Saturday, January 14, 2012

Show Luo named most generous celebrity boss

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer Show Luo was named the most generous celebrity boss in Taiwan by Taiwan entertainment tabloid "Apple Daily", with Jay Chou and Singapore's own JJ Lin in second and third place respectively.

Luo reportedly gave out some NT$10 million (S$431,500)in year-end bonuses (including an all-expense paid two day one night vacation in Taiwan) to the 120 employees of his fashion store chain Stage. He also gave out about NT$4 million (S$172,000) in red packets to the production staff of "100% Entertainment", a popular television show he hosts, and will take them to Bali for a five day four night holiday worth at least NT$1 million (S$43,100).

"It's worth it, because everyone had been very hardworking and gone through tough times over the past year," said Luo of his massive NT$15 million (S$647,000) cash haemorrhage. Chou, who runs a music company, four restaurants, a fashion store called PHANTACi, and more recently, a karaoke outlet, came in a close second.

The star gave out NT$5 million (S$215,700) in bonuses to his restaurant and fashion store staff, with another NT$3 million (S$129,000) going to the staff of his music company JVR Music. He also put up NT$2 million (S$86,300) to bring JVR Music's staff to Italy for vacation after the Lunar New Year, bringing Chou's cash outflow to a total of NT$10 million (S$431,500).

Homegrown singer Lin, the owner of three SMG fashion stores, is also a generous boss, paying out some NT$6.1 million to his staff and the people he worked with. His SMG staff got about NT$3 million (S$129,000) in bonuses, and a portion of the NT$2 million (S$86,300) in red packets Lin distributed to his staff, as well as the people he worked with at his music label Warner Music.

Lin has also promised to bring some Warner Music employees on a trip to the Philippines worth about NT$1.1 million (S$47,400). "You cannot skimp on the year-end bonus and red packets because everyone worked really hard and helped out. "This is a form of recompense and an expression of gratitude," Lin told the publication.



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