense pain and that prompted him to visit the doctor the next day. At the doctor's, besides the x-ray check, Jerry was also given an injection in his joints. The needle was inserted into his fingers three times. His assistant who was beside him was afraid, but Jerry braved through the pain.

The treatment for Jerry's fingers is to have a hot compress applied to his injury 3 times a day, take 2 pills to help speed the recovery. The doctor reminded Jerry that his injury was serious and that he cannot afford to have any more trauma to his injured hand. This news seemed to have placed Jerry's mood in the dumps.

Fortunately for Jerry, his mood pick up when he was told that his first China drama My Splendid Life was the first on Youku and had garnered 6 million views.


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