Thursday, February 23, 2012

B2ST's Hyunseung admits he was envious of Big Bang's success

Hyunseung (Beast) on BIGBANG “I was envious after they became successful”

The members of idol group B2ST guest-featured on the February 21st episode of ‘Win Win‘ and talked about how each of the members were with different labels prior to their debut as ‘B2ST’.

Member Jang Hyunseung opened up about his days training under YG Entertainment to debut withBig Bang, which grabbed high attention from his fans.  “I auditioned to become a member of Big Bang, and even became a finalist,” he said. “In the end, it came down to me and Seungri but I got cut.”

When asked if he grew envious of Big Bang once they became successful, he answered, “I was envious after they became successful. If I did better, I think we could have even been a six-member group. But I did not want to force myself in between the members who were exceptionally talented,” he honestly said.

“How did Big Bang react when you received unending love and support with 4minute‘s HyunA as‘Troublemaker‘?”, the MCs asked again, and Hyunseung who still keeps in contact with the Big Bang members remarked, “As soon as I called them, they began humming the melody to our song.”

Netizens who watched the program left comments online saying, “It’s weird imagining him as a Big Bang member“, “He would’ve fit in with Big Bang too, “Glad everyone turned out well in the end,” and more...

Source: Dailian, TVDaily via Nate
Translation : allkpop


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